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INVOC Carse of Ardersier Level C Orienteering Event

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Sunday 24th November 2019

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Name Class Club
Andrew Campbell M50 MOR
Daniel Campbell M18 MOR
Jane Chisholm W35 BASOC
Laurence Cload M40 INVOC
Tim Griffin M50 GRAMP
William NicolsonFacebookStrava M45 INVOC
Johannes PetersenFacebookStrava M35 INVOC
Alasdair Raynor M18 INVOC
Colin Salisbury M50 INVOC
Iain Shepherd M55 INVOC
Jon ShepherdStrava M50 INVOC
David Summers M55 INVOC

12 Entries

Name Class Club
Paul Furness M65 MOR
Alan Halliday M65 MOR
Jane Halliday W55 MOR
Rupert Hornby M55 MOR
Faith Kenyon W14 MOR
Philip Kenyon M50 MOR
Jacquie Laird W45 INVOC
Alison Matheson W45 INVOC
Colin MathesonFacebook M65 MOR
Peter McLuckie M45 MOR
Rory O'Hara Murray M35  
Kaisa Oikkonen W35 MOR
Guy Seaman M70 INVOC
Jacob Sharpe M45 HH
Iain Sime M45 INVOC
Colin SimpsonStrava M50 INVOC

16 Entries

Name Class Club
Dagmar Borrowman W40 INVOC
Frances BritainStrava W45 MOR
David Cerioli M35 INVOC
Carole Chapman W55 MOR
Karen Fraser W40 MOR
Elizabeth Furness W60 MOR
Isobel Howard W14 MOR
Elizabeth Kenyon W45 MOR
Angus Laird M14 INVOC
Zoë MacKenzie W40 INVOC
Marsela McLeod W55 INVOC
Morag McLuckie W45 MOR
Ken Naismith M75 INVOC
Joan Noble W70 INVOC
Ida Oikkonen W14 MOR
Ian Shread M50 INVOC
Finlay Sime M16 INVOC
Joanne Simpson W45 INVOC
Veronica Vargas W55 INVOC

19 Entries

Short Green
Name Class Club
Elizabeth Campbell W50 MOR
David Esson M40 GRAMP
George Esson M70 GRAMP
Catriona Garvie W16 INVOC
Callum Hudson M16 INVOC
Neil McLean M75 GRAMP
Kate McLuckie W12 MOR
George Reynolds M75 INVOC
David RitchieFacebook M60 MOR
Beryl Seaman W65 INVOC
Eilidh Simpson W14 INVOC
Valerie Springett W70 INVOC

12 Entries

Light Green
Name Class Club
Michael Bishenden M14 MOR
Rory Black M12 INVOC
Penny Capewell W12 INVOC
Anneliese Garvie W45 INVOC
Jake Henderson M14 INVOC
Blair Hudson M12 INVOC
Fergus Kenyon M12 MOR
Julie Macrae W45 INVOC
Finlay McLuckie M12 MOR
Jane Petersen W35  
Rita Ribeiro W21 INVOC
Isla Walker W12 INVOC
Kathleen Watson W45 INVOC
Helen Wilson W40 INVOC

14 Entries

Name Class Club
Matthew Bishenden M12 MOR
Matthew Black M10 INVOC
Henrik Borrowman M10 INVOC
Scarlett Britain W12 MOR
Joe Capewell M14 INVOC
Paul Capewell M45 INVOC
Erica Cload W12 INVOC
Claire Hudson W40 INVOC
Chris Jack M45 INVOC
Rona Laird W12 INVOC
Douglas McDonald M10 INVOC
George Shread M16 INVOC
Lesley Shread W45 INVOC
Esme Sime W14 INVOC
Sky Simpson W10 INVOC
Jason WalkerStrava M50 INVOC

16 Entries

Name Class Club
Hazel Cload W10 INVOC
Emily Jack W10 INVOC
Louise Ryan W35  
Evan Sime M10 INVOC
Finlay Walker M10 INVOC

5 Entries

Name Class Club

0 Entries

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