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SLOW OK Nuts Trophy

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Sunday 24th November 2019

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Name Class Club Start Time
Laurence Ball M21 NOR 11:16
Neil BrooksFacebook M55 LOK 10:00
Adrian ButterFacebookTwitter M40 SN 10:06
Edward CatmurFacebookTwitterPower of 10 M35 SLOW  
Steven Clelland M35 SLOW  
Richard Collyer M45 GO 11:04
Paul Couldridge M45 SLOW 10:36
Michael CroneAttackpoint M21 SLOW  
Tom Davies M40 SLOW 11:50
Daniel Gardner M21 TVOC 10:24
Charles Gook M50 BADO 10:20
Dimitar Gospodinov M21 BKO 11:12
Duncan Grassie M35 SLOW 11:45
Juraj Hammer M40 ATU Kosice 10:32
Yordan Kolev M21 SLOW  
Himmy Lau M21 SLOW 11:20
Samuel Leitch M18 SO 11:08
Matthias Mahr M40 SLOW  
Alistair Masson M21 INT 10:04
Mihaly Ormay M20 SLOW 10:08
Rob PattersonAttackpoint M35 SLOW 11:28
Antoine Pesenti M45 DFOK 11:40
Nik PughTwitterStrava M50   10:28
Juste Raimbault M21 SLOW 10:16
Donatas TumaitisPower of 10 M35 SLOW  
Dmitry Ushakov M45 LOK 11:24
Abi Weeds W40 SLOW  
Eoghan WilesInstagramAttackpointStrava M21 SLOW  
Alex Wise M35 SO 10:10
Andrew Woodhouse M35   10:12
Harold WyberAttackpointStravaPower of 10 M21 CHIG 11:00

31 Entries

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