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Southport Triathlon

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Sunday 17th May 2020

Name Class Club
Mark Adams MSeniors 4 Chippenham Triathlon
Richard Ainscough MSeniors 2  
Kirsty Arnold FSeniors 4 Manx Tri
Daniel Ashcroft MSeniors 3  
Luke Ashley MSeniors 3  
Oliver Ashley MSeniors 3 RAF Triathlon Club
Stephen Ashley MVeterans 5  
Harrison Austin MSeniors 2  
Stephen Bailey MVeterans 2  
Mal Balmer MVeterans 4 St Helens Tri
Kristian Barron MVeterans 2  
Owen Barron MVeterans 4 Derby Tri Club
Richard Bashford MVeterans 2  
Mark Bateson MSeniors 4  
Gavin Baxter MVeterans 2 Holmfirth Harriers
Nathan Beckett MSeniors 2  
Quin BeechFacebook MVeterans 4 Rossendale Triathlon Club
Ciaran Bermingham MSeniors 3 #Independiente
Alex Berry MSeniors 2  
David Berry MSeniors 3 Wigan Wheelers Tri Club
Sam Berry MSeniors 3  
Alec Birch MSeniors 4 Stafford Triathlon Club
Jenna Bird FSeniors 3 GMFRS TRI
Richard Bishop MSeniors 4  
Daniel Blackburn MVeterans 1 Leeds Bradford Triathlon
Fiona Blagg FSeniors 3 Manchester Triathlon Club
Phil Boyle MSeniors 4  
Steve Brazil MSeniors 4 Police Sport UK
Denise Brien FVeterans 3 Blackley walk2run
Amy Briggs FSeniors 2 Wigan Harriers Tri
Paul Brittleton MSeniors 4 Lonely Goat RC
Thomas BrownStrava MSeniors 3 ATHelite Triathlon Club
Colin Browne MVeterans 2 Carlisle Tri Club
Paul Chesworth MVeterans 3 Total Tri Training
Richard Church MVeterans 2 Solihull Triathlon Club
Christine Clubbs FVeterans 2 Wetherby Runners AC
Paul Clucas MVeterans 3  
Matthew Collins MVeterans 1 North Endurance
Chris Connor MSeniors 4 The Endurance Store
Lisa Cox FVeterans 3 High Peak Tri
Carly Craig FVeterans 1 Manx Tri
Amanda Craven FVeterans 3 Mersey Tri
Tim Criddle MVeterans 4 Manchester Triathlon Club
Alex Dalton MSeniors 2 Tri Preston
Kirk Dean MVeterans 2  
Joanna Degisi FVeterans 1  
Anne Dehapiot FVeterans 3 Hampstead Triathlon Club
Caroline Dempsey FSeniors 4  
Adam Diver MVeterans 2 Fleetwood Triathlon
Hannah Dodwell FSeniors 2 RAF Triathlon Club
Graeme Dreghorn MSeniors 4 G72 Tri
Andrew DugganStrava MVeterans 2  
Harriett Dukes FSeniors 3 Precision Race Team
Paul Dunn MVeterans 5  
Mark Edmonds MVeterans 3  
Lisa Edwards FVeterans 3 Andover Tri Club
Kevin Embleton MSeniors 3  
Chris Evans MVeterans 1 Manchester Triathlon Club
Helen Evans FVeterans 5 Leeds Bradford Triathlon
Toby Evans MVeterans 3  
Brett Fletcher MVeterans 2 COLT
Julie Fletcher-Fox FVeterans 2 Knutsford Tri Club
Chris Foster MVeterans 1  
Liz Fraser FVeterans 1 Abingdon and Vale Triathlon Club
Stuart Fraser MVeterans 1  
Hannah Funnell FSeniors 3 Total Transition Triathlon Club
Jonjo Gallagher MSeniors 4  
Stephen Gavin MVeterans 1 St Helens Tri
James Gerrie MSeniors 3 Mersey Tri
Lisa Gower FVeterans 3 Tri Logic Cornwall
David Graham MSeniors 4 G72 Tri
Anita Grainger FVeterans 2 Witham Running Club
Liam Graves MSeniors 3 Carlisle Tri Club
Corinne Grimes FSeniors 4 Bollington Triathalon Club
Maxine Grimshaw FVeterans 5 Rossendale Triathlon Club
Tim Groves MVeterans 1 TEA Multisports
Ben Hale MSeniors 4 Carlisle Tri Club
Martin Hall MVeterans 1  
Nick Hall MVeterans 5 St Helens Tri
John Hampson MVeterans 4 Tri Preston
Nick Hannah MVeterans 2 Shibden Cycling Club
Dean Hanwell MSeniors 4 North Endurance
Dan Harbidge MSeniors 2 North Endurance
Paul Harbidge MVeterans 5 North Endurance
Baz HarperInstagram MSeniors 3 Carlisle Tri Club
Ben Harper MVeterans 1 Carlisle Tri Club
Claire Harris FSeniors 3 Grangemouth Triathlon Club
Alexandra Hayden FSeniors 3 G72 Tri
David Haythornthwaite MVeterans 4  
Rik Heap MVeterans 2 Knutsford Tri Club
Thomas Henderson MSeniors 4 G72 Tri
Alan Herlihy MVeterans 4 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Mark Hetherington MVeterans 2 Carlisle Tri Club
Andy Hill MSeniors 3  
Christopher Hodgson MVeterans 2  
Rachel Hollins FVeterans 1 Chester Tri club
Nick HolmanStrava MVeterans 1 Altrincham Triathlon Club
Niall Holt MSeniors 1 TriFusion24
Tony Holt MVeterans 4 UK FIRE SERVICE
John Hook MVeterans 6 #Independiente
Darren HorrocksInstagramStravaPower of 10 MSeniors 4 Wigan Harriers Tri
Katie Horrocks FSeniors 3  
Mark Howarth MVeterans 1  
Daniel Hughes MVeterans 3 HMCC
Geoff Hughes MVeterans 3  
Martyn Hughes MVeterans 2  
Marc Izaguerri Serrano MSeniors 3  
Gareth Johns MSeniors 4  
Glen Johnson MVeterans 4 Wetherby Runners AC
Robert JohnstoneFacebookInstagramStrava MVeterans 3 Carlisle Tri Club
James Jones MSeniors 3 G72 Tri
Simon Jordan MVeterans 1  
Karina Kaufmann FVeterans 1 London Heathside
Kevin Kelly MVeterans 3  
Steve King MVeterans 2 Hereford & Worcs FRS
Stuart KingTwitter MSeniors 3 Lincoln Tri
Jeremy Kirby MVeterans 3  
Paul Lambert MSeniors 4 #Independiente
Frederick Latham MVeterans 5  
Victoria Lawson FSeniors 4 Eden Valley Tri Club
Nicki Leadbetter FVeterans 2  
Wendy Leathem FVeterans 3 Guernsey Triathlon
Sharon Leeming FVeterans 1 NYP Tri
Brian Lees MVeterans 4 Grangemouth Triathlon Club
John Legge MVeterans 4 Triathlon Redditch
Michael Lemmy MVeterans 3 Chester Tri club
Tim Lerwill MVeterans 2 Bath Amphibians Triathlon Club
Sarah Luke FSeniors 3 Ely Tri Club
Laura MacLeod FVeterans 1  
Phil Mayall MVeterans 2 Manchester Triathlon Club
Christopher McCoy MSeniors 3 Mersey Tri
Lisa Mcdermott FVeterans 1 G72 Tri
Scott Mcdermott MVeterans 2 G72 Tri
Alan Mcdonald MSeniors 4 Mersey Tri
Joanne McKendry FVeterans 2 Cadence Tri
Christopher Mercer MSeniors 4 Windrush Tri Club
Craig Mercer MVeterans 5 Bassetlaw Triathlon Club
Nicky Miller MSeniors 4 G72 Tri
David Milligan MVeterans 2 #Independiente
Robert Mitchell MVeterans 4 Mersey Tri
Emma Morris FSeniors 4 G72 Tri
Ryan Morrison MVeterans 1 Cadence Tri
Nick Mortimer MVeterans 2  
Nathan Murphy MSeniors 2  
Paul Murphy MSeniors 3  
Mike Nash MVeterans 1  
John Newman MSeniors 2  
Brian O'neill MVeterans 2 UK FIRE SERVICE
Jack ObrienInstagram MSeniors 2  
Ian Oliver MVeterans 5 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Stephen Ormson MVeterans 2 Tri Preston
James Oswald MVeterans 1 Warrington Triathlon Club
Graham Padden MVeterans 4 Stafford Triathlon Club
David ParkinsonStrava MVeterans 1 ACTri Southport
Brian Payton MVeterans 2 Tri Lakeland
Chris Pearson MSeniors 2  
Craig Peart MVeterans 1 COLT
Daisy Pickles FSeniors 3  
Jason Pollock MVeterans 2 Border Reivers
Annie Porter FSeniors 4 Manchester Triathlon Club
Joanne Prendergast FVeterans 2  
Mark Proctor MVeterans 3  
Chris Quinn MVeterans 5 Keswick Tri
Esther Race FVeterans 4  
Richard Rankin MVeterans 2 Eden Valley Tri Club
Aidan Read MVeterans 2 Croston Velo
James Reader MSeniors 4 Tri Preston
Laura Reid FSeniors 4  
Dave Reilly MVeterans 2 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Paul Roberts MVeterans 5 Wrecsam Tri
Carola Robinson FVeterans 2 Mersey Tri
Ian Rowley MVeterans 1  
Nicki Rushton FVeterans 4 Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club
Matt Rutherford MSeniors 4 Total Transition Triathlon Club
Tony Scott MVeterans 2 G72 Tri
Gillian Sefton FSeniors 3 G72 Tri
Joanne Sefton FSeniors 2 G72 Tri
Amjad Shakeel MVeterans 4  
Craig Shaw MSeniors 4  
Matthew Sheward MSeniors 2 Limitless Triathlon
Laurence Slann MSeniors 3 Chester Tri club
Dale Smith MSeniors 3 Tri Preston
Paul SmithStrava MVeterans 2 COLT
Richard Smith MVeterans 2 GOG Triathlon
Hazel Smyth FVeterans 1  
Shirley Sneddon FVeterans 3 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Emma Snowdon FVeterans 2 Crystal Palace Triathletes
Sarah Sperring FSeniors 3 Chester Tri club
Caroline Stalker FVeterans 1 Army Triathlon Association
Thomas Starkie MSeniors 3  
Chris StegglesStrava MSeniors 3 Chester Tri club
Matthew Stevens MVeterans 2 Ribby Hall Tri Club
Rick Street MVeterans 1  
Jane Suggitt FVeterans 2 Leeds Bradford Triathlon
Christopher Tait MSeniors 2 East London Triathletes
David Teedon MVeterans 4 Kings Heath Running Club
Paul Thelwell MVeterans 6 Total Transition Triathlon Club
Richard Thomas MVeterans 1 TriPreston/IMTC
Dan ThompsonInstagram MVeterans 2 Total Transition Triathlon Club
Danny Thompson MVeterans 1 Leeds Bradford Triathlon
Adrian Tonge MVeterans 4 Manchester Triathlon Club
Suzanne ToppinStrava FVeterans 3 Team Mountain Fuel / Eden Valley Tri
Simon Troop MVeterans 5 Team Tri Guru
Alan Turton MVeterans 3 Solihull Triathlon Club
John Urquhart MVeterans 1  
Karen Vale FVeterans 3 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Robert Van MSeniors 3  
Steven VaughanTwitterInstagramStrava MVeterans 3 Kendal Tri Club
Tim Vinall MVeterans 5 Knutsford Tri Club
Daniel Waller MSeniors 3 Mersey Tri
Richard Walters MVeterans 3 Brecon Triathlon Club
Natalie Warren FVeterans 2  
Mark Webb MVeterans 2  
Lukasz Weckwerth MSeniors 4  
Nathan Wharton MVeterans 1 Stafford Triathlon Club
Adele Wheale FVeterans 1  
Charlotte WhiteInstagramStrava FSeniors 2 SYTri
Jacqueline White FVeterans 1  
Huw Williams MSeniors 4 Chester Tri club
Jill Williams FVeterans 2  
Ian Wilson MVeterans 1 Rochdale Triathlon Club
Jonathan Wolfendale MVeterans 1  
Martin Wood MSeniors 4 Huddersfield Star Wheelers
Steven Wood MVeterans 2 GMFRS TRI
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