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Ben Nevis Race 2020

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Saturday 5th September 2020

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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Entry List
Name Class Club
Jessica Acheson WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Jack Agnew MSEN Mercia Fell Runners
Mark Agnew M50 Mercia Fell Runners
Joe Aitken MSEN Insch Trail Running Club
Morag Aitken W50 Lochaber Athletic Club
David Allsop M40 Kirkintilloch Olympians
Robert Andrew M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Gerald Angus M50 Keith & District AAC
Michal ApolloFacebook MSEN KMW Zakopane
Jonathan Appleby M50 Highland Hill Runners
Kate Archer W40 Ilkley Harriers AC
David Armstrong M60 Northumberland Fell Runners
Luke Arnott M50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Neil AshcroftStrava M50 Ambleside AC
Patrick Austin M50 Cambridge Harriers
Kent Bailey M50 Wharfedale Harriers
Adrian Baker M50 Dark Peak Fell Runners
Hannah Barnes WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Ian Barnes M50 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Andrew Barrington MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Paul Bates M60 Lonsdale Fell Runners
Mark Baugh M40 Ochil Hill Runners
Emma BaylissFacebook WSEN Mynydd du mountain runners
Andy Beaty M60 Cumberland Fell Runners
Alexander BeavenFacebook MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Iain BeedieFacebookInstagramStrava M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Tommy Begley M50 Irvine Running Club
David Bell M60 Mourne Runners
Michael Bell M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Rory Bell MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Sara Mair Bellshaw WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Mark BennettFacebook M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Michelle Best W40 Carnegie Harriers
Keith BeveridgeFacebook M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Kevin Biles M50 Hatch Warren Runners
Ali Black MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Amanda Blackhall W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Innes Blackhall MU23 Lochaber Athletic Club
Keith Blackhall M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Neville Boler M70 Totley AC
John BoothmanFacebook M50 Barlick Fell Runners
William Bowers MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
Greg Bowie M40 Ayr Seaforth Athletic Club
Angus Bowman M60 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Shane Boyce MSEN Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC
Alistair Boyer MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Liam Braby MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Matthew Bradley MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Siobhan Bradley W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Terence Brannan M60 Lothian Running Club
Colin BrashStrava M50 Girvan Athletic Club
Richard, Charles Briscoe M40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Peter Brittleton M50 Howgill Harriers
Colin Britton M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Emma Britton WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Drew Broadley M60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Stuart Brodie MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
Gareth Brown MSEN North Ayrshire Athletics Club
Graeme Brown M40 Dundee Road Runners
Jamie Brown M40 Hunters Bog Trotters
Lucy Brown WSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Stephen Brown M60 Cambridge Harriers
Helen Buchan W40 Ribble Valley Harriers
Peter Buchanan M60 Ochil Hill Runners
John Buckley MSEN Raheny Shamrocks
Matthew Bull M40 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Matt Bullen M50 Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club
Declan BulmerFacebookInstagramStravaPower of 10 MSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Christopher ButlerStrava MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Francisco Javier Cabrera Valdes MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Christine Caldwell W40 Ochil Hill Runners
Thomas Callan MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Andrew Callcott M50 Derwent Valley Running Club
Angus Cameron MU23 BNRA
Calum CameronStrava M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
James Cameron M50 BNRA
Kathleen Cameron WSEN BNRA
Sean Cameron MSEN BNRA
Brian Campbell M60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ruairidh Campbell M50 Arbroath Footers
Russell Cannon M50 Helm Hill Runners
Robbie Cant M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Stephen Cant M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Tracey Cashman W40 Highland Hill Runners
Derek CassellsInstagram M40 Carnegie Harriers
Tim Chadwick MSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Giles Chalk M40 City of York AC
Alexander Chepelin MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Mark Chippendale M50 Bowland Fell Runners
Ben ClareFacebookTwitterStrava MSEN Queensbury Running Club
David ClarkStrava M40 Cosmic Hillbashers
Lesley Clark W40 Cosmic Hillbashers
Matt ClarkTwitter MSEN Ambleside AC
Sarah Clark WSEN Forfar Road Runners
Pete Conway MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Stephen Coope M50 Bowland Fell Runners
Geoff Cooper M50 Matlock Athletic Club
James CooperInstagram MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
David Cope MSEN Howgill Harriers
Julie Corner W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ricky Cowan M70 Mourne Runners
David Cox M60 Deveron Harriers
James Craig MSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Andrew Cross MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Andrew Crowther M40 Lonsdale Fell Runners
Oscar Croysdale MSEN Isle Of Wight RR AC
Ross Cruickshanks MSEN Shettleston Harriers
Stuart Crutchfield MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Mike Cumming M40 Fife Athletic Club
Adam Cunningham MSEN Mourne Runners
Jamie Currie MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Mark CuthbertsonFacebook M40 Ochil Hill Runners
Pawel CymbalistaFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Peter Daly M50 Glossopdale Harriers
Christopher Darling M40 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Debbie Davidson WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Gregor Davidson MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Martyn DavidsonStrava M40 Moorfoot Runners
Ed Daynes M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ben Delaney MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Suzy Devey W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Andrew Dickens M50 Mynydd du mountain runners
Adam Dickie MSEN Dumfries Running Club
Esther Dickson WSEN NI Mountain Running Association
Amy Disher WU23 Lochaber Athletic Club
Clem Dixon M50 Cambridge Harriers
Thomas Dobbing MSEN Durham Fell Runners
Jason DobsonInstagram MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Ben Dodman M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Creagh Dooner M40 Scottish Fire & Rescue Service AC
Sam Downey M40 Keighley & Craven AC
Christopher Downie M50 Penicuik Harriers
Ben DrayeInstagramStrava MSEN Corstorphine AAC
Simon Drysdale MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Andrew Dugdale M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Nichola Dugdale W60 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Malcolm Easson M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Neil Easton MSEN Stonehaven Running Club
Matthias Ebeling M50 Post-SV Holzminden
Ben Edmondson M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Michael Ellis MSEN BNRA
Alan Elwood M40 Dromore AC
Jamie EntwistleInstagramStrava MSEN Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
Rhian Evans WSEN Strathearn Harriers
Ros Evans W70 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Martin Farrar M50 Wharfedale Harriers
Allan Ferguson MSEN Forfar Road Runners
Calvin FergusonFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava MSEN Blackburn Harriers & AC
Ian Ferguson M60 Bingley Harriers & AC
Kevin Ferguson MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Paul Fielding M60 Hatch Warren Runners
Andrew Firth M60 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Bryan Fitzpatrick M40 Dunoon Hill Runners
Pat Fitzpatrick M70 Ochil Hill Runners
Iain Foggo MSEN BNRA
Craig Forbes MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Ryan Forgie MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Damian Forster M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Nicola ForsterFacebook W50 Lochaber Athletic Club
David Fort M40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Simon Fox M50 Fife Athletic Club
Callum Fraser MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Ronald Fraser M50 Dundee Road Runners
Tarbo Fukazawa MSEN Cambridge Harriers
Chris FunnellFacebook M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Mark Fussell M40 Cumberland Fell Runners
James Fyfe MSEN Hong Kong Harriers
Lewis FyfeStrava MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Allan Gall M60 Central Athletics Club
David Gallie M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Richard Garside M40 Ochil Hill Runners
Graeme Gatherer M40 Highland Hill Runners
Lynn Gatherer W40 Highland Hill Runners
Andy GibbonsFacebook MSEN Warrington Road Runners
Niall Gibney M40 East Down AC
Emma Giles WSEN Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Mark Gillespie MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Michael Gillespie MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Sam Gillies MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Andrew Gilmore MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Colin Glencorse M40 Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club
Richard Goff M40 Buxton AC
Ross Gollan MSEN Shettleston Harriers
Tom Gomersall M40 Bingley Harriers & AC
Duncan Gorman MU23 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Manny Gorman M50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Peter Gould MSEN London Heathside
Jonathan Graham MSEN Mourne Runners
Mark Graham M60 Cumberland Fell Runners
Sarah Graham WSEN Mourne Runners
Miranda Grant WSEN Eryri Harriers
Phil GreenTwitterInstagram M50 Northumberland Fell Runners
Bryan GreggTwitterInstagram M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Steven Gregg MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Kevin Hale M40 Parc Bryn Bach Running Club
William Halliday M60 Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club
Steve Halsall MSEN Keswick AC
Robert Halstead M60 Todmorden Harriers
Richard Hanna MSEN Mourne Runners
Neil Hardiman M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Caroline Harding W40 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Helen Harrison WSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Dougie Harvey MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Ethan Hassell MSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Jonathan Heaney M40 North Shields Polytechnic Club
Matthew Heger MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Christopher Hemsley MSEN Emersons Green Running Club
Nari HenaFacebookTwitterStrava M40 Forfar Road Runners
Katie Henderson W40 Deeside Runners
Scott HendersonFacebookStravaPower of 10 M40 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Anthony Herbert M40 Deveron Harriers
Sam Herron MSEN Mourne Runners
Jennifer Hird WSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Will Hirst MSEN Bristol and West AC (est. 1882)
David Holden M40 East Fife Triathlon Club
Graham Holden M60 Lonsdale Fell Runners
Martin Holding M50 Denby Dale Athletics Club
Chris HoldsworthTwitterInstagramStrava MSEN Calder Valley Fell Runners
Ian Holmes M50 Bingley Harriers & AC
Ashley Holt M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Lorna Holt W40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Danny Hope M40 Horwich R M I Harriers
Dr Sophie Horrocks WSEN Rossendale Harriers & AC
Gary HowarthFacebook M40 Saddleworth Runners Club
Drew Howie MSEN BNRA
Robin Howie MSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Goronwy Hughes M40 Rhedwyr Hebog Runners
Stuart Hunter M50 Cosmic Hillbashers
Chris Huntley M60 Tinto Hill Runners
Ian HutchinsonStrava M40 Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Martyn Hutchison MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Gavin Hynds M40 East Down AC
Chris Jackson MSEN Glossopdale Harriers
Andrew Jebb M40 Bingley Harriers & AC
Rob Jebb M40 Helm Hill Runners
Ewan JellyStrava M40 Perth Road Runners
Ian Johnson M60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Stephen JohnstonFacebookInstagram M50 Milburn Harriers
Martin Johnstone MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Gary Jones M40 Northumberland Fell Runners
Philip Kammer M60 Cosmic Hillbashers
Alan Keane M50 Saddleworth Runners Club
Gaynor Keane W40 Saddleworth Runners Club
Alan Kelly M50 Ambleside AC
Graham KellyFacebookTwitter M50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Sadie KempFacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10LinkedIn W40 Penicuik Harriers
Nicolas Kendall MSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Ali Kennedy M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Angelina Kennedy W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Peter Kennedy M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Gregor Ker MSEN Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
David Kerr M40 Highland Hill Runners
Donald Kerridge M50 Deeside Runners
Stephen Kershaw MSEN Vegan Runners UK
Mohammed Khan M40 Dumfries Running Club
Steven King M40 Carnegie Harriers
Nick Kirk M50 Steel City Striders RC
Brian Kirkdale M60 Hastings Runners
Deanna Laforet WSEN Vegan Runners UK
Allan Lamont M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Donald Lamont MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Brian Landels M50 Lomond Hill Runners
Daniel LathamFacebookTwitterInstagram MSEN Buxton AC
Elvin LaugierFacebookInstagram MSEN Breizh / V├ęsubie Trail Club
Andy Laycock MSEN Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Paul Le Blanc M50 Newry AC
Paul Ledingham M40 Glasgow Triathlon Club
Andrew Lee M50 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Helen Leigh WSEN Helensburgh AAC
Clifford Leith M50 Metro Aberdeen Running Club
Drew LennieFacebook M50 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Graham Lewis-Dale MSEN North Shields Polytechnic Club
Pete LloydInstagram MSEN Keighley & Craven AC
Adam Lomas MSEN Hyde Park Harriers
Kate Ludley W40 Lonsdale Fell Runners
Fiona Lynch W40 Achille Ratti
Thomas Lynch M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Niall Alisdair MacBeath M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Iain Macdonald M60 Highland Hill Runners
Amy MacDonald WSEN BNRA
Donna MacDonald W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Euan MacDonaldFacebookInstagram MSEN Tinto Hill Runners
Kira MacDonald WU23 Lochaber Athletic Club
Matt MacDonald MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Michelle MacDonald W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
William MacDonald M60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Fraser Macdonald Oulds MSEN Chorlton Runners
John MacEwan M50 Ochil Hill Runners
John Macgillivray M50 BNRA
Mark Macgillivray M50 Stonehaven Running Club
Andrew Macinnes MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Christy Macintyre WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Fiona Macintyre W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ian Macintyre M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Isla Mackay WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Donald Mackenzie M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Gordon Mackenzie M40 Scottish Police Athletics
Iain Mackenzie M60 Deeside Runners
Ruth Mackenzie W50 Deeside Runners
Fraser MacKenzie MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Ruaraidh MacKenzie MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Eugene MackieInstagram MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Joanne Mackin WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Barrie MacKinnon MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Robert Maclean M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Richard Macleod MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Shaun MacleodTwitterInstagram MU23 BNRA
James MacLeodTwitter M40 Garscube Harriers
Graham Macnab M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Catherine Joanne Macphail WSEN Shettleston Harriers
Niall Macphee MSEN BNRA
Ewen MacQueen MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Iain MacQueen MU23 Lochaber Athletic Club
Kyrie MacTavish WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Christine Macvarish W40 Lothian Running Club
Gerry Maguire M50 Cruisers RC
Lorna Mahoney W50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
John Malcolm MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Stuart MalcolmFacebookTwitter M50 Highland Hill Runners
Craig Malcolmson M50 Hartfell Hill Runners
Ian Marshall M70 Cambridge Harriers
Calum Martin MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Nathan Martin M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Caroline Marwick WSEN Highland Hill Runners
Paul Marynicz M60 Norham Running Club
David Mason M50 Linlithgow Athletic Club
Ellie Mather WSEN Lonsdale Fell Runners
Phil Mather MSEN Lonsdale Fell Runners
Clive Matthews MSEN Cosmic Hillbashers
Rob Matthews MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Craig Mattocks M40 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Luke MaudeFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava MSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Stuart Mc Aleavy M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Ciaran McAleenanTwitterLinkedIn M50 Mourne Runners
Stephen McAlister MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Colin McAndrew M60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Claire McArthur W40 Hamilton Harriers
Alasdair McCallum M50 Norham Running Club
Michael McCloy M40 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Dennis McDonald M50 Cosmic Hillbashers
Alasdair Mcdougall M40 Highland Hill Runners
Stephen McDougallFacebookPower of 10 MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Ronnie McGavock M60 Bellahouston Road Runners
Garth McGimpsey MSEN Mourne Runners
Mark McGoldrickTwitter M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Craig McGougan MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Cathal Mcgreevy M50 Newry AC
Wayne McIntoshFacebookTwitter MSEN Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Kenneth McIntyre M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Bryan McKenna M40 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Ryan McKenzie M40 Highland Hill Runners
Jean Mclennan W60 Dunoon Hill Runners
Marie Meldrum W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ben Merckel MSEN Lonsdale Fell Runners
Dawn MetcalfeFacebook W40 Durham Fell Runners
Henry Methold M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Duncan Millar M40 Ballymena Runners
Daniel Missen MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
John Moffat M60 Highland Hill Runners
Stephen Monk MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Debbie Morrison WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Joanna Mostowska WSEN KMW Warszawa
Simon Mounsey M40 Howgill Harriers
David Munro M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Finn Munro MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Gemma Munro WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Graham Munro M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Iain MunroFacebookInstagram MSEN Cairngorm Runners
Mike Murdoch M40 Falkland Trail Runners
Craig Murphy M50 Girvan Athletic Club
Kevin MurrayStrava M50 Falkland Trail Runners
Bethan Nadin WSEN Highland Hill Runners
Claire Nance WSEN Lonsdale Fell Runners
Andrew NesbitFacebookTwitter M40 Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Joanna Ness W50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Katherine Ness WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Hannah Newbold WU23 Barlick Fell Runners
Sean Newell M60 FRA
Alastair Newman MSEN Bristol and West AC (est. 1882)
Chris Newman MSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Kate Newman WSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Matt Newton M40 Kinross Road Runners
David Nield M60 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
John Niven MSEN Helensburgh AAC
Peter  S Nuttall M60 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Mark Nutter M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Mark O'ConnorStrava M40 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Michael O'Donnell MSEN Inverness Harriers
David Oneill M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Steven Ord M50 Deeside Runners
David Osborn M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Monica Padilla WSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Phil Payne MSEN Haywards Heath Harriers
Emma Pearce W50 Lochaber Athletic Club
David Pearks M50 Highland Hill Runners
Kevin Peebles M40 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Gaz PembertonStrava M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Iain Pettigrew M50 Ayr Seaforth Athletic Club
Rachel Pilling WSEN Pudsey & Bramley AC
Kevin Plummer M50 Hartfell Hill Runners
David Poole M40 Barlick Fell Runners
Christian PoultonFacebookStravaPower of 10Flickr M50 Cambridge Harriers
Gethin Powell MSEN Pontypridd Roadents AC
Daniel PrattInstagram M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Andy Preedy M40 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Marcus Preedy MU23 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Huw Price M50 Bowland Fell Runners
Stuart Pringle M40 Deeside Runners
Gordon Pryde M60 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Dan Pugh MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Roderick Pugh M60 Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club
Denise Purves W50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Darren Quigg MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
James Rainbow M40 Whitchurch Whippets
Julian Rank M50 Holmfirth Harriers AC
Ed Rattray M40 Elgin AAC
Barry Rawlinson M70 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Stephen Rawlinson MSEN Lochtayside
Colin Reynolds M40 Carnegie Harriers
Lesley Reynolds W50 Carnegie Harriers
Daniel Richardson M40 North Shields Polytechnic Club
Liam Riggans MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Spencer Riley M40 Wharfedale Harriers
Karl Robb MSEN Barlick Fell Runners
Annie RobertsFacebookStrava WSEN Todmorden Harriers
Clive Roberts M60 Fife Athletic Club
Craig Roberts MSEN Fife Athletic Club
Richard Roberts M40 Eryri Harriers
John Robson M50 Helm Hill Runners
Marie Robson W50 Helm Hill Runners
Victoria Rogan WSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Tracy Rogers WSEN Buckley Runners
Michal Rosinski MSEN UKS TARPAN Chelmno and Motherwell
Alan Ross M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Susan-Jane Ross W50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Matthew Rowbottom MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Chris Rowe M40 North Shields Polytechnic Club
Daniel Rowe-LeeteStrava MSEN Highland Hill Runners
Jon RoyleStrava M50 Red Rose Road Runners
Hannah Russell WU23 Helm Hill Runners
Stuart Russell M40 Calder Valley Fell Runners
David Ryder M40 Fell Runners Association
Stuart Sanderson M50 Penicuik Harriers
Barbara Savage W50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Jim Savege M50 Deeside Runners
Joanna Schreiber W50 Pudsey & Bramley AC
Fraser Scott M40 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Nick Sedgwick MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Scott SeefeldtFacebookInstagramStrava MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Jon Sharples M60 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Andrew Shaw M50 Holmfirth Harriers AC
Lyndsey Shaw W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Richard Shaw M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ruairidh Shaw MU23 Lochaber Athletic Club
Chris Sheen M40 Stonehaven Running Club
Neil Shepherd M50 Bowland Fell Runners
Robert Shepherd M40 Wooler R C
Stanley Shillington MSEN Mornington Chasers
Stephen Shorrock M40 Barlick Fell Runners
Roger SillitoStravaPower of 10 M40 Northumberland Fell Runners
Iain SimpsonFacebook M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Peter Simpson M60 Carnegie Harriers
Stuart Simpson M50 Stornoway Running & Athletics Club
Andrew SkillingInstagramStrava MSEN Stirling Triathlon Club
Norbert Skrzeczkowski M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Daz SlaterTwitter M40 Ambleside AC
Alan Smith M60 Deeside Runners
Andrew Smith M50 Barlick Fell Runners
Brian R Smith M60 Fife Athletic Club
Bruce SmithTwitterStrava M50 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Harry SmithInstagram M50 Tinto Hill Runners
Ian SmithStrava M60 Bolton United Harriers & AC
James Smith MSEN RNRM Running
Kevin SmithFacebook M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Kirstie Smith WSEN Arran Fell Runners
Stephen Smithies M50 Calder Valley Fell Runners
David Soles M50 Pennine Fell Runners
Ross SpaldingFacebookInstagramStrava MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
Ruth StanleyInstagram WSEN Shettleston Harriers
William Stanley MSEN Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC
Craig Stansfield M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Michael Stansfield M40 East Cheshire Harriers & Tameside AC
Simon Stansfield M40 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Jonny Steede M40 Glens Runners
Kevin Stephen M40 Garioch Roadrunners
Dave StephensonFacebookTwitterInstagram M50 Bingley Harriers & AC
Billy Stewart MSEN PH Racing Club
Craig Stewart M40 Forfar Road Runners
Daniel Stewart MSEN BNRA
Ewan Stewart MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
John Roy Stewart M50 BNRA
Mike Stewart M50 Keith & District AAC
Ryan StewartInstagram MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Steven Stewart MSEN BNRA
Craig Stinson M40 BNRA
Scott Strachan M40 Kinross Road Runners
Alasdair Strange MSEN Shettleston Harriers
Allan SumnerFacebookTwitter M50 Lancaster & Morecambe AC
Ally Sutherland M40 Cosmic Hillbashers AAC
Steve Swarbrick M40 Bowland Fell Runners
Frederick Swift MSEN Inverness Harriers
Trevor Symonds M60 Northern Fells Running Club
Joseph Tangney MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Alex Taylor MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Dan Taylor M40 Todmorden Harriers
Gordie Taylor M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Laura Taylor WSEN Northumberland Fell Runners
Mark Taylor MSEN Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Neil Taylor M60 Wharfedale Harriers
Sharon Taylor W40 Helm Hill Runners
Simon Taylor M40 Darwen Dashers RC
Simon Theobald M50 Helm Hill Runners
Ranjit Thomas M50 Dumfries Running Club
Fiona Thompson W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Iain Thomson MSEN Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Katharine Tighe W50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Dave TillFacebookStrava M60 Skye & Lochalsh Running Club
Simon Titmuss M40 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
John Tollitt M50 Northumberland Fell Runners
Michael Toman M50 Accrington Road Runners
Sam Tosh MSEN Rossendale Harriers & AC
Steven Traill MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Richard Treitl M60 Barlick Fell Runners
Esmond TresidderFacebookTwitter M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Dave Turner M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Judith Turner W40 Falkland Trail Runners
Ronnie Turner M50 Lochaber Athletic Club
Ronnie Turner M60 Rossendale Harriers & AC
Tom Turner MSEN Mynydd du mountain runners
Tom Turner MSEN Mynydd du mountain runners
Wyndham Turner MSEN Mynydd du mountain runners
Jon Underwood M50 Calder Valley Fell Runners
Chloe Valentine W40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Debbie Valentine WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Declan Valters MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Geoffrey Van Der Maat M40 Sjefs club
Callum Vardy MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Bjorn VerduijnFacebookTwitterStrava M40 Shettleston Harriers
Adrian Walker M50 Settle Harriers
Neil Walker M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Craig WallaceStrava MSEN Highland Hill Runners
David Wallace M40 Ochil Hill Runners
Stephen Wallace M40 Squadra Porcini
Adam WallworkTwitter MSEN Trawden Athletic Club
Martin Walsh M70 Bowland Fell Runners
Lisette Walter WSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Jack WaltonInstagramStrava MU23 Keighley & Craven AC
Ausrine Ward W40 Kirkintilloch Olympians
Alastair Watson M60 Highland Hill Runners
Cameron Watson M40 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Emma WatsonTwitter WSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Sam Watson MSEN Wharfedale Harriers
Ruari Watt M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Andrew Webster M50 Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Billy Webster M40 Kinross Road Runners
Ben WellsFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M40 Meirionnydd Running Club
David White M50 Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club
Gavin Whiteside M40 Highland Hill Runners
Adam Whyte MSEN Scottish Fire & Rescue Service AC
David Whyte MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Finlay Wild MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Marc Wilkinson MSEN Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
J Robert WilliamsFacebook M40 Bingley Harriers & AC
Clyde WilliamsonInstagram MU23 Cosmic Hillbashers
James Williamson MSEN Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
Jason Williamson M50 Cosmic Hillbashers
Jake Willis M40 Lochaber Athletic Club
Peter Willson MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Colin Wilson M50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Joan Wilson W50 Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Stewart Wilson M50 Highland Hill Runners
Stephen WinterTwitterStrava M40 Shettleston Harriers
Colin Wood M60 Lochaber Athletic Club
Nigel WoodTwitter M40 Helm Hill Runners
Paul Woolhouse M40 Southwell Running Club
John Yells MSEN Lochaber Athletic Club
Allan Yeomans M50 Rossendale Harriers & AC
If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest