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JK2012 - Individual (3 days) - Day 1 (Sprint Race)

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Name Club IOF Country Day 1 Start Time Sprint Bib
Judith Bell ESOC GBR (Great Britain) 12:06 1051
Margunn Asheim Birkeland Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:18 2846
Jorunn Blindheim Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:27 1966
Aud Ellen Brevik IF Sturla NOR (Norway) 12:16 2374
Moira Chapman SYO GBR (Great Britain) 14:17 1699
Kate Charles WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:40 1110
Natasha Conway AIRE GBR (Great Britain) 14:52 1455
Karen Crawford BOK GBR (Great Britain) 15:12 1350
Amanda Crawshaw EPOC GBR (Great Britain) 12:14 2941
Liz Cross OD GBR (Great Britain) 15:56 2660
Amy Curtis BOK GBR (Great Britain) 13:31 2050
Claire Duncan KFO GBR (Great Britain) 12:37 1055
Sarah Dunn MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 13:47 2468
Sarah Francis SN GBR (Great Britain) 12:31 1319
Ruth Harris DEE GBR (Great Britain) 15:53 2760
Emma Harrison EPOC GBR (Great Britain) 15:10 1533
Heather Hartman INT GBR (Great Britain) Punching 2620
Isa Heggedal Konnerud IL NOR (Norway) 15:36 2936
Debra Hoyle PFO GBR (Great Britain) 13:39 2813
Julia Jarvis SO GBR (Great Britain) 15:03 1543
Julie Keast SO GBR (Great Britain) 13:08 1408
Rachel Kirkland INT GBR (Great Britain) Punching 1609
Jen Leonard FVO GBR (Great Britain) 12:55 1305
Rona Molloy FVO GBR (Great Britain) 13:03 1713
Trine Olaussen Fredrikstad Ski Club NOR (Norway) 12:53 2423
Beccy Osborn FVO GBR (Great Britain) 15:58 1568
Barbara Page HH GBR (Great Britain) 15:01 1223
Valerie Paterson CLYDE GBR (Great Britain) Punching 1024
Jenny Peel SYO GBR (Great Britain) 12:45 1612
Peggy Purves FVO GBR (Great Britain) 14:29 1385
Hanne Lerche Raadal Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:24 2831
Mary Ross INT GBR (Great Britain) Punching 2201
Josie Stansfield FVO GBR (Great Britain) 12:41 2604
Lynne Thomas WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 12:49 1147
Louise Tonge BOK GBR (Great Britain) 15:46 2330
Ingeborg Torgersen Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:33 2847
Lesley Ward SYO GBR (Great Britain) 15:25 1326
Eva Wheeler RAFO GBR (Great Britain) 14:14 3150
38 Entries 

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