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Hardmoors 26.2 Series 2020

Series Details

Hardmoors 26.2 Trail Marathon Series comprises 7 beautiful and challenging Trail Marathons, Half Marathons and 10k’s based in various different locations around the North Yorkshire Moors.

At each event competitors will have the choice in entering a trail adaptation of the following:

  • Trail marathon (26.2 miles)
  • Trail half-marathon (13.1 miles)
  • Trail 10k (6.2 miles)

All Hardmoors 26.2 series races will be taped and signed to help with navigation but in some situations signage and tape can go missing on the day of the event (whether it be accidental or deliberate) So competitors will be provided with a downloadable race route description and downloadable maps of the course which are to be used if tape and signs are not apparent. It is the competitors responsibility to navigate themselves throughout the course.

The registration fees for each event in 2020, which include £1 donation to Cleveland Way, are the following:

  • Marathon - £39 attached (UK Athletics)   £41 unattached 
  • Half Marathon - £27 attached (UK Athletics)   £29 unattached  
  • 10k - £23 attached (UK Athletics)   £25 unattached   

To enter all events in one go, please select Hardmoors 26.2: Enter Full 2020 Series, below.

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Events in this Series

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Hardmoors 26.2: Saltburn - Sun 9 Feb 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: Wainstones - Sun 10 May 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: White Horse - Sun 7 Jun 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: Enter Full 2020 Series - Sun 2 Aug 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: Farndale - Sun 2 Aug 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: Fryupdale - Sun 11 Oct 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: Goathland - Sat 7 Nov 20 (Entries Closed)
Hardmoors 26.2: Roseberry - Sun 20 Dec 20 (Entries Closed)