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Northern Berzerker

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Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th May 2020

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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35 Country Miles
Name Club / Team Name
Christopher Airey  
Paul Allison  
Paul Alsop  
Martin Anfield Bike W*nkers
Max Arrowsmith GWTF
Nigel Bainbridge Tin Donkeys
Jon BarnettFacebookTwitterInstagram Emteebee Riders
Adrian Barron  
Barry Bellwood GWTF
Steven Birbeck  
Dan Blackhall Absolute Whammas
Gareth Bowie  
Nigel Boyt  
Dan Brinton  
Steve Brown Durham trailies
James Cairns  
Donald Cameron  
James Cameron  
Scott Cameron  
Colin Carter  
Andy Chapman Durham trailies
Dave Charlton Team NDC
Matthew Chaytor CHR
Lee Chippendale  
Steve Cook  
Warren Crame Absolute Whammas
Lindsay CumenInstagram GWTF
Lee Davies  
Tristan Davies  
Richard Deans  
Ian Dixon Hamsterley Trailblazers
Daniel Donkin  
Dave Draper That's All Spokes
Andrew Drummond  
Chris Dyke  
Giles DykesFacebookInstagram Emteebee Riders
Peter FarnieTwitter  
Tom Fenby Team Cystic Fibrosis
Liam Flowers GWTF
Wayne Gascoigne JRG
Lucie Glanville  
Stephen GodfreyTwitter Two Steve’s
Craig Gordon Team NDC
Mark Greenwood  
Conrad Guyatt Hamsterley Trailblazers
Gavin Hancock  
Andrew Herbert  
Christopher Holt Honey Badgers
David HoppeeFacebook  
Thomas Hornsby  
Stevie Hughes  
Phillip Hunwick  
Phillipa Hyde  
Jamie Johnson GWTF
Magnus Judge That's All Spokes
Peter Kell  
Andy KempInstagramStrava  
Chris Kirk One man ..... alone
Andy Kirtley  
Andrew LangridgeInstagram Infinity Cycles Crew
Simon Lattimer  
Ian LiversidgeInstagram NEnduro Racing
Sarah Lobley  
Anna Long Honey Badgers
Stuart Lowson Durham trailies
Jon Ludlam  
Graham LukemanFacebook  
Ian Maitland  
Mark Mather Ferryhill Wheelers
Anthony Matthias  
Joshua Matthias  
Claire Melbourne Arthur caygill cycles
James Moody  
Andrew Patterson  
Chris Pearson Bike W*nkers
Daniel PettyInstagram  
Rob PlattenFacebookInstagramStrava  
Andrew Polson  
Andy Raine Hamsterley Trailblazers
Peter Reed  
Alan Renshaw Infinity Cycles Crew
Lucy Riley  
Andy Roberts Team NDC
John Robson  
Paul Robson Durham trailies
Shaun Rogers Hamsterley Trailblazers
Stephen Rowell Hamsterley Trailblazers
Thomas Rushworth  
Mark Salisbury Team Cystic Fibrosis
Robert Scott  
Steve Seedhouse Two Steve’s
David Daniel Smith  
Simon Smolaga That's All Spokes
Sameer Somanath Hamsterley Trailblazers
Glen Starkey  
Lee StottInstagram Arthur caygill cycles
Simon Taylor  
Mel Temple  
Andy Thomas  
Chris Tunn Absolute Whammas
Alastair Tye  
Martin Walker  
Paul Williamson  
Stuart Winterburn  
Matt WoodheadFacebook  
Kevin Young  

106 Entries

If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest