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A unique experience
Whether participating in our Wednesday evening club run or representing Dallam at a national event, running with Dallam should always be FUN! We uphold an inclusive policy which actively encourages runners of all ages, abilities and experience to enjoy the benefits of running within a group on the hills and fells of South Lakeland and its surrounding areas. Runners should be considerate to others abilities and “running back” to support runners is always an encouraged etiquette whilst regular “runner counts” and “gather ups” are a given.

Group benefits
Running within a group offers the ability to share your running experience with other like minded people whilst benefitting from others running knowledge but importantly offers the safety of running within a group whilst accessing sometimes remote areas. Running offroad is a uniquely “freeing” experience which provides many obvious physical and mental benefits but also presents inherent dangers and potential for injury. It is therefore extremely important that individuals who run with Dallam contribute to the “collective responsibility” of the running group by ensuring they have both the physical ability to complete an offroad run which may be in excess of 90 minutes and the appropriate footwear/equipment for the terrain and weather conditions posed by the run. Taking responsibility for yourself contributes to the safety of the group and in turn allows the group to be more effective in dealing with injury should it occur.

Wealth of experience
Whilst Dallam possesses within its membership a huge wealth of experience having indivduals that have completed some of the most arduous running endurance events in the world, it is important that should injury occur and or a runner become immobilised, the group swiftly agrees a collective course of action to best deal with the situation. Priorities should always be the safety of the group majority, to seek assistance/support for the injured runner and provision of immediate help to the injured/immobilised runner.

Maximum enjoyment 
Choosing the correct footwear and appropriate clothing for the run and weather conditions is an essential but personal part of running offroad in the hills and fells. Getting this choice right will ensure your maximum enjoyment, comfort and safety during your run with Dallam. Poor preparation could lead to discomfort, injury or worse, impacting not just on yourself but on the group as a whole. Please consider not only yourself but others when you decide what you require in both equipment and clothing.

Listed below are what is considered to be essential kit requirements.

  • Suitable footwear
  • Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof pants
  • Hat and gloves
  • Head torch (winter runs)
  • Small pack/bum bag.

Other items to consider may be a foil blanket, small medi pack and a phone.

These additional items will leave you better placed to deal with adverse situations.

By reading, understanding and acting on these simple guidelines we are ALL taking a collective and pro-active approach to safety ensuring your best possible experience whilst running with Dallam.