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The Fellsman - 60th Anniversary

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Entrant Waiver

I, in consideration of my participation in The Fellsman, do hereby agree to this waiver and release:

I agree to assume all risks which may be associated with, or may result from, my participation in the Fellsman, including, but not limited to; the weather, trail or facilities provided by the Event Organisers.

I understand that my participation in The Fellsman is a potentially dangerous activity and accept all responsibilities associated with entering this event, including but not limited to: injury, loss, death, effects of the weather, extreme cold and cold weather injuries (hypothermia, hypoglycaemia etc…), rain, snow, winds and the condition of the terrain.  I accept all responsibility for my participation and am fully aware of the risks involved.

I declare that I am physically fit and have sufficient training and knowledge to be able to compete and properly look after myself during The Fellsman. Failure to look after myself, or withdraw from the competition at the appropriate time, could result in potential injury or worse.   I declare I have demonstrable navigation skills, as this is a serious winter challenge, which is both physically and mentally challenging.

I declare that I am self-sufficient and able to deal with an emergency situation should one arise.  I have made myself aware of the route and surrounding areas as well as the emergency contact details for the event so that, should I find myself in difficulty, I have the appropriate knowledge to help me deal with it.  I acknowledge the Event Organiser’s requirement that I carry a fully charged mobile phone (matching the number provided on my entry form) in the interests of my own safety.

I agree to release The Fellsman and all its staff, officials, representatives, affiliates, sponsors and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, demands, negligence, actions, and causes of actions whatsoever for any loss, claim, damage, injury, illness, legal fees or action arising out of my participation in The Fellsman. This release extends to any claim made by my family, estate, heirs, or assigns arising from or in any way connected with the aforementioned activities.

I consent to allow medical personnel to provide me treatment and will abide by their professional advice.

I agree to comply with any Covid-19 regulations in place at the time of the event stipulated by the UK Government, our insurers and the Scout Association.

I accept all decisions made by the race organisers without complaint or recompense.

I have read all the event literature on the entry form, on the website, or contained in any provided links.  I accept all terms and conditions of entry and the event rules.

I grant permission for the Event Organisers to use any and all images or film (video/ moving content) of me captured during the event and allow these images to be used in marketing materials including but not limited to activities online, in print, moving content, news and broadcast media.

I agree with all of the statements contained within this document as part of my entry and registration for the Fellsman.

Event Terms and Conditions

  1. I will be at least 18 years old by the start of the event. Proof of my age may be requested.
  2. I have a good understanding of both written and spoken English.
  3. I have read, understood and agree with all of the statements contained within the Event Rules.
  4. I have read, understood and agree with all of the statements contained within the Entrant Waiver.
  5. I will complete the entry form truthfully and thoroughly, complying with all sections / questions asked of me, in the interests of my own and other’s safety.
  6. I understand that my entry status may be reviewed, discussed or amended based on the information I provide.
  7. Any personal information I provide will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. The Fellsman will use the information to process my registration, application or entry and to provide any relevant further information (for example key facts and details about the events, additional information, the application process, event updates etc.). It will also be used to support the event’s marketing eg: newsletters.
  8. I accept full responsibility for my own safety and wellbeing while on the event and at all checkpoints.
  9. I will respect the Event Organisers, staff and their representatives at all times.
  10. If another team or individual is in need of emergency assistance, I acknowledge that it is expected that I will provide assistance. Once reported, the Organisers will credit any time spent assisting with the aid or rescue of a fellow entrant.
  11. I accept that I am participating at my own risk and that I am solely responsible for any injuries I receive while on the event or at any of the checkpoints.
  12. I will provide my own transportation to and from the event (excluding pre-booked event transport from Threshfield to Ingleton for the start).
  13. I will abide by the laws of England, and will observe the Country Code at all times whilst on the event.
  14. I will not carry or take any illegal drugs or alcohol; these are not allowed anywhere, at any time, during the Fellsman event.
  15. I will respect other’s rights of way on the event terrain.
  16. I will carry the COMPULSORY equipment at all times whilst on the course. I understand the Event Organisers may spot check at any time during the event for safety. If I don’t have the stated equipment, I accept I will be deemed unfit to continue and will be withdrawn from the race.
  17. I will not intentionally litter the environment; if found doing so, I will be immediately disqualified from the event with no exceptions. Littering (which includes dropping/ disposing of equipment) on the trail is not permitted at any time during the event.
  18. I accept that in the event of a personal injury I will respect the opinions of the Event Organisers and their medical team if they choose to withdraw me from the race.
  19. I understand that the Event Organisers will do everything in their power to ensure that the event proceeds as planned however, in the event of adverse or extreme weather, natural or man-made disaster, or other circumstance beyond the control of the organisers, the event may be delayed or cancelled, or I may be withdrawn. The decision will be made by the Event Organisers and I (the entrant) will respect any decision made in the interests of safety without complaint or recompense.
  20. In the event of the race being cancelled through no fault of the Event Organisers, for example: Extreme Weather including and not limited to floods, fire, dangerously high winds, natural disasters, etc. then no refund will be offered; or man-made factors including and not limited to accidents, countryside incidents such as foot and mouth or any other man made incident which could stop the race then no refund will be offered if these occur at such a time as the event has already incurred costs.
  21. Cut-off times may be amended during the event to accommodate adverse changes in the weather and is at the discretion of the Event Organisers. I will adhere to any pre-advertised or amended cut-off times during the event.
  22. In the event of adverse or extreme weather I may be held in certain areas on the course or at a checkpoint. This is when course conditions are a danger to my wellbeing or safety. In this scenario, the Organisers will attempt to keep a check of any additional time this adds to my event and I will be released as soon as possible, and when possible. Cut-off times may be amended to allow for delays. The Event Organisers are unfortunately not in charge of the weather.
  23. If I am deemed unsuitable to continue at any stage of the event, the Event Organisers reserve the right to hold me at a checkpoint or withdraw me from the event. This could be for the following:
    1. Medical grounds – Fatigue, injury, previous medical condition etc. NB – not all injuries will require withdrawal from the event and it is at the discretion of the medical staff.
    2. Cheating – Not completing the ‘course’ as instructed, using public transport or receiving outside assistance etc…
    3. Unable to complete the course in the allotted time.
    4. Unsociable/antisocial/unsafe conduct.
    5. Poor navigation skills.
  24. The Event Organisers (Committee) have complete autonomy during the event and their decision is final.
  25. The Event Organisers reserve the right to amend or update the rules or terms of entry at any time.
  26. I have read, understood, agree with and accept the Terms and Conditions of entry and participation.