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Mountain Run - Mountain/OMM Practical Navigation

Series Details
Mountain Run - Mountain/OMM Practical Navigation

Mountain/OMM Practical Navigation | Intermediate to Advanced | Follow up to Online OMM/Mountain Navigation Masterclass

If you have taken part in a Mountain Run Online OMM/Mountain Navigation Masterclass session then this is the practical side to all the theory that you learnt online.

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who has undertaken the Online OMM/Mountain Navigation Masterclass sessions with Mountain Run
  • Runners wanting to develop their Mountain Marathon navigation skills
  • Runners who are interested in solo challenges which require good to excellent navigation techniques
  • Runners developing their navigation skills from basic/intermediate to a more advanced level
  • Anyone wanting to take their navigation to the next level [basic understanding needed]

What to expect?

  • A professionally delivered course, designed by Mountain Runners for Mountain Runners.
  • 4 hours of on the hill, practical navigation
  • Tips and tricks to keep you in contact with the map
  • Expert coaches/instructors to learn from
  • Elite mountain runners delivering the course, who are extremely passionate and knowledgable about their subject
  • Mountain Marathon and/or Orienteering Maps of the area you are training in

What will be covered?

  • How to use the techniques of; Hand-railing, collecting and catching features, aiming off and attack points
  • How to use and swap between coarse and fine navigation and why we use these techniques
  • A further understanding of contour interpretation and how to develop this knowledge.
  • Simple tricks and tips to keep you in contact with the map and your surroundings
  • Quick re-location skills
  • How to read the map whilst on the move using acute and periphery vision

Course locations and dates:

  • Long Mynd | Meeting time: 09:00
    Saturday 17th April

  • Glenridding | Meeting time: 13:30
    Saturday 15th May