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Mountain Run - Nasal Breathing - For Running, For Life

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Mountain Run - Nasal Breathing - For Running, For Life

Nasal Breathing unlocks a new dimension to your training and running. Join Andrew Ritchie on our new online course all about Nasal Breathing for running and life.

Andrew Ritchie [Performance Breathworks] has trained with Patrick McKeown of the 'Oxygen Advantage' fame and is super passionate about sharing his hard earned knowledge with runners from all walks of life.

Andrew will take you through 2 x 1 hour sessions via Zoom to help you unlock your full potential for running through nasal breathing techniques.

The Zoom sessions will be in the evening (usually 7-8pm) and the Zoom link and final details will be emailed to you before each session.

What to Expect?

  • A professionally designed and delivered online course
  • Delivered clearly and concisely with time to take notes
  • Slides and screens to be able to follow what is being taught and discussed
  • A wealth of knowledge and information
  • Ways and methods of how to nasal breathe during your daily life and whilst running
  • 2 interactive sessions with exercises to practice at home between the 2 sessions
  • A short Q&A at the end of each session

Course Program

Week 1 - The Foundations

  • Who are we? - 5 mins
    • Andrew gives his qualifications in Nasal Breathing
  • Why do we breathe? 15mins
    • Build-up of carbon dioxide (Co2) Not due to lack of oxygen(o2)
    • Feeling of air hunger comes from increased levels of Co2.
    • Female breathing is not the same as male. As a result of the hormonal cycle.
  • How do we breathe? How should we breathe? - 10 mins
    • Nose vs Mouth
    • Nose benefit
  • Co2 Tolerance Test – 5-10mins
    • Gives indication of how well body can use o2 as fuel
  • Functional breathing for life. Breathe light exercise stationary and movement -15-20mins
  • Steps exercise benefits - 10mins
  • Nasal breathing and sleep benefits - 15mins
    • Prevent snoring.
    • No more dry mouth
    • Increase blood flow / o2 uptake.
    • Better sleep quality.
    • Improved mental health and wellbeing.
    • Promote effective recovery.
  • Week 1 Homework - there will be something to work on at home between the 2 sessions


Week 2 - Building on the Foundations

First we'll have a quick chat about observations and discoveries from the previous weeks 'homework'

  • Breathing gear system 15-20min
    • Breathing gear system benefits
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Increase aerobic capacity
    • Do more with less breathlessness
    • Promote recovery
    • Breathing gears
  • Box training – used by military and first responders. 10-15mins
  • Simulation of altitude training. 10-15mins
    • Benefits
    • Increase co2 tolerance
    • Simulate altitude
    • Increase EPO production
    • Improve o2 delivery
    • Increase blood flow to brain
  • Delay muscle fatigue / Increase anaerobic threshold. 10-15mins
  • Q & A about the 2 sessions - Time for questions
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Nasal Breathing - For Running, For Life - Wed 22 Jun to Wed 29 Jun 22 (Bookings Closed)