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      • SiEntries is an online entries system which is designed to simplify entering and administering any type of event which takes pre-entries. It is fully supported by our sister company SPORTident UK who provide results services to hundreds of outdoor competitions each year, but events don't have to be users of the SPORTident timing and results service to use the SiEntries system.

        SiEntries can also be used for taking memberships of organisations or clubs, centralising the membership database and allowing members to join and renew online. Additionally it can be used as an online shop allowing the purchase of goods and services.

        We are based in Cumbria, England and work with organisations throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

        If these help topics don't answer your question then you should normally contact the event organiser first of all as we are unable to answer specific queries about events - their contact details will be displayed on the relevant Event or Membership page. If you do need to contact us please email and we will respond as quickly as we can.

        To use SiEntries for your organisation please contact SiEntries Ltd. on +44 (0)1931 719 030 or email, giving us details of your event or membership, which we will use to set you up a demo for you to check. Once you are happy that the configuration meets all of your requirements you can make it live and ready to the general public to see. You will also be able to use our extensive set of Administration tools to monitor and administer your activity, check finances and communicate with your entrants. For more details about what we can do for you please see our Add Your Event page, or check out our Testimonials to see what other organisers think about our services.

      • To use the SiEntries system you first need to register your details to create a login. Having a login allows us to identify you when you return to this site. This means that you can amend existing entries, enter new events, apply for new memberships or make new purchases with the minimum of fuss and without having to retype all of your information. For details about what information we require when you register and how we use it please see our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

        You must be at least 13 years old to register for SiEntries and 18 or over to actually make and pay for activities and purchases. This doesn't stop you making an entry for a junior - see 'How Can an Under 18 Enter my Event' for more information. Note that some events set a minimum age limit for entries.

        You may only use the system for registering your own details and for those of other friends and family who have granted you their permission to do so. If registering a person under 18 years of age you must obtain permission from the parent or legal guardian of the person you are registering.

      • SiEntries uses emails to notify you of all new entries, memberships and purchases you make and also to let you know about any last minute or important information about the events / memberships you have. If you are having trouble receiving emails from us then please check the following things to see if they will resolve your problem:

        • First check that you have registered for SiEntries with a valid email address and that there are no typos in the address given. This is the most common error we get, so please double-check your details carefully before you do anything else! To check this or if you want to change your registered email address then log onto SiEntries and choose the Update My Details menu option. If you are not sure which email address you have registered with us then you can still log on using the SiEntries ID sent in your original registration email.
        • If you or your internet service provider use spam checking software then please make sure that our emails aren't getting put in your junk folder, as some software can incorrectly flag our messages up as spam. To stop this problem from happening in future make sure that our domain name of is set as a valid sender.
        • Make sure that your mail box isn't full. Some providers don't provide a lot of email space and if we try sending an email to a full mailbox it will be lost, even if you make space in your mailbox later on.

        If you think that you may have missed an email then log in and visit your Message History page to see any important emails SiEntries has sent to you in the previous few months.

        To change your email preferences please go to the Update My Details page where you will be able to see any email lists you have subscribed to. Note that unsubscribing from an organiser's email list won't affect emails about any events you have entered, which will still be sent to you even if you opt out, so you are kept fully informed about any extra information the organiser needs to provide you.

      • SiEntries is designed to be flexible and works with many event, membership and purchase types, from simple solo races to multi-day team or relay competitions. To find out how to use SiEntries for your organisation please see our Add Your Event page.

      • Occasionally SiEntries work with partners to bring you offers we think might be of value to you. Our current offers can be found below:

        SPORTident SiCards

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        SportPursuit - up to 70% off kit

        Keen to save up to 70% on kit for your next big event? Then SiEntries have teamed up with SportPursuit, a member's only site offering up to 70% off the biggest sports and outdoor brands. It's free to join and they publish new deals each day so you're sure to find something to get you ready for your event. To sign up for free click here.

      • You can view and amend you SiEntries account registration details at any time by logging onto SiEntries and choosing the Update My Details menu option. From here you can change your contact details, update your social media account information and amend your email preferences.

        Some information, such as your club, nationality or SI-Card number, is stored for each event. To change these in an existing entry for a future event, Edit your entry via the My Entries / Memberships screen. When you enter your next event check that the correct details have been fill in for you, and if not you can change them there and then on the entry screen.

      • You can view your existing and old entries, memberships and purchases by first logging onto SiEntries and then selecting the My Entries / Memberships link from the menu.

        If an entry or membership allows you to edit your entry details once payment has been made then you will see an "Edit" button next to the activity which will allow you access the entry and make changes to it. If the entry / membership is now closed for edits then you won't see the button.

        For memberships, if a membership has lapsed then you will see a "Renew" or "Rejoin" button next to the membership which will allow you to renew your membership.

      • SiEntries allows you to enter friends and family without having to register each person with their own independent login. The first time you enter a new person for an activity or purchase you will be asked for either their SiEntries ID (the unique number assigned to each person when registering), last name and email address or if they are not registered with SiEntries, you can add their full details. For any subsequent activities or purchases you will be able to pick the person from a list without retyping all of their details.

        To see who you have registered as friends and family go to the Update My Details page. If there is no "Friends and Family" section visible on this page you have not yet entered anybody for any activities or purchases.

        If the contact information of somebody who you added to SiEntries are incorrect you can edit these details. Editing a persons contact details will affect all activities or purchases they have. If you have accidentally set up the same person multiple times you can remove any duplicates by merging them with another person. Merging two people will transfer all of the activities or purchases for the old person to the new person and will delete the old person from the system. You will not be able to edit or merge the details of anybody you entered by specifying an SiEntries ID as they have their own valid SiEntries account and must maintain their own information.

        If you no longer wish to see a person on your friends and family list then you can use the Update My Details page to remove them. You will only be able to remove a person if they have no current activities or purchases made by you. If you remove a person from this list you can always add them onto any future activities or purchases in the normal way by either retyping their details from scratch or linking to their SiEntries ID.

      • If you have no current or future entries, memberships or purchases and you no longer wish to use SiEntries, you can go to the Update My Details page and choose to de-register your account. De-registering from SiEntries will remove your preferences, history of previous activities / purchases and delete your friends and family list. To use SiEntries in the future you would need to re-register again from scratch.

      • If your email address has been used to register multiple people on SiEntries you will be able to see these people listed on the Update My Details page. If there is no "Possible Duplicate SiEntries Accounts" section visible on this page your email address is only registered once.

        Should your email have been registered multiple times it is likely to be either by somebody with whom you share an email address or where you have accidentally re-registered for the system rather than using your existing SiEntries login. In the former case you can combine these details so you only have a single SiEntries account. In the latter case you can merge them into your own account to remove the duplicate details.

        The combine details option is useful for people who live in the same household or who share the same computer. Combining details will still allow both people to enter events, join memberships or make purchases independently but will simplify the process as only one SiEntries account will exist. Note that once you combine the details you will only be able to access SiEntries through your existing login as the old one will be disabled. Instead the person who has been combined will appear in the Friends and Family section of your account and any entries they have made or organisations they have joined will be accessible through the My Entries / Memberships page.

        The merge details option is useful where you have accidentally registered for the system multiple times. Merging details will copy any activities / purchases from the old account to point to the new account and will remove the old duplicate details.

      • When entering events, applying for memberships or purchasing goods on behalf of other people you must obtain their permission to provide SiEntries with this personal data before entering them. You must also ensure that they have been made aware of and read any Event / Membership / Purchase disclaimer or information displayed or referred to on SiEntries and that they have agreed that you can accept it on their behalf. By entering details on behalf of other persons you confirm that you have obtained their consent for you to do so.

      • If you are entering any event as a team please make sure you have all of the relevant information about each team member before starting. The easiest way to do this is to ensure each team member has registered with SiEntries and that you have their SiEntries ID (the unique number assigned to each person when registering), last name and email address. This not only speeds up the entry process but also allows all team members to view the entry on SiEntries. It also means we can keep each team member informed about any changes to the entry or event.

        If you are unable to get everybody to register you can still enter by providing the details of each team member. Usually we require their name, date of birth, gender and address but this can vary depending on the event being entered. Please ensure that you have all of this information before starting the entry process, as you will not be able to complete the entry without it.

      • The minimum age to register with SiEntries is 13 and the minimum age for someone to pay for an entry is 18. This does not stop juniors entering an event, although some events may set a minimum age for taking part.

        The parent or guardian of the under 18 should register with SiEntries and start to make the entry. When asked who they want to enter they either select the under 18 from their Friends and Family list if they have previously entered them into an event; 'Somebody already registered with SiEntries' if the under 18 has already registered on the website; or 'Somebody not registered with SiEntries' if they are going to type in all the details.

        Once the parent or guardian has entered the junior into their first event they will be available on the adults' Friends and Family list, meaning their details only need to be entered once.

      • SiEntries uses Global Payments for processing all credit and debit card transactions. After you enter an event, apply for a membership or make a purchase you will be directed to a secure page on our site to enter your credit / debit card details. Global Payments will collect and validate this information on our behalf, so that your full credit and debit card details are held solely by Global Payments and are unknown to either SiEntries or the Event Organisers / Membership Secretaries. All we hold is the last 4 digits of your card number so we can help resolve any queries you may have about which card you paid with.

        Like many websites, SiEntries uses an extra layer of security called 3-D Secure (also known as Mastercard Secure and Verified by Visa). After you have entered your card details you may be taken to a web page managed by your bank and will be asked to enter 3 characters from a password that you have set up with your bank. If you have any problem with this password please contact your bank card provider.

        All events, memberships or purchases on SiEntries make all charges in Pounds Sterling or Euros. The currency being used for each activity or purchase will always be shown on the activity / purchase introduction page. It is not possible to pay for multiple activities or purchases in different currencies with a single payment. If you wish to pay for more than one activity / purchase and they use different currencies you must first enter all of the activities / purchases which take payment in one currency, then pay for these, then repeat the process for the activities / purchases in the new currency.

      • Some events or memberships offer the ability to register on a waiting list once they have reached there entry limit. Other events may use pre-selection lists where they expect to be over subscribed or where entrants have to meet certain criteria in order to get a place.

        If either a pre-selection list or waiting list is in place then you will be informed before you make your entry. You will enter or join as normal but no payment will be taken at this point and there is no guarantee of being offered a place. You must make sure you tick any disclaimer boxes and click the "SAVE" button otherwise your entry or membership will not be placed on the pre-selection / waiting list. You will receive an email informing you that you are on the pre-selection / waiting list.

        If the Event Organiser / Membership Secretary is able to offer you a place they will send you an email inviting you to enter. This invite will be valid for a number of days (normally one week), after which time it will lapse and a place offered to the next person on the pre-selection or waiting list. If you wish to accept the invite you will be asked to come back to this site and make your payment to confirm your entry / membership. To accept your entry / membership and to make your payment go to the My Entries / Memberships page and click the "Edit" button next to the particular entry / membership.

      • Each event on SiEntries has its own cancellation and refund policy. To see what cancellation and refund options are available for any of your entries please go to the My Entries / Memberships screen. If there is a "Cancel" button next to your entry then please click this button to see the options available to you at the current time.

        If there is no Cancel button available then please contact the Event Organiser - their contact details will be displayed on the My Entries / Memberships screen.

      • Some events allow substitutions (i.e. replacing one participant with another) if an entrant is no longer able to attend. The substitution must be made by the person who made the original entry in SiEntries. If you want to make a substitution for one of your entries then you can check if substitutions are allowed by logging on, then going to the My Entries screen and clicking on the "Edit" Button next to the event in which you want to make the substitution. Next "Edit / Substitute" the person you want to substitute out and select the "Substitute" option. If the "Edit / Substitute" button does not exist then substitutions are not allowed for this event.

        To complete the substitution fill in the details of the new entrant by using one of the three options, making any relevant changes to the club, etc. before completing the entry. The easiest way to do this is to ensure the person being substituted in has registered with SiEntries and that you have their SiEntries ID (the unique number assigned to each person when registering), last name and email address. This not only speeds up the substitution process but also allows the new person to view the entry on SiEntries. You will then need to click on the 'Save Entry' button to save the changes. Note that the original entrant still "owns" the entry as the financial history belongs to them, so they will need to make any further amendments to the entry.

        If an event does not allow substitutions then, in line with the SiEntries Terms & Conditions, you may not change the identity of the person registered with SiEntries as a mechanism to substitute a new participant for a participant already entered. Doing so could compromise the safety of the event and will invalidate the entry which will be cancelled and the entry fee forfeit.

      • When you enter certain events you may be offered to protect your entry with XCover and receive a full refund of your transaction (entry fees and any extras if bought as part of a package) if you are unable to attend the event due to an unforeseen circumstance.

        SiEntries has partnered with XCover to provide you with simple, stress-free protection for your entry. XCover’s digital claim process is simple and hassle-free with instant payment of approved claims and their friendly support team can help you with any questions not answered in our Help section below.

        You can also visit XCover to find out more information.

      • Who do I speak to about changes to my entry?

        If you would like to make changes to your entry, cancel your entry or if you have any questions about your event, please contact the event organiser.

        If you have questions about an entry that your event organiser has cancelled, rescheduled or changed, please contact them.

        Am I covered if my event is cancelled or rescheduled and I can’t make the new date?

        If your event has been cancelled or rescheduled to a date that does not suit you, please contact the event organiser. They will review your case and determine if you are eligible for a refund based on the terms that you accepted at the time of purchase. XCover does not handle entry refunds for cancellations and reschedules.

      • Why should I add XCover Protection?

        With XCover Protection, you’re covered for your entry costs in case you are ill or injured or have other unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending your event. XCover’s easy, digital process is simple with quick payouts on approved claims.

        How do I purchase XCover Protection?

        If Xcover is available for your event then you can add XCover Protection at checkout when purchasing your entries.

        Where are my XCover Protection documents?

        To protect your privacy, your XCover documents are not sent via mail. To view your documents, wording and certificate, simply log in to your XCover Account.

        Important! When you first visit XCover you will need to activate your account.

        I can’t find any emails from XCover. What can I do?

        After buying XCover Protection or when requesting a new password, XCover typically sends an immediate confirmation email, however, it might take between an hour and a day to receive your email.

        When you receive the confirmation email after you purchased XCover Protection you will need to click the link to activate your XCover Account.

        If you can’t find any emails from XCover, this article contains instructions on how to solve it.

        How do I log in to my XCover Account?

        An account is automatically created for you when you purchase XCover Protection.

        When you first visit XCover you will need to activate your account. This is an important step to make any future claim submissions hassle-free. Simply find the XCover confirmation email in your inbox and click the link to set up your XCover Account. If you can’t find your confirmation email, this article has instructions on how to solve related issues.

        If you’ve already activated your account, simply log in using the email address you provided when completing the initial sign-up process to access your documents, make changes to your protection, or make a claim. You will need to complete the steps above for all XCover Protection products purchased.

      • What am I covered for?

        You may be covered if:

        • You or another entrant have to cancel due to illness or injury.
        • A close relative of any entrant is ill, injured or passes away.
        • You or another entrant can’t attend the event due to transit strikes.
        • You or another entrant is pregnant and no longer wishes to attend.
        • You or another entrant are selected for jury duty or military duty.

        Please check the XCover Help Page for general information about your XCover Protection. For specific details, please log in to your XCover Account to see what’s covered.

        What am I not covered for?

        You may not be covered if:

        • You simply change your mind about going to the event.
        • Work issues, non-medical issues that prevent you from attending the event.
        • You are not able to attend the event due to a pre-existing medical condition.
        • You do not provide supporting evidence or necessary documents during the claim process.

        For specific details about your XCover Protection, please log in to your XCover Account to see what’s covered.

        Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

        Depending on your protection, you may be covered for pre-existing medical conditions. You can find more information in the wording in your XCover Account.

        When does my protection start and end?

        Your protection typically covers you for cancellation between the time you purchase protection and until the date of your event. You can find your coverage dates under ‘Your Protection’ in your XCover Account.

      • What documents do I need to make a claim?

        During your online claim submission, you will be asked to provide information and documents that support your claim. Clear and comprehensive documents will help us assess your claim faster. The documents required may depend on the type of claim.

        Depending on your case and protection, you may need to upload a clear photo or copy of the following:

        Once you have these documents ready, it will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete the claim form.

        How will I receive my entry refund?

        Once you cancel your refundable entry through XCover and it has been approved, the friendly XCover Claims Team will send you an email containing a secure link to confirm your banking details. As soon as they have received your details, they will automatically process your payment. Payments may take up to 4 days to complete. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from our Claims Team, confirming that your bank has received the funds.

        If any alternative payment types are available, they will be listed on the secure page. XCover doesn’t send cheques in the mail.

        What happens to my reimbursed entries?

        Entries that are reimbursed are invalidated and may not be resold.

        How do I make a claim?

        Before submitting a claim, you need to gather all the details and documents to support your claim. This helpful article has a guide to what documents you may need based on your claim reason.

        When you're ready to submit your claim, log in to your XCover Account, select the XCover Protection you would like to claim for and then select ‘Make a Claim’.

        The XCover claims process is quick and hassle-free, with payment or reimbursement for approved claims processed instantly. Keep a close eye on your emails to ensure there’s no delay.

        For more information about claims submission, please check XCover Help.

        Where can I see my claim progress?

        To check your claim status and view a complete history of emails from the XCover Claims Team, simply visit the XCover Claims Centre . You can also log in to your XCover Account and navigate to ‘Your Claim’.

        For more information about claim progress, please check XCover Help.

      • Who is XCover?

        XCover is owned by Cover Genius, a leading insurtech firm who was recently ranked #1 in the Financial Times list of fastest-growing companies. Cover Genius has won dozens of industry awards in the US, EU, UK, Asia, India and Australia for its claims handling and customer support and has investment from one of the world’s largest insurers, Sompo. XCover Protection is backed by some of the world's largest companies including Lloyd’s, Generali, Sompo, CNA and Munich Re.

        How do I contact XCover?

        If you have a general enquiry about your XCover Protection, most questions are answered above in our online help. If you would like to know more about what’s covered by your XCover Protection, you can view your wording in your XCover Account.