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Pinnacle Ridge Extreme 2022

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This event is held in accordance to the ISF and SkyrunningUK rules. The following additional race rules and safety instructions also apply:

Health and wellbeing

  • You must be confident of your own ability to enter and complete the race. You must be fit, and in good health on race day.
  • You must take responsibility for yourself, and fellow racers, during the race. Your ability to exercise Sound Mountain Judgement is vitally important. Small incremental errors can lead to disaster.
  • Any runner must halt their race to offer help to any fellow competitor who is in trouble or injured. The race directors will reward anyone who does stop to help. Anyone who is found not to have helped a fellow competitor may be disqualified and barred from entering any future Mountain Run events.
  • You must understand and know how to cope with the common injuries such as sprains, cuts and dehydration. You must be able to identify the signs of hyper- and hypothermia (elevated or lowered body temperature). You must also understand the onset of hyper- and hyponatremia (excessive or low levels of sodium in the blood), and have an understanding of the symptoms of rhabdomyalgia (breakdown of muscle tissue resulting in the release of muscle fibres into the bloodstream).
  • Your ability to self-rescue in the event of injury is a must. You must carry mapping (digital or analogue) to aid self-rescue, as noted in the Mandatory Kit list. You will be given a race map, that you must carry, at registration. The carrying of GPS enabled devices is also encouraged.
  • You must not use earphones on the course, for safety reasons. It is important to be fully aware of your surroundings, wearing earphones does not allow this. Any competitor found running with earphones will risk disqualification.

Safety on the course

  • You must carry the mandatory kit at all times.
  • You must follow the countryside code, especially in relation to shutting gates. It is strictly forbidden to climb any walls or fences.
  • You must stay on the fully way-marked course and to deviate from this will risk disqualification from the race.
  • You must follow either the race route (or the bad-weather route, if this is implemented), as dictated by the Race Director or any race officials or course marshals. Any 'on the hill' safety announcements from marshals must be adhered to - these might include race abandonment or instructions to wear waterproofs. The Race Director reserves the right to cancel the race in extreme circumstances.
  • Intense or prolonged rain before the event may cause river levels to rise rapidly. If you reach an impassable stream, please move UPSTREAM to cross safely.
  • Race numbers must be worn on the front of your chest, and must not be obscured during the race. Race numbers must be given to marshals on the course. This is an important safety feature. Failure do this will risk disqualification from the race.

Running with dogs

  • Although we love dogs, we regret that running with dogs is not allowed at Lakes Sky Ultra. This is for many sensible reasons, including Pinnacle Ridge! Please do not attempt to run with your dog: you will be disqualified, and risk being banned from this event and all future Skyrunning UK events.

Open Tracking GPS tracking and timing

  • We will utilise Open Tracking GPS tracking and timing, and you will be issued with a ‘dibber’ and GPS tracking device. Failure to ‘run through’ at any of the checkpoints on the course will result in disqualification.
  • You must report back to the Race Director/Timekeeper at the Event Centre when you finish or if you retire from the race. You must return your Open Tracking Tracker to the events centre: this is THE GOLDEN RULE. Failure to do so will risk disqualification from the event.
  • Lost or damaged Open Tracking Trackers will result in a £200 charge.

Withdrawing and transferring entries

  • Should you need to withdraw, a 50% refund will be offered up to EIGHT weeks before the race. Withdrawals after 21 May 2022 will be entitled to a first refusal option to enter the following year's race - this is a deferral and will carry an admin charge of 50% of the entry cost, as we have already committed costs for the race at this point. No refund at all will be available. No deferrals or refunds are available after entries close on 25 June, as we will have fully committed with all costs to the race. 
  • Entries are transferrable up until the closure of entries on 25 June, but ONLY with the approval of the Race Director. All transfers are subject to the usual vetting process. Should you wish to transfer your entry to someone else, please email asap.