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Potter Around the Otter 50

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I have read and agree to the following Event Rules:

1) The event is open to those over 16 who have prior experience in long distance walking and have
previously completed a 25+ mile event in cross country terrain
a) Those aged under 18 must be accompanied by and parent or legal guardian.

2) Entries are to be made through SiEntries website

3) The event will be limited to 200 Entries.
a) If there are more than 200 entries on the closing date places will be allocated as below;
I) LDWA members who have not completed a 50 + mile event previously
II) LDWA members
III) Non LDWA member by ballot
b) Any entrant who does not get a place will be offered a reserve place or a refund of the full entry fee.

4) The Start and Finish is at Budleigh Salterton Town Hall

5) The event will be around 50 miles and to be completed by 09:00 on Sunday 13th October 2024  

6) The entry fee is £30.00. An entry cancelled before 1st October will have the fee refunded less £3.00.
Cancelation after this date will forfeit the full fee.
a) If the event is cancelled (at any point in the planning and delivery period) for any reason the
organisers will do their best to contact entrants using the details provided on SiEntries. Entrants are
reminded to add their mobile phone contact details as part of SiEntries process. The Organisers will
put a notice on this website and the main LDWA website as a NEWSFLASH and entrants are strongly
recommended to check this before departure. Cancellation of the event will be at the discretion of
the organisers and entry fees will be refunded less a proportional amount for unavoidable costs

7) The closing date for entries will be 1st October 2024. There will be no entries on the day.

8) Entrants must follow the official route published in the route description, subject only to any late
amendments which will be notified at the start or in some exceptional circumstance as directed by a
marshal or common sense. Any walker unintentionally finding themselves off the route must return to
the official route as soon as possible without trespassing or breaking the Country Code in any other
way. Any behaviour likely to bring the LDWA into disrepute will lead to disqualification.

9) Entrants may start anytime between 09:00 and 13:00
a) Entrants must notify registration of their intended start time
b) Checkpoint opening and closing times will be strictly enforced, Entrants should take these into
account and adjust there start time accordingly

10) As well as the main checkpoints there will also be some clipper points (described in the route
description). These must be visited and entrants are responsible for making sure there tally cards are
clipped at both Checkpoints and Clipper Points

11) Those wishing to retire must do so at a main checkpoint. In an emergency – if retiring entrants cannot
reach a checkpoint – they should pass their tally card to another person to hand in on their behalf or
call the supplied emergency number.
Under no circumstances should anyone retire without ensuring the organisers are informed.

12) The mandatory kit that is required for your safety is;
a) Route Description for the entire route from the start; this must be the official route description of
the event and can be in:
I) Paper form and kept waterproof OR
II) Electronic version provided durability and adequate power supply for 24 hours can be
demonstrated if requested by a marshal.
b) Maps for the entire route from the start can be either;
I) OS Maps Explorer 115 & 114 OR
II) Electronic Maps of at least 1:25000 scale covering 2km either side of the route and adequate
power supply for 24 hours can be demonstrated if requested by a marshal OR
III) Paper Maps of at least 1:25000 scale covering 2km either side of the route
c) Waterproof Jacket and either Waterproof trousers or Waterproof over-trousers. The jacket must
have taped seams and an integral hood.
d) An additional upper body layer to be worn or carried e.g. Long-sleeved Base Layer or Fleece.
e) Additional substantial full leg cover if you have waterproof over-trousers.
f) Hat (not a Buff/Bandana/Hoodie Sweat shirt or similar) and Gloves.
g) Compass graduated with degrees on the dial. This can include an electronic device provided
adequate power for 24 hours can be demonstrated if requested by a marshal.
h) A working whistle.
i) A working torch with spare batteries sufficient for 1 night and spare bulb if not an LED device.
j) A survival bag (not a space blanket).
k) First Aid kit, which at a minimum must include plasters, adhesive dressing, antiseptic wipes, fixation
tape and low adherent dressing.
l) Emergency food.
m) A resalable drinks container, minimum size 0.5 litre.
n) Reflective clothing or reflective markers on backpacks. These must be visible when walking at night
o) Mug or similar (no cups/mugs will be provided at checkpoints)

13) No Dogs will be allowed to accompany entrants

14) By taking part in the event entrants agree to the following;
a) “I agree to the Rules of the Event and participate in the “Potter Around the Otter” event at my own
risk. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that I have undertaken the necessary
preparation and training to participate in the event, that I am sufficiently fit and healthy to
participate and that I will comply with all relevant UK Government and local COVID laws and
guidelines should any exist. I understand that if I have a medical condition that would cause me to
doubt whether I can participate in the event, then I will not do so unless I have sought reassurance
from the medical profession. I will abide by the Countryside Code and understand that the Long
Distance Walkers Association will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, action,
cost, expense, claim, injury, illness and in worst case scenario, death suffered as a result of my
participation. On entering the event, I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury,
accident, costs, expenses, damages, losses and any other liabilities which may occur while I am
travelling to and from the event and during the event.”
b) “I understand that my personal information submitted to the event will be held by the event
organisers and retained securely for up to seven years after the event is held for the purposes of
managing this event only. I accept that photographs are likely to be taken at the event, which may
be featured in Strider magazine, group newsletters, on LDWA websites and on LDWA social media. I
understand this will be held in perpetuity and I have the right to request deletion where it is
physically possible for the LDWA to do so. I understand that my personal data may be published
immediately and may be held in perpetuity for the purposes of providing a record of the event. I
have the right to request that all my personal data be anonymised or removed where it is possible
for the LDWA to do so. Please see the Data Protection and Privacy User Guide on
for further information.”

15) In all matters connected with the event the decision of the organisers is final. At checkpoints the
decision of the marshals is final.