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SiEntries is an online entries system which is designed to simplify entering and administering any type of event which uses pre-entries. It is fully managed and supported by SPORTident UK who provide results services to hundreds of outdoor competitions, but events don't have to be users of the SPORTident results service to use the SiEntries system. SiEntries is designed to be flexible to cope with many event types, from simple solo races to multi-day team or relay competitions. SiEntries can also be used for taking memberships of organisations or clubs, centralising the membership database and allowing members to join and renew online.

SiEntries can take payments in either Pounds Sterling or Euros. Fees for using SiEntries are just 5% of the entry / membership fee, with a surcharge of 0.8% if the fee is charged in Euros and a minimum charge per entry, per event / membership of £1/€1.20. These charges will be invoiced monthly and will be deducted from the transfer of card receipts. Large organisations may be able to negotiate lower rates. VAT should be added to the above charges.

Adding your Event / Membership

To use SiEntries for an event you organise or for membership of your organisation please contact SPORTident UK Ltd. on +44 (0)1931 714 106 or email We will then set your event / membership up on a demonstration site for you to check the details and to allow you to learn how to use the system. Once you have agreed the content we will copy your event / membership to the live system and send you the links to advertise on your own website, advertising etc. We will also send you a link to the admin screen login so you can monitor and administer your event / membership.

Standard SiEntries functions

SiEntries includes all of the functionality required to start taking online entries / membership renewals NOW. These include:

  • The core processes required for entering and administering many event types, including Mountain Marathons, Cyclosportives, Triathlons, Adventure Races, Orienteering, Corporate Challenges, Charity Walks etc.
  • The ability to process entries for different course and team types.
  • As well as taking online entries there is the facility to put any manual (cheque, cash etc) entries onto the system so that a full entry list can be displayed or to provide a complete entry list for results software.
  • Entry lists visible to entrants.
  • Detailed entry list downloads for the Event Organiser.
  • Financial reports for the Event Organiser with up to the minute financial statements.
  • Prompt payment of entry fees by monthly electronic transfer – all fees are transferred to the event by middle of the month after the month that the participant paid.
  • Organisers can use the system to send out bulk emails to all participants.
  • Participants can opt into a regular email to keep them informed about all of the events on SiEntries.

Optional SiEntries functions

As well as the standard functions available to all events, SiEntries can be configured to support a number of different configuration and charging options:

  • Variable entry fees depending on course, class, entry type, etc.
  • Discounts for juniors.
  • Allows multiple fee dates so fees can change as an event gets closer.
  • System can be set to open and close entries at a specific date/time.
  • Event merchandise and optional extras may be purchased when entering.
  • The ability to make optional donations to a nominated charity.
  • The ability to take micro-payments – this allows participants to return to their entry and add additional merchandise, donations etc and pay any balance due.
  • Ability to collect custom information – e.g. club/organisation memberships, event experience, travel/arrival details etc.

Future Developments

Over the coming months we will keep enhancing SiEntries, adding new functionality which will benefit both organisers and participants. If there are any other features you would like to see which would help your event then please let us know!