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RT Races 2021

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RT Races 2021

Would you like to take the distance you are running to the next level? Go from 10k to Half Marathon to Marathon to Ultra Marathon? Then we have to race for you!

The course is a 10km loop and you decide on the day if you want to run 10km, Half Marathon, Full Marathon or an Ultra Marathon. If on the day you only want to run 10km then you can stop and still be in with a chance to win the 10km race!
If you want to carry on then you have the option to complete the Half, Full or Ultra Marathon distance and maybe win one of those races or just see if you can complete an Ultra Marathon for the first time?

Because it's a loop you will be able to have a large drop bag so you will be able to try different shoes, backpack, nutrition and have anything in your drop bag to help or try out!

Start Finish Location –
Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club, Chalfont Park Sports Association, Chalfont Park, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross SL9 0QA

Time Limit –
Start 08-00 – Finish 17-00     9 HRS

Distance –
10km, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 40 Mile Ultra Marathon.

Route –
10 km Loop 80% trail  20% Road, public footpaths, woods with up to 1638 ft of climb.

Aid Station –
1 Aid Station at start/finish line, with water soft drinks, vegan and vegetarian food.

Course Marking –
The course will be marked and easy to navigate and have road crossing clearly marked.

Pacers –
Pacers are allowed at any stage of the race.

Awards –
Finisher Medal & T-Shirt, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Male and Female for 10km, Half Marathon and Ultra Marathon, also Male and Female over 40, 50, 60, 70.

Qualification Standard –
All Welcome if you can run or walk 10km.

Kit –
Water bottle capable of carrying a minimum of 500ml, Fully charged mobile phone, Head torch (Winter Only), Warm Hat, Own Cup, Jacket and gloves if not needed on a loop it can be left at start/finish in your own designated spot.

Medic –
There will be two fully trained medics on standby.

Crew –
Crew members can be at any point along the course.

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