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The Big Welsh Swim 2024

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Participant Declaration

(Assumption Of Risk for all participants)

(Where making an Entry on behalf of another, I confirm:

  1. I have obtained their permission to do so;
  2. In the case of a child, I am their parent or legal guardian;
  3. I have made them aware of and they have agreed to this Participant Declaration / Event Rules / Assumption of Risk / Terms and Conditions)

I hereby affirm that I am aware of the risk involved with any open water swimming activity.

I understand that open water swimming may involve inherent risks, including but not limited to cold related illness, infection and disease, marine life injuries, drowning or accidents.

I have read the Terms and Conditions, the General Rules and the Event rules and agree to follow them at all times.

I accept the no refund policy and I understand that I have limited entry tranfer options, as set out in the terms and Conditions.

I understand that it is entirely my decision whether to take out optional Refund Protect insurance and that I will carefully check the terms of the policy before doing so to make sure it is suitable for my needs.

I understand and agree that I must stay within the designated swim areas of the course at all times.

I have read the Event Schedule and understand the nature of the event. I am aware of the prerequisite skill level / swimming experience necessary to participate in the events and the dfistance/category I have opted for, and I stipulate that I meet these requirements. I understand that participating in the event may be strenuous and declare that I am medically able, physically fit and properly trained. I have declared any relevant medical details to the organisers.

I understand that I am responsible for supplying my own equipment, as stated in the Event Schedule, in proper working condition, regardless of where I obtained it or from whom. I understand that my equipment will be checked at registration that that I may be prevented from registering if my equipment is not up to standard.

I acknowledge that the event is help in a lake and facilities open to the public during the event and upon which hazards are to be expected.

I acknowledge and agree that participation in the event may carry with it certain inherent risks and dangers that cannot be eliminated completely ranging from risk of minor discomfort to catastrophic injuries including permanent disability and death.

I understand and agree that neither the Organisers of this event nor the sponsors of the event, nor any of their respective officers, agents, or volunteers (hereinafter referred to as ‘Released Parties’) may be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, or other damages to myself, my family heirs or assigns that may occur as a result of my participation in the event or as a result of the negligence of any party, including the Released Parties, whether passive or active.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the event, I hereby personally assume all risks in connection with it, for any harm, injury, or damage that may befall me while I am participating in the event, including all risks connected therewith, whether foreseen or unforeseen.

I agree to hold harmless the Released Parties from any claim or lawsuit by myself, my family, estate, heirs or assigns, arising out of my participation in the event, including any and all claims arising during my practicing and any arising during or after I complete the Event.

I understand that open water swimming activities are physically strenuous and that I will be exerting myself during the event, I expressly assume the risk of any and all injuries, and I will not hold the Released Parties responsible if I am injured as a result of heart attack, panic, drowning, trips or falls, head injury, or any other cause of injury or death not specifically stated herein.

I understand that all the terms herein are contractual, they are not a mere recital, and my entering online is done of my own free act and in so doing, I waive my legal rights to sue.

I state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to make an online Entry, or that I have the written consent of my parent or legal guardian to engage in the event under the conditions of this waiver as stipulated by their entering on my behalf.

It is my intention to exempt and release all of the Released Parties as defined herein, from all liability whatsoever for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death however caused, including but not limited to the negligence of the Released Parties, whether passive or active.