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Patterdale Parish Boundary Recce 2

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Course Disclaimer / Terms and ConditionsT's & C's

Please note:

  • Whilst we endeavour to make sure these courses are as safe as possible, moving through the mountains can be dangerous and slips, trips and falls are all commonplace.
  • We look after your overall safety, but cannot protect you from a simple trip, slip or fall on a path or trail.
  • By booking on this course, you accept the above statements and acknowledge that you are responsible for yourself with regards to the content above.
  • Hiking Highs will not intentionally put you in any danger and accept responsibility on an overall basis for the time you spend with us in the mountains.
  • However, you must listen and follow our instructions in order to make sure we are able to carry out this simple task.

Please also note the following:

  • When you book a courses/tuition, you must understand that you are bound by the rules below. These are short & sweet, but they are designed to cover your back as much as ours.
  • I am physically fit for the course I have chosen
  • I appreciate that the activity may be hazardous by its nature and I accept a certain element of risk
  • I agree to abide by such regulations as Hiking Highs may consider advisable
  • I understand that if I cancel or transfer my booking within 2 weeks prior to the start of my course I will be liable for the full course fee.
  • I understand that Hiking Highs reserves the right to change the date, course or event base or, if necessary, to cancel an event entirely, in the event of Force Majeure (that is, unpredictable events beyond their reasonable control including, without limitation, natural disasters, war, civil or political unrest, terrorism, extreme weather, epidemics and pandemics). No refund will be available in this eventuality.
  • I also understand that Hiking Highs reserve the right to cancel a course in extreme or unsuitable weather conditions, or they are unable to run it for what ever reason, outside of the above clause. If this happens, we will either transfer your monies towards another course or refund you in full. Of course this will be a last resort and we will do everything in our power to make sure a course is run before we think about cancelling it.