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Pegasus SLAM 2024

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Pegasus SLAM 2024


Open the door to all of our events in 2024 and the PEGASUS SLAM. This limited edition series will see you tackle the SOUTH CANUM, HOWUM, VOGUM, PIGUM, EDDUM and RIDUM!

What does that mean? It means once you are signed up all of the events, you are in for the PEGASUS SLAM! A series of six events that showcase everything Wales has to offer! 

Why would you go for the PEGASUS SLAM?

  • You will receive a PEGASUS SLAMATHON TROPHY
  • A unique opportunity to explore Wild Wales
  • Guaranteed entry into all of the Pegasus events in 2024
  • Save £40 on the cost of all the races in 2024
  • Receive 20% discount on all Pegasus merchandise in 2024

What is the Pegasus Slam?

From the golden coastline of South Wales to the mountain tops of Mid Wales, this unique challenge showcases the best trails and views Wales has to offer. 

Finish the South CANUM, the HOWUM, the VOGUM, , the PIGUM, the EDDUM and the RIDUM in one calendar year and you will have completed the PEGASUS SLAM!

A discount of up to £40.00 is available if you enter 6 events in this series

Events in this Series

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The CANUM - Sat 6 Apr 24 (Entries Closed)
The HOWUM - Sat 4 May 24 (Entries Closed)
The VOGUM - Sat 1 Jun 24
The PIGUM - Sat 6 Jul 24
The EDDUM - Sat 3 Aug 24
The RIDUM - Sat 7 Sep 24