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Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon

Series Details
Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon

Series Details Peak Raid3

Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon is a series of four 3-hour score events. Think fell running requiring good route choice and navigation skills. 

The autumn series uses a variety of terrain; from tough high moorland requiring accurate navigation to more runnable areas with a good network of footpaths in the limestone dales.

All events have a score format so you select your own route and go as hard or as easy as you like!

Compete solo or run as a pair (or walk or jog)! The score event format enables route choice according to ability, terrain and weather conditions.

The secret for success is to collect as many points as possible within the time limit of three hours. Each area is different so your strategy may need to change each time. Your best three results count towards the overall league result.

Pairs can enter all categories. The category entered is determined by the age of the eldest competitor in the pair.

The exact locations for each event will be announced one month before the race.

All events in the series are pre entry only. The closing date for entries is always the Sunday one week prior to the event. There may be limited entry on the day subject to sufficient maps and SI Cards remaining unallocated. Late entries must contact the organiser in advance to check that there are maps and SI Cards available. 

The event centre opens at 7:30 am on the day. Start in selected 5 minutes time slots between 8 am and 10 am. Try to arrive at registration at least 30 minutes before you intend to run. All competitors will have their kit checked, please ensure that you have the correct kit with you – check out Peak Raid Rules and FRA Requirements for Runners 2021. At the start line you will be given a waterproof map and a control description sheet. The course remains open until 2 pm.


Events in this Series

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Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon - Round 1 - Sun 15 Aug 21 (Entries Closed)
Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon - Round 2 - Kinder East - Sun 12 Sep 21 (Entries Closed)
Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon - Round 3 - Eastern Moors - Sun 24 Oct 21
Peak Raid3 Mini Mountain Marathon - Round 4 - Goyt Valley - Sun 5 Dec 21