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SLOW OK Nuts Trophy

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Sunday 24th November 2019

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Short Blue
Name Class Club Start Time
Helen Ashenden W55 SN 11:11
Freya Askham W45 SMOC 11:24
Neil Bricknell M50 SAX 10:44
Sarah Brown W65 SLOW  
Hedley Calderbank M65 HH 10:48
William Chandler M16 LOK 10:02
Anna Chapman W45 SO 11:45
Vesela Chokoeva W45 SLOW  
Maire Convery W50 HH 11:05
Phil Conway M55 GO 10:46
Jon Darley M50 GO 10:50
Allan Darwell M65 BOK 10:43
Kieran Devine M65 BAOC 10:41
Peter Dudman M65 SO 10:05
Frank Edge M60 SN 11:53
Mike Elliot M65 MV 11:47
George Engelhardt M65 MV 10:20
Edward Forman M65 SO 11:16
David Funnell M55 SO 10:37
Zbigniew Gebka M55 HAVOC 11:41
Mark Glaisher M65 SAX 11:30
Geoff Goodwin M65 DFOK 11:18
Doug Greenwood M45 BKO 11:03
Mikhail Gryaznevich M65 TVOC 11:38
Dorte Torpe Hansen W50 SLOW 10:34
Gillian Hanson W50 HH 10:04
John Harrison M70 BADO 10:45
Joe House M65 SO 10:08
Christine Jepson W60 SO 10:06
Brian Johnson M65 WIM 11:36
Ffion Jones W18 SO 10:36
Mike Jones M65 SMOC 10:59
David Kingdon M65 SAX 11:07
David Lane M65 SN 10:31
Sandra Mather W50 SMOC 10:18
Christopher McDonald M75 MV 10:16
Jane Morgan W55 SOC 11:32
Helen NisbetFacebook W55 SMOC 11:20
Andy Parker M60 BADO 10:14
Lucy Paton W55 SN 11:01
Boryana Peeva W50   10:57
Ian Peirce M75 SARUM 11:31
Rory Percival M55 HH 10:55
Emily Pieters W45 SYO 11:40
Jim Prowting M70 TVOC 11:49
Ruth Rhodes W75 SO 11:28
Martin Ricketts M70 TVOC 11:55
Debra Robinson W50 SN 11:34
Malcolm Scott M60 SN 10:53
Melanie Slade W50 SN 11:25
Frederick Smith M55 GO 10:22
Mick Smith M70 HH 11:42
Robin Smith M65 SO 10:29
Barry Sowerbutts M65 SOC 10:47
Robyn Stanyon W50 SYO 11:51
Greg Street M21   10:35
Paul Street M65 SLOW  
Charlie Turner M65 SLOW  
Kate Turner W45 SO 10:00
Mike Turner M65 SO 11:13
Anne Tynegate W55 BADO 10:51
Jeremy Wilde M65 GO 10:11
Lulu Williams W50 SLOW  
Martin Wilson M70 BKO 10:39

64 Entries

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