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Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup 2020

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Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup 2020

The Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup is a Mountain bikers dream!! It will test your skill, fitness and metal on some of the finest trails in Northern Ireland. Creating a friendly atmosphere is our goal so you can relax, ride with your friends and get down to the serious business of 'bragging rights!'

There are 4 rounds in the series and each venue has its own unique set of challenges. Riders will visit some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic mountain biking destinations along the way. It is aimed at intermediate – advanced riders that will race individually against the clock on the best terrain available at each venue. We also have a Challenger category that will complete a shorter lap with less stages. Zero pressure racing with no podiums or points to chase, just take part and you can still compare your times if you want.

Each round consists of 5/6 timed stages on a fun filled loop of 17-27km. Stage times will be added together for an aggregate time that will decide positions in each category. Transitions are mainly on fire road or single track and are NOT timed. Riders can chill with friends and make their way to the next stage at their own pace. Keep in mind there will be a time limit and cut offs in place for rider safety although this is set at a relaxed pace. The important bits are the descents! We are using the most reliable, non contact timing system available so riders can focus on the fun part. Specific information for each event will become available to competitors on our social media, emails and briefing before each event.

Riders must hold a current Cycling Ireland race licence (or equivalent) or purchase a one day licence that will be available at the event at a price of approx. £18

Youth (12-13): To race in this category approval from the Cycling Ireland Off Road Commission must be granted, please contact organiser for more details. If you enter without this you may be refused entry on the day.


If you have your own SPORTident Active Timing Card (SIAC), enter the number during the entry process to receive a discount of £3.60 from the entry price of each round.  You can purchase a SIAC from the SPORTident UK website here, or here to personalise the colour and number.  Remember to bring it with you to the event!



If you are entering anyone else in this event ask them for their SiEntries ID (not the same as their SI-Card number).  If they have not registered, please ask them to do so by visiting  Once you have their SiEntries ID, surname and postcode, you will be able to enter them without needing to type in any of their personal details. This will mean that their results at events in this series can be linked together and they can receive an overall series placing. Remember: Points will only be added to riders registered on SiEntries – mates don’t let mates miss out on points!

Enter all 4 events in the series by 31st December 2019 for the price of 3. Max 50 packages.

Events in this Series

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Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup - Round 1 - Castlewellan - Sat 4 Apr to Sun 5 Apr 20 (Entries Closed)
Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup - Round 2 - Bigwood - Sat 9 May to Sun 10 May 20 (Entries Closed)
Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup - Round 3 - Ravensdale - Sat 20 Jun to Sun 21 Jun 20 (Entries Closed)
Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup - Round 4 - Rostrevor - Sat 12 Sep to Sun 13 Sep 20 (Entries Closed)
Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup - Round 1 - Castlewellan - Sat 3 Oct to Sun 4 Oct 20 (Entries Closed)