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JK2012 - Individual (3 days) - Day 1 (Sprint Race)

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Name Club IOF Country Day 1 Start Time Sprint Bib
Sara Bakke Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:26 1967
Natalie Beadle LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:04 1894
Kirsten Bell LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:42 2296
Nina Asheim Birkeland Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:32 2838
Astrid Næss Bjørgul Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:16 2839
Kristin Blindheim Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:20 1964
Lowri Butterworth SBOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:12 2953
Megan Carter-Davies MWOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:07 1933
Hannah Cleary-Hughes LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:20 1432
Julie Emmerson OD GBR (Great Britain) 13:06 1285
Rachel Emmerson OD GBR (Great Britain) 13:19 1286
Megan Getliff MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 15:03 2115
Gina Granstedt Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:26 2836
Katherine Hall SYO GBR (Great Britain) 14:28 2037
Beth Hanson HH GBR (Great Britain) 13:48 1377
Katrina Hemingway WCOC GBR (Great Britain) 15:08 2739
Carolyn Hindle MDOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:24 2285
Hannah Horsewill NOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:40 1644
Lois Jefferson LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:56 2297
Ciana Jones Fingal IRL (Ireland) 15:42 2193
Sarah Jones BARRO GBR (Great Britain) 15:34 1143
Briony Kincaid ECKO GBR (Great Britain) 15:56 1961
Roisin Long AJAX IRL (Ireland) 15:32 1516
Evelyn Mason MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 13:10 1538
Bronwyn Matthews MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 14:50 1686
Aoife McCavana GEN IRL (Ireland) 15:14 1672
Ella Milne BOK GBR (Great Britain) 12:32 2871
Caoimhe O' Boyle CNOC IRL (Ireland) 15:22 1829
Helen Ockenden SROC GBR (Great Britain) 12:50 2001
Marie Olaussen Fredrikstad Ski Club NOR (Norway) 12:38 2424
Maria Pereverzina HH GBR (Great Britain) 15:11 2015
Jennifer Ricketts MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 13:38 1559
Alice Rigby CLOK GBR (Great Britain) 15:38 2070
Catriona Robertson CLYDE GBR (Great Britain) Punching 1746
Olivia Scott OD GBR (Great Britain) 14:10 2632
Jill Stephens LVO GBR (Great Britain) 13:02 2543
Ellie Stone DEVON GBR (Great Britain) 14:32 3061
Ingvild Torgersen Halden SK NOR (Norway) 13:22 2834
Hanna Torjusen Fredrikstad Ski Club NOR (Norway) 12:44 2428
Fay Walsh MWOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:58 1822
Zoe Walsh MWOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:46 1824
Ingvild Wang Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:14 1969
Lisa White SARUM GBR (Great Britain) 12:54 2473
Lucy Wilson PFO GBR (Great Britain) 13:34 2819
Helen Wood AIRE GBR (Great Britain) 14:46 1707
Eloise Wright CLOK GBR (Great Britain) 15:30 2402
Katie Wright LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:36 2295
Becky Young HH GBR (Great Britain) 15:47 2671
48 Entries 

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