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Brecon to Cardiff Xtreme

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Event Disclaimer / Terms and ConditionsT's & C's

Please do not enter any event unless you agree to take full responsibility for your own health, fitness and well-being whilst out on the route and agree to our terms and conditions. 

For distance races you must be able to navigate the route and have experience / intend to gain experience of night navigation (if required). 

Competitors must read carefully all of the information provided on the Run Walk Crawl website, including kit lists, route details and safety information. 

Competitors should not take part in the event if they are knowingly under prepared, have an undisclosed medical condition or current medical illness (eg: chest infection) or any other condition which may compromise their safety. 

All details provided by competitors must be accurate at time of entry. Any changes to personal or medical details must be notified to the event organisers by email before the start of the race. 

If you are unable to attend the race please let the organisers know only via e-mail. Please note Facebook messenger or calling via telephone are not an accepted method of cancelling or deferring entry.  

If competitors withdraw prior to the event, the following costs are incurred: 

  • 5 months before the event, 75% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (75% of entry fee) off a different event.  
  • 2 months before the event, 50% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (50% of entry fee) to a different race.
  • 1 month before the event, no Refunds or Transfers to another race are available.

You can transfer your place to another participant until two weeks prior to the race day, but you must contact us first and follow the instructions we provide. Any transfers without our consent will not be honoured. 
Your deferral or refund will be processed within 30 days of initial e-mail. 

Competitors must follow the rules and regulations of the event as outlined by the organising team. 
If the organisers are forced to cancel the event for any reason, a new date will be established and all entries will be carried forwards. If no alternative date is available, all entries will be carried forwards to the next year. 

Entrants should always act in a manner which ensures minimal impact upon the environment, event route and local inhabitants. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Leaving no litter 
  • Closing gates 
  • Acting responsibly around livestock 
  • Being quiet when travelling through villages at night 
  • Keeping to marked paths 

Any entrant not acting in this manner, either during or before the event, will be disqualified and their entry fee will not be refunded.

Officials also reserve the right to withdraw a participant from the event if they deem that it is unsafe for them to continue.

Further information can be found at Terms and Conditions