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The 10 in 10 and Family 5 in 5 Challenge

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Saturday 19th June 2021

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10 in 10
Name Class Team Name
Josselyn Bachmann Monteleone FV40 The Expats !
Clive Beauvais MV70 9.30 starter
Graeme Blackledge MV40 Wolfpack of Quality street
Nicholas Bramwell MV50  
Paul Clegg MV50  
Simon Collyer MV40 North-South Divide
Jamie CooperDonate via JustGiving M Jokers
Trish Dunlop FV50 The Squad
Simon Fawcett MV40 Jokers
Jo Fletcher-Lee FV50  
Sarah FureyInstagram F  
Manal Ghafery FV40 The Expats !
Ian Gibb MV50 Wolfpack of Quality street
Helene Gicquel FV40  
John Gould MV60  
Barry Graham MV40 Projex Plodders
Jennifer GrangeDonate via JustGiving FV40 #Fatastic4
John GreenTwitter MV50  
Louis Green M  
Robert GriffithsFacebookTwitterInstagram M Over the hills & stomping on MS
Joanna Hawkins-Spencer F Projex Plodders
Lesley Helliwell FV50 Blind Peakers
Martin HodgsonDonate via JustGiving MV60 Martin and Tom
Thomas Hodgson M Martin and Tom
Helen Hope FV40 The Squad
Austin HowardFacebookDonate via JustGiving MV70 Kate's Cronies
Helen HowardDonate via JustGiving FV70 Kate's Cronies
Liz Hunter FV50  
Paul Johnston MV50 Kate's Cronies
Gary Kent MV50  
Trevor Keough MV60 IV. Team.
Alan King MV60 The Kings of Carlton
Sue King FV50 The Kings of Carlton
Simon Kirk MV50 Laurel and Hardy
Lily Kitchen F  
Celia Kitzinger FV60 Portinscale Duo
Ian Knights MV40 MS Warriors
Paul Marley MV50 The Expats !
Kate MarshallLinkedIn F HillsforHarpers
Ray Mcallister MV50  
Danny McdonaghDonate via JustGiving M Jokers
Mike MoffatFacebookInstagramDonate via JustGiving MV50 Fat dude from Cockermouth
Steve MorrisDonate via JustGiving MV50 Team Boofie
Andy Moscrop MV50 Team Sammy
Andy Mulholland MV40 Kate's Cronies
Ruth MulhollandDonate via JustGiving FV50 Kate's Cronies
Marc Nixon M HillsforHarpers
Ruth Noonan FV50 The Squad
Terresa Ocello FV50 The Expats !
Chyna Ojukwu-Knights FV40 MS Warriors
Randy OrrisonFacebookTwitterDonate via JustGiving MV50 Laurel and Hardy
Jason Pedley MV50 Blind Peakers
Joanne PophamFacebookInstagramDonate via JustGiving F Claire & Jo
Lisa PriceDonate via JustGiving FV40 #Fatastic4
Anne Reinstein FV40 The Expats !
Eve Richards FV40 The Squad
Susannah Robinson FV40 Myles and Smiles
Carolyn Rolleston FV60  
Matt Rose MV40  
David Sage MV40 Jokers
Gemma Shepherdson F Wolfpack of Quality street
Nathan Shurak MV40 The Expats !
Ange Sims FV40 The Squad
Leanne Smart FV40 The Walkie Talkies
Claire SmithDonate via JustGiving F Claire & Jo
Nigel Standing MV50  
Helen Stockdale FV40  
Claire Thomas FV40 #Fatastic4
Graham Townend M Jokers
Carl WaiteDonate via JustGiving MV50 North-South Divide
Anthony WalesDonate via JustGiving MV40 Wolfpack of Quality street
Neil Wearden MV40 Team Sammy
Matthew Whattam MV40  
Matthew Whelan MV40 Jokers
Sue Wilkinson FV60 Portinscale Duo
Fiona Williams FV50 The Squad
Karen Williamson FV50 Willibobsons
Peter WilliamsonDonate via JustGiving MV50 Willibobsons
Lisa Willis FV40  
Angela Wray F  
Jonathan Wright MV50  

81 Entries

If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest