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SLOW OK Nuts Trophy

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Sunday 24th November 2019

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Name Class Club Start Time
William Alexander M75 MV 10:11
Jane Archer W65 SN 10:42
Julie Astin W65 WSX 11:29
Robin Baker M70 POTOC 11:07
Laura Barrett W14 SN 10:54
Chris Barrington Brown M60 BAOC 10:15
David Battison M70 SARUM 10:34
Joanna Belsey W55 SN 10:30
Barry Breed M70 HH 11:51
Ffion Bricknell W16 SAX 10:56
John Chappell M70 TVOC 10:00
Mike Christopher M60 WIM 11:23
Julie Cleary W55 LOK 11:39
Julie Collins W55 DFOK 10:53
Keiko Conway W55 GO 10:46
Philip Cooper M70 WIM 11:01
Susan Crickmore W55 SO 11:36
Andrew Cummings M65 HH 11:30
Dave Cussens M65 SO 10:05
Angela Darley W45 GO 10:55
Sarah Darley W14 GO 10:45
Elisabeth Dickson W60 BAOC 11:47
Christopher Edge M16 SN 11:44
Helen ErringtonFacebookTwitterStravaLinkedIn W55 HH 11:18
Rhiannon Fadeyibi W55 NGOC 10:01
David Frampton M45 HH 10:19
Tegan Frampton W14 HH 10:04
Catherine Galvin W55 LOK 11:45
Jennifer Gebka W55 HAVOC 11:41
Diane Goodwin W55 SWOC 11:03
Ian Goodwin M60 SO 11:02
Annika Greenwood W45 BKO 11:10
Philip Gristwood M70 MV 10:26
Alison Harding W55 HH 11:40
Victoria Harvey W50 NGOC 11:11
Kathy Haynes W60 SLOW 10:17
Jocie Hilton W14 SN 11:34
Nick Hockey M70 SO 10:49
Viv Hodson W55 HH 10:57
Sarah Howes W60 SAX 11:31
Lesley Innes W60 BKO 11:06
Jannion Ireland W60 SO 10:51
Ros James W55 SMOC 11:08
Jane King W60 SO 10:03
Lesley King W50 GO 11:35
Phoebe King W16 GO 11:49
Ken Lawton M75 SO 11:00
Diane Leakey W60 SLOW  
Andrew Leedham M55 LOC 10:43
Simon Ling M70 MV 10:25
Martin Lock M70 GO 11:21
Serena Ludford W55 BADO 11:22
Barbara Lugton W60 GO 11:09
Peter Martin M70 SAX 11:17
Nicky Masson W55 MV 10:09
Anne May W70 SWOC 11:33
Ted McDonald M75 BOK 10:40
Ellie Mills-Hicks W14 GO 11:32
Tina Mills-Hicks W14 GO 11:42
James Morris M70 GO 10:32
John Morris M70 SO 10:52
James Parker M70 SO 11:14
Sue Parker W55 BKO 11:12
Garry Parmenter M70 HAVOC 10:13
Marion Payne-Bird W60 GO 11:05
Imogen Pieters W14 SYO 11:56
Richard Rae M70 BKO 11:48
Ben Rivers M75 GO 10:38
Helen Rivers W65 GO 10:36
Janet Rosen W60 HH 10:21
Nigel Saker M70 SLOW  
Alison Saunders W60 HH 11:55
Brian Sewell M60 BKO 11:13
Gill Sharp W60 SN 10:44
Peter Smith M55 SN 10:50
Jennie Soulsby W40 HH 10:48
Kathleen Southall W55 SO 10:58
Steve Southall M60 SO 10:59
Leianne Upton W55 MV 11:16
Helen Wheelwright W60 SOC 10:47
Michael White M80 MV 10:07
Alan Williamson M70   10:23
Geoff Wright M70 GO 11:04

83 Entries

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