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London City Races 2023

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London City Races 2023

1 City = 3 Races = 1 Great Weekend of Orienteering

Join the 14th annual London City Race for a weekend of high quality orienteering across London.

  1. Day 1 - Southwark Park - Friday 15th September - start the weekend with an early evening event in Southwatk Park. The park is a pleasant mixture of ancient and younger trees, flower beds, a lake and a few buildings. There are several fences, most of which are uncrossable, adding technical challenge. It will be based out of Decathlon, 9 Maritime Street, London SE16 7FU which is 800m from the start and finish. Starts from 17:00 to 18:45 with courses closing promptly at 19:30 - All participants must have left Decathlon by 19:50 - please select a start time block to ensure that you will achieve this. Canada Water Underground station is 150 metres away. Further details can be found here: Southwark Park
  2. Day 2 - Rotherhithe – Saturday 3rd September – Take on the big challenge with a full distance urban event which returns to Rotherhithe, an evolving area of former docks, offering an extensive, intricate mix of low-rise urban redevelopment plus parkland and waterfront spaces. There is minimal vehicle traffic due to its location in a bend of the Thames. Start times are from 10:00 to 13:00 for all courses. Based out of Decathlon as for Friday evening. Part of City Race Euro Tour series and the UK Urban Orienteering League. London City Race
  3. Day 3 - British Sprint Relays - Brunel University, Uxbridge - Sunday 17th September – Finish the weekend with the British Sprint Relays - a "runner matching service" will also be provided to encourage individuals to join forces with fellow orienteers - cross border teams are highly encouraged to take part too. Further details and entry for this event is here: British Sprint Relay Championships 2023
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London City Races - Southwark Park - Fri 15 Sep 23 (Entries Closed)
London City Races - Rotherhithe - Sat 16 Sep 23 (Entries Closed)