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Peak Raid MapRun - Spring & Summer Series 2022

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Peak Raid MapRun - Spring & Summer Series 2022

Peak Raid MapRun 2022 Series

After the success of the 2021 Series with over 300 competitors taking part, Peak Raid MapRun is back – and now with the option of a professionally printed map.

Think fell running requiring good route choice and navigation skills. The courses are planned to provide great running in more remote ‘off the beaten track’ locations, along footpaths and over areas of open access land in the Peak District. All events have a score format so you select your own route and run as hard or as easy as you like!

The series uses the MapRun6 app, and You can take part as many times as you like and at any time you choose.

Guidance on using the MapRun app can be found here:

Find out more about the MapRun app here:

The series comprises of four, 2-hour score events with a time limit of 2 hours, all controls score 20 points and there is a penalty of -10 points for each minute late. The MapRun app allows you to compare your performance and route with other competitors using the online leader boards and tracks.

The closing date for all events is Wednesday 31 August. The last date for a competitive run in any of the four events is Sunday 4 September.

New for the 2022 Series – Order a Professionally Printed Map

This year we are offering the option to receive a professionally printed waterproof map for each of the four events. The maps can be purchased when entering and will be posted at the beginning of each month when the event goes live. As in previous years a map PDF will also be made available for competitors wishing to print their own map.

Maps ordered by:

Posted out on:

Sunday 20 March


Sunday 17 April


Sunday 22 May


Sunday 19 June


The deadline to order any of the four event maps is Sunday 19 June (although we may have some limited numbers left to purchase after this date).

Map cost including postage: £2.50 per map.

All maps will be posted to arrive at the beginning of the month in which the event goes live. However, you may order a map at any-time before the deadline when entering and the map will be posted at the following post-date.

Events can be run in any order and do not need to be completed in the month they go live. However, only runs completed by Sunday 4 September will contribute to the overall series results. The series result will be the combined score from all four MapRun events.

The series results will be updated at the end of each month and will be published on the Explorer Events website:

Any questions please get in touch: 

Events in this Series

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Peak Raid MapRun #1 - Danebridge - Fri 1 Apr to Sun 4 Sep 22
Peak Raid MapRun #2 - Winster - Sun 1 May to Sun 4 Sep 22
Peak Raid MapRun #3 - Hartington - Wed 1 Jun to Sun 4 Sep 22
Peak Raid MapRun #4 - Wormhill - Fri 1 Jul to Sun 4 Sep 22