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Chase the Kite 2020

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Sunday 19th April 2020

Notice: Coronavirus and SiEntries - for more information please see our Help Topic.

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Entry List
Name Class Club
David Allinson M Elswick Harriers
Helen Allister F Red Kite Runners
Lee Anderson M Blyth Running Club
Osman Arabacioglu M  
Sally Askew F  
Kristian Bailey M Newcastle Frontrunners
Gordon Banks M Red Kite Runners
Julia Banks F Red Kite Runners
Steve Barnett M Newcastle Frontrunners
Sharon Barton F Derwentside AC
Nicola Beggs F Red Kite Runners
Adam Bell M Red Kite Runners
Andrew Bessent M Red Kite Runners
Edward Bewick M  
Gordon Bird M (no club)
Donna Black F Vegan Runners UK
Joanne Brannen F Washington Running Club
Heather Brittlebank F Red Kite Runners
Gemma Brown F  
Kate Brown F Run nation running club
Lee Brown M Red Kite Runners
Samantha Bruce F Saltwell Harriers
Lisa Bullock F Red Kite Runners
Allan Callender M Red Kite Runners
Sonia Carraro F Red Kite Runners
Kay Carrick F Derwentside AC
Floor Christie F Gosforth Harriers & AC
Helen Clark F Quakers Running Club
Nicola Clark F Red Kite Runners
Andrew Collins M Red Kite Runners
Louise Connelly F Red Kite Runners
Yolander Cox F RunFit Hartlepool
Nicholas Crawford-Upton M  
Lisa Croft F  
Paul Crompton M Red Kite Runners
Ross Crooks M Red Kite Runners
Stevie Curry M Elswick Harriers
Catherine Dashwood F Newcastle Frontrunners
Edward Davies M Ponteland Runners
Thomas Davison M (no club)
Amanda de Lussey F Red Kite Runners
Allen Dickinson-Deane M Newcastle Frontrunners
Russell Dickinson-DeaneTwitter M Newcastle Frontrunners
Karen Dinsley F Ashington Hirst Running Club
Heather Dixon F Red Kite Runners
John S Donneky M Derwentside AC
Kelly Dunn F Derwentside AC
Charlotte Eddy F (no club)
Michael Edwards M Sunderland Harriers & AC
Claire Elliott F Derwentside AC
Sarah Fallows F (no club)
Paul Feeley M Derwent Valley Trail Runners
Alex Fiddes F Red Kite Runners
Daveen Fiddes F Newcastle Frontrunners
Kate Fisher F Lonely Goat RC
Kirsty Ford F Red Kite Runners
Faye Fraser F Red Kite Runners
Judith Friel F Red Kite Runners
Kirstine Gagie F Ashington Hirst Running Club
Josh Gebhard M Red Kite Runners
Lynne Gee F Red Kite Runners
Stephen Gibson M Derwent Valley Trail Runners
David Gilbert M  
Mike GillFacebook M Blackhill Bounders
Jenny Graham F Gosforth Harriers & AC
Suzanne Green F  
Jessica HallInstagram F Red Kite Runners
Andrew Halstead M Lonely Goat RC
Rachel Handley F Elswick Harriers
Sarah Hannington F Red Kite Runners
Tracy Hannington F Red Kite Runners
David Hanson M Red Kite Runners
Mel Hanson F Red Kite Runners
George Harden M Washington Running Club
Katie Harden F Elswick Harriers
Jemma Harker F Red Kite Runners
Angela Harrison F Red Kite Runners
Roger Heath M Tyne Bridge Harriers
Sarah Heaton F (no club)
Elaine Henderson F Tyne Bridge Harriers
Alice HewsonTwitter F Red Kite Runners
William Hills M  
David Hodgson M Elswick Harriers
Christopher HullTwitterStravaPower of 10 M Elswick Harriers
Heather Ince F Red Kite Runners
Joanne James F Red Kite Runners
Pamela Jeavans F Red Kite Runners
Paul Johnston M Red Kite Runners
David Jones M Red Kite Runners
Rachel Jones F Red Kite Runners
Kerry Kelly F  
Amanda KennonFacebook F Elswick Harriers
Janette Kilgour F Heaton Harriers & AC
Julia Knight F (no club)
Malcolm Knight M Danum Harriers
Angela KnoxFacebook F Derwentside AC
Helen Laidler F Red Kite Runners
Kenny Laidler M Red Kite Runners
Claire Light F Prudhoe Plodders Running Group
Shaunagh Lishman F Red Kite Runners
David Lydall M Claremont Road Runners
Karen Mallett F Newcastle Frontrunners
Mary Martin F Claremont Road Runners
Terry McDermott M Lonely Goat RC
Stephen Mcdine M Red Kite Runners
Allyson Mcgrath F  
Shaun Mcgrath M Houghton Harriers & AC
Steve McKay M  
Clare Mckitterick F Claremont Road Runners
David Mckitterick M (no club)
Kate McLean F Newcastle Frontrunners
Anthony McMullan M Sunderland Strollers
Neil Meldrum M  
Andrew Middleton M Elswick Harriers
Dionne Milburn F Elswick Harriers
Jo Moody F Red Kite Runners
Carol Morrison F Blackhill Bounders
Claire Mumford F Birtley AC
Dawn Murphy F Red Kite Runners
Vanessa Nair F Newcastle Frontrunners
Craig Nevins M Elswick Harriers
Siobhan O'Neil F Newcastle Frontrunners
Gayle Ord F Red Kite Runners
David Pace M Heaton Harriers & AC
Edward Peel M Red Kite Runners
Scott Phillips M  
Richard Purdy M Red Kite Runners
Hayley Raithby F Blyth Running Club
Lesley Ransome F Tyne Bridge Harriers
John Regan M Gosforth Social Running
Jessica Riby F Red Kite Runners
Anthony Richards M (no club)
Kath Richards F North Shields Polytechnic Club
Andrew Richardson M  
Angela Richardson F Red Kite Runners
Kiturah Richardson F Red Kite Runners
Sarah Elizabeth Richardson F Derwent Valley Running Club
Alexandria Roberts F Saltwell Harriers
Karen Robertson F Red Kite Runners
George Routledge M Heaton Harriers & AC
Janette Rowland F Red Kite Runners
David Rushton M Newcastle Frontrunners
Paul Samat M North East Marathon Club
Amy Santer F Gosforth Social Running
Sylvia Sawosko F RES run eat sleep running club
Leanne Scott F Red Kite Runners
Patrice Siou M Newcastle Frontrunners
Debbie Smeatham F Red Kite Runners
Andrew SmithTwitterInstagram M Gateshead Harriers & AC
Ann Smith F  
Eddie Smith M (no club)
Clair Southern F Blyth Running Club
David Stephenson M Derwentside AC
Rebecca Swindells F Washington Running Club
David Tague M Washington Running Club
Gillian Tait F Red Kite Runners
Natasha Tanner F Red Kite Runners
Charlie Taylor M Runnation Running Club
Christopher Taylor M Red Kite Runners
Will ThompsonFacebookInstagramStrava M Ashington Hirst Running Club
Matthew Turnbull M Ponteland Runners
Colette Turner F Ashington Hirst Running Club
Christopher Varah M Broken Running Club
Jonny Varah M (no club)
Michael Wass M  
Corrine Whaling F Elvet Striders
Edward White M North East Marathon Club
Claire Wilkie F Derwentside AC
Stevie Wilkinson M  
Jocasta Williams F Newcastle Frontrunners
Karen Williamson F Red Kite Runners
Natalie Wilson F Red Kite Runners
Allison Woolrych F Red Kite Runners
Claire WynarczykFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava F Tyne Bridge Harriers

174 Entries

If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest