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TweedLove Enduro Series 2024

Series Details

TweedLove Enduro Series 2024
New – four for 2024! For the first time, the TweedLove Enduro Series will bring you four of the biggest and best enduro races in the UK in 2024. And we’ll be taking the racing to new venues…

The 2024 TweedLove Enduro Series will also host the opening and closing rounds of the British National Enduro Series.

Series Breakdown

TweedLove Enduro Series Round 1 | New venue: Laggan

The first round on 27 - 28 April heads north to Laggan – look forward to some legendary natural trails, lots of rock, technical features and new flow. This is also the first BNES round so it's going to be busy. We're pleased to be working with Laggan Forest Trust to make this happen.

Full Course £79, Short Course £69, Youth £59

TweedLove Enduro Series Round 2 | The International

The second round on 15 - 16 June will take centre stage at the TweedLove Festival in Peebles. The sell-out International always welcomes a unique blend of world-class riders and enduro addicts to race what looks like being the only international level enduro race in the UK in 2024.

Full Course £89, Short Course £79, Youth £69

TweedLove Enduro Series Round 3 | Innerleithen

The third round on 14 - 15 September returns to Innerleithen - the spiritual home of enduro in the UK - for classic racing on the best of the Valley's enduro trails. This is also the final BNES round - results will be announced and podiums presented. Expect a packed field and one of the best races in the UK.

Full Course £79, Short Course £69, Youth £59

TweedLove Enduro Series Round 4 | New venue: Yair 

The fourth round on 5 - 6 October takes our enduro series to Yair forest for the first time. TweedLove hosted the first ever Vallelujah here in 2015 - no-one who rode it will forget it! A different flavour of riding from Innerleithen or Glentress, some beautiful trail riding is waiting.

Full Course £79, Short Course £69, Youth £59

Series Discount & Prices

Buying all four rounds together will automatically give you a discount, even if you choose to enter some races now, and some later. The discounted prices for 8 days of riding, racing and good times:

  • Full Course - £269 instead of £326
  • Short Course - £239 instead of £286
  • Youth - £199 instead of £246

Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets will be mandatory at all four rounds, for both practice and race day. Removable chin-guards are permitted for transitions but not on race stages. Rider Safety is always the number one priority. Bikes are better, riders are faster, racing is fiercer – but our brains are just as vulnerable and precious as they always were.


Please note two rounds of the TweedLove Enduro Series are British National Enduro Series rounds so our age categories reflect those used by BNES and come into line with BEMBA standards. While this conformity means less categories than last year for TweedLove, we will be having additional podiums including (TBC) 16-18 female, 50+ female riders, an overall hardtail category, short course U16 (M&F), 16+ (M&F). Additional TweedLove podium categories may be added to reflect rider participation.

Full Course categories:

Male: U18, U21, Senior (21-29), Master (30-39), Vet (40-49), Grand Vet (50+)

Female: U21, Senior (21-34), Master (35+)

E-MTB: Female, Male U40, Male 40+ (minimum age 14 in line with eBike law)

Short Course: TweedLove Enduro Series races will all have short course (at least one stage less) categories for:

Male: U15M, 15+M

Female: U16F, 16+F


Please Note: Due to the potential length and challenge of these courses, ALL U15 Males and U16 Females will compete on the Short Course, including BNES series participants.

In keeping with the rest of the National Enduro Series these races have a minimum age requirement for riders of 13 on December 31 2024. We realise there will be riders in these mandatory short course categories who are capable of completing the full course but this decision is based on feedback from previous events and the welfare of all our riders. BNES U15M and U16F series riders will be started separately to other short course riders (proxy seeding), so pls indicate on the entry form accordingly.

Seeding – New Rules!

Each enduro will be held over two days, with Practice on Saturday, and Race day on Sunday.

Depending on how you want to enjoy your race day, you can choose to be seeded or unseeded (not applicable to the short course – there’s no seeding for this). All riders racing the full course can choose if they want to be seeded (meaning they will have set start times for every race stage), or ride unseeded and choose a start time at event registration so they can ride with their mates.

Please note, seeding is an option for all long course riders – including eMTB riders.

The start order for race day will be as follows – 

  • Seeded Full Course
  • Seeded eMTB
  • Unseeded Full Course
  • Unseeded Short Course
  • Unseeded eMTB

No unseeded riders will be able to start a stage ahead of the seeded riders and no seeded eMTB rider may overtake analog seeded riders.

Seeded (Full Course) – NEW RULES!

If you’re fast, want less traffic on race stages and less queuing at stage starts – choose seeded. 

If you chose to be seeded, a seeding run will be held under race conditions on Saturday afternoon on one of the race stages. This will determine what order you race in (and your start time) on Sunday. If you don’t do a seeding run, you can’t be seeded! Also remember to enter as seeded on your SiEntries form – otherwise you won’t be allowed to participate in the seeding run.

So how does it work? The participant finishing fastest in the seeding run will be the first seed on race day, the second-fastest participant will be the second seed, and so on down…

Seeding will be split into Male, Female and eMTB – there’ll be no seeded age categories.

Unseeded (Full Course) 

Want to ride with your mates? Choose unseeded. 

 You’re still given stage start times and an overall course completion time. Be aware, you could be starting stages between other riders who are considerably faster or slower than you, but choosing unseeded offers less stress on the transition times. Overall, it can be a more sociable choice for many.

If there’s a group of you who want to ride together, just tell us at event registration and we’ll give you the same start times.

Short Course

The short course will be at least one stage less than the full version of the course. It’s aimed at younger riders and those concerned about the fitness challenge of the entire enduro course. eMTB riders are also welcome.

A discount of up to £57.00 is available if you enter 4 events in this series

Events in this Series

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YT TweedLove Enduro Series 1: Laggan - Sat 27 Apr to Sun 28 Apr 24 (Entries Closed)
TweedLove Enduro Series 2: International - Sat 15 Jun to Sun 16 Jun 24 (Entries Closed)
TweedLove Enduro Series 3: Innerleithen - Sat 14 Sep to Sun 15 Sep 24
YT TweedLove Enduro Series 4: Yair - Sat 5 Oct to Sun 6 Oct 24