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Southport Triathlon

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Sunday 17th May 2020

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Name Class Club
Michael Ainscough MSeniors 1  
Craig Armstrong MVeterans 1  
Karen Armstrong FVeterans 1  
Nina Barthel FVeterans 1 Stockport Tri Club
Ian Beddingfield MVeterans 2  
Michael Birch MVeterans 2  
Anthony Birrell MVeterans 6 Mersey Tri
Jenny Birrell FSeniors 3  
Alex Brassill MSeniors 2  
Sean Brassill MSeniors 3  
Sophie Brassill FSeniors 1  
Josh Brockman MSeniors 2  
Alastair Brown MVeterans 3 #Independiente
Jennifer Carey FSeniors 2  
Katie Carlin FVeterans 1 Trihard
Richard Chandler MVeterans 4  
Nigel Chilvers MVeterans 3 Mersey Tri
Ben Cohen MSeniors 4  
Jonathan Coluccio MSeniors 4  
Kev ConwayFacebook MVeterans 4 Mersey Tri
Kathrin Crawshaw-Zein FVeterans 1  
Janet Cure FVeterans 4 #Independiente
Sarah DaggerInstagram FSeniors 3  
Karen Davenport FVeterans 2 Warrington Running Club Tri
Graham Dawson MSeniors 3  
Peter DawsonInstagram MVeterans 4  
Mark Dempsey MVeterans 2 Mersey Tri
Paul Dobson MSeniors 4 Leeds Bradford Triathlon
Manny Doidge FVeterans 2  
Michael Donnelly MSeniors 4  
Mark Dowell MVeterans 2  
Jamie Emett MVeterans 2  
Jason Ennis MVeterans 3 Mersey Tri
Susan Ennis FVeterans 4 Mersey Tri
Danny Fair MVeterans 2  
Richie Fletcher MSeniors 4 Chester Tri club
Kathryn Geering FVeterans 2 Warrington Running Club
Clive Gibson MVeterans 6  
Anna-Louise Graham FSeniors 4 G72 Tri
Maria Harrington FVeterans 3  
Julie HarrisonTwitter FVeterans 4 Bott cycle team
Mark Harrison MVeterans 4  
Martin Harrison MSeniors 4  
Ted Hartill MVeterans 5  
Myka Heard FVeterans 3 St Helens Tri
Chris Hesketh MSeniors 2  
Alan Hiddleston MVeterans 1 Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club
Jonathan Hope MVeterans 1  
Rebecca Hunter FSeniors 2 Mersey Tri
Ross James MVeterans 1  
Colin Johnston MVeterans 1  
Paul Jones MVeterans 3  
Simon Jones MVeterans 4  
Barbara Kay FVeterans 5 Darwen Masters
Frank Kay MVeterans 5 Darwen Masters
David Kerr MVeterans 1  
Kiruna King FVeterans 1 Trihard
Catherine Lewis FVeterans 4  
David Lewis MVeterans 4  
Rachel Lewis FSeniors 1  
Sean Lightfoot MSeniors 2  
Malgorzata Lipaj FSeniors 3 G72 Tri
Robert LoganInstagram MSeniors 3 Mersey Tri
Marco Lorente MSeniors 1  
Bec Malpass FVeterans 3  
Melissa McCarthy FSeniors 2  
Keelan Mccorriston MSeniors 2 North Endurance
Andy McmahonFacebook MVeterans 1  
Chris Murphy MVeterans 3 St Helens Tri
Donna Murphy FSeniors 3  
Malcolm Orrell MSeniors 3 Manchester Triathlon Club
Bernie Parry MVeterans 6  
Joanna PattersonFacebookTwitterInstagram FSeniors 3 Pro Endurance
Thomas Peoples MSeniors 4 Knutsford Tri Club
Jake Perry MSeniors 2  
Nicholas Pickles MSeniors 3  
James Plant MVeterans 1  
Graham Platt MVeterans 5  
Simon Pollitt MSeniors 4  
Eimear Railton FVeterans 2 ScuderiaWP
David Redwood MVeterans 1  
Lisa Reilly FVeterans 2 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Tim Richardson MVeterans 3 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Jess Rothwell FSeniors 3 North Bolton Runners
Samantha Ruscoe FVeterans 2 CLAN Central Lancashire Running & Triathlon Club
Emily Rye FSeniors 2  
Robert SaileFacebook MVeterans 1 St Helens Tri
Craig Samson MVeterans 4 COLT
Sarah Scholes FSeniors 4 Trihard
Jimmy Sharman MVeterans 1 Steel City Striders
Andy Shears MVeterans 3  
Lewis Shepherd MSeniors 4 St Helens Tri
Jen Sheron FVeterans 3  
Colin Shipton MVeterans 4  
James Simpson MSeniors 4  
Joseph Simpson MSeniors 1  
Connor Sinnott MSeniors 2  
Steven Slack MSeniors 3  
Neil Smith MVeterans 5 Craven Energy Triathlon Club
Nick Smith MVeterans 1 SYTri
Fran Steven FVeterans 2 G72 Tri
Graham Suthren MVeterans 6  
Maxine Swan FVeterans 3 Trihard
John Temperley MVeterans 4  
Rhys Thomas MSeniors 2  
Stephen Thomas MVeterans 2  
Charlotte Thompson FSeniors 2  
William ThompsonInstagram MVeterans 1  
Victoria Todd FVeterans 1 HaTric
David Waldron-Kelly MVeterans 5  
James Walsh MSeniors 3  
Vanessa Warbrick FSeniors 3  
Benjamin Ward MSeniors 2  
Christopher Wareing MSeniors 3  
Joyce Watt FVeterans 5 G72 Tri
Matthew Westbrook MSeniors 4  
Charlotte Westbrook-Platts FVeterans 1  
Joshua Weston MYouths Swans Tri Club
Sarah WhymanInstagram FVeterans 1  
Andrew Wiggins MVeterans 2  
Suzanne Wiles FVeterans 3  
Jayne Wilkie FVeterans 3  
Craig WilliamsTwitterStrava MVeterans 1  
Patrick Wilson MVeterans 2  
John Winstanley MSeniors 4  
Andrew Woodward MSeniors 3  
Ian WrightTwitter MVeterans 3 St Helens Tri
Steve Yates MVeterans 2  
If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest