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19th Regular Irregular

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Terms & Conditions
I agree to abide by the rules of the event, and to observe the Country Code at all times.
I have sufficient knowledge, experience, equipment, and navigational skills to take part in a long distance challenge event in all conditions.
I confirm that I am in good health, and have no medical condition, that may cause concern or inconvenience to others.
I confirm that I participate at my own risk, and that no liability is accepted by the organisers for any injury, damage or loss sustained to me during or whilst travelling to and from the event.
I confirm that I will be over the age of 18 on the day of the event.
I understand that particular rules may apply to entrants taking part in this event and I understand that it is my responsibility to familiarise myself with these rules before I start.

Full refund up to 1month before the event minus SiEntries admin fee. After that no refund due to admin costs. 

I understand that in the event of cancellation due to Force Majeure or restrictions placed upon the organisers by National or Local Government. A refund will be given to entrants minus any admin costs incurred and the SiEntries administration fee.

All entrants must follow the route description checking in at all checkpoints.
Participants ought to retire at a CP and await further instructions.  Participants who retire on route, must inform the event HQ their location and await further instructions.
Event Marshals are authorised to retire anyone failing to comply with the event rules or who in their opinion is unfit to continue or unable to complete within the set time limit. 
Checkpoint opening and closing times must be adhered to.

Required to Carry. This event goes over moorland terrain, urban terrain and roads.It will also be taking place in late Autumn where the nights are drawing in and the weather can be inclement.As a minimum you are required to have with you waterproof clothing, a spare top,a head or hand torch with spare batteries,a first aid kit.A compass,whistle,a survival bag(not blanket) a route description and map of the route.(electronic ones are allowed provided enough power is in the device and a back up power supply is available)

Entrants will need to supply their own copy of the route description and maps as no copies will be supplied on the day.( these are all on The Regular Irregular web page on The Irregulars LDWA website)


Data Protection and Privacy Rules

The LDWA has a firm commitment to comply with the current Data Protection Legislation and particularly with your rights under the legislation.  Specifically:
  • We will not sell or transfer personal information to any third party without your permission.
  • We will make all reasonable efforts to protect your privacy and to maintain the security of all personal information held.
  • We will treat your personal information in accordance with the LDWA Data Protection and Privacy Policy and current UK Data Protection legislation.

The Irregulars obviously need some limited personal details to run the event but we undertake to handle this data securely.  By entering this event, you give your consent to the use of your data to manage this event.  
With the exception of summary Information, The Irregulars will destroy personal information held in submissions by individuals within three years of the event.

Event photographs

Photographs of participating individuals taking part in this event may be used in the LDWA magazine (Strider), on the LDWA website and on social media channels ie Facebook.  The Irregulars will make all reasonable efforts to remove such photographs from the website and on social media channels under LDWA control, if requested to do so by any participant featured in such a photograph.
Further details of LDWA policy can be found at