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JK2012 - Individual (3 days) - Day 1 (Sprint Race)

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Name Club IOF Country Day 1 Start Time Sprint Bib
Rob Atkins HOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:56 3125
Neville Baker TVOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:41 1329
Christopher Beasant UBOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:28 2613
Lee Beavers AIRE GBR (Great Britain) 14:08 1667
Sam Bourne POTOC GBR (Great Britain) 15:13 2987
Malachy Buck LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:35 2305
Tom Cochrane SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 14:54 3141
Jeff Colbert SYO GBR (Great Britain) 13:06 2570
Ivo Danailov Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:10 3121
Clément Demeuse Co Liège BEL (Belgium) 15:08 3145
Daniel Dunn MAROC GBR (Great Britain) 14:42 1917
Robert Edge UDOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:22 1831
Ian Elder SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 15:16 2607
Jonathan Ellis ESOC GBR (Great Britain) 12:04 3063
Tom Entwistle DEE GBR (Great Britain) 14:06 3027
Oliver Farren UDOC GBR (Great Britain) 12:44 2997
Tim Faulkner DEE GBR (Great Britain) 14:11 3015
Steve Feltbower FVO GBR (Great Britain) 13:10 2464
Josh Gilmore LVO GBR (Great Britain) 14:47 3097
Daniel Halliday OD GBR (Great Britain) 15:17 3146
Marnoch Hamilton-Jones GRAMP GBR (Great Britain) 15:39 2456
Chris Hill HOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:22 1464
Sam Jefferson LOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:39 2306
Matthew Jones SBOC GBR (Great Britain) 13:01 3040
Davy Ker AIRE GBR (Great Britain) 15:26 1203
Daniel Kimberley DVO GBR (Great Britain) 14:45 1808
Roderick Kong Lik Chiong EUOC MAS (Malaysia) 14:14 3048
Max Ledlie INT GBR (Great Britain) Punching 2093
Stian Lillegard Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:21 1975
Ling Sang Angus Liu SLOW GBR (Great Britain) 14:03 1439
Steven McHarg INT GBR (Great Britain) Punching 2621
Neil McMillan ELO GBR (Great Britain) 13:32 2240
Tyler Morrison ESOC GBR (Great Britain) 15:47 3136
Danny O'Hare Corko IRL (Ireland) 13:58 2591
Adam Poole UDOC GBR (Great Britain) 14:26 1830
David Smyth NATO GBR (Great Britain) 15:21 1694
Robert Stribeck Atlas Copco IF SWE (Sweden) 12:48 2561
Peter Sunley COBOC GBR (Great Britain) 12:42 2676
John Svanberg EBOR GBR (Great Britain) 15:49 3137
Thorstein Wang Lillomarka NOR (Norway) 12:35 3122
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