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If you organise sporting events or manage the membership of a club or organisation then SiEntries is for you. We simplify the process of taking online entries, both for you the organiser and for your participants.

No matter how big or small your organisation is, with SiEntries you get access to all our features for one simple price.

Add your event or membership

Contact us at or +44 (0)1931 719 030 with details of your event or membership and we will be delighted to set up a demo for you to run through. Once you are happy with the configuration you can make the activity available to the public and entries will open straight away.

Simple pricing

  • The standard fee for using SiEntries is just 5% + VAT, subject to a minimum £1/€1.00 + VAT, per transaction. No extra card processing fees. No setup costs. No hidden support charges. All of these fees are charged AFTER your event has taken place.
  • Payments can be taken in either Pounds Sterling or Euros
  • Receipts transferred to your bank account weekly, subject to a 50% retention up to 1 month before the event and final 25% retention until after the event has happened.
  • Discounts on the SPORTident timing and results service

World class support from Cumbria, United Kingdom

  • Fully supported by our sister company SPORTident UK who provide timing and results services for hundreds of outdoor competitions each year
  • Our customers will confirm that we offer world class friendly support and advice throughout the lifecycle of your event. Our service is more than just your standard 9 – 5 and you can contact us at any time if you need our help

User friendly

  • With over 50% of entries being made from mobile or tablet devices, SiEntries is designed to work on any size of screen
  • Our website has been extensively tested to make sure it is very user-friendly, making it simple for users to enter themselves, their friends and family

Robust and Secure

  • Since we started in 2007 we have taken over one million entries
  • Off-site backups, a secondary fail-over server and top-quality technical support meant that over the last 5 years we have achieved 99.9% system availability
  • SiEntries is fully GDPR compliant and helps you meet all of your data security needs

Support for all types of event

  • Have multiple courses and team types on the same event. Your event can take entries for solos, fixed sized teams and teams of variable size
  • Fully customisable entry forms to collect any type of information you need, such as emergency contact details, medical conditions, dietary requirements, t-shirt size, etc.
  • Set entry limits for each course or the event as a whole
  • Use waiting lists or pre-selection lists to manage entries

Set the entry fees you want

  • Vary your entry fees based on date, course, entry type, age, or number of current entries. Set early bird and late entry fees, and give discounts for juniors and association members
  • Bulk discounts for entering multiple people into an event, or entering all the events in a series
  • Set up discount codes

Free your time

  • With SiEntries you can reduce your administration time by giving participants control over their entry
  • Participants can edit their entry to update emergency contact details etc and, should you allow it, change course or team type and pay any extra money owed
  • Allow participants to substitute someone else in their place if they are no longer able to take part

Use our extensive suite of administrative tools

  • Monitor your entries and finances in real time
  • Make full or partial refunds to the bank card the participant used to pay for the activity
  • Create details custom reports on your participants. These can be downloaded or printed and can be shared with your co-organisers or suppliers

Contact your participants

  • Send bulk emails and SMS's to your participants. These can be customised to target specific groups of participants and can contain custom information relating to the entry, such as their participant number or start time
  • Participants can opt in to receive marketing emails from you through SiEntries

Take donations for good causes

  • The ability to make optional donations to a nominated charity and manage Gift Aid
  • Full integration with JustGiving, allowing participants to set up fundraising pages as a part of the online entries process. These pages and any donation totals collected can then be monitored from within the SiEntries administration interface

Let us manage your membership

  • Use SiEntries to centralise your membership database and allow members to join and renew online
  • Take payments by recurring Direct Debits to increase membership renewal rates
  • Most of your active members will already be familiar with SiEntries having entered events through the site

Getting started with the SiEntries Admin System

To help you get started with the SiEntries Admin System we have created a 3 minute help video, introducing the basic concepts and how to navigate around the system.


We also have video available on using the SiEntries Admin System on a Mobile Phone.