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Eyam Half Marathon

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Sunday 17th May 2020

Name Class Club Local
Rob Adams MV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Laura Aiston F (no club)  
John ArmitageTwitter MV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Nicola Armstrong F (no club)  
Chris Bagley MV60 FatBoys  
Adrian Baker MV50 Dark Peak Fell Runners  
James Beadle MV40 Reepham Runners  
Emma Beal F Steel City Striders RC  
Sam Bellamy MV50 Porter Valley Plodders  
Dave Blakemore M (no club)  
Jeremy Brayshaw MV70 Totley AC  
Ben Brindley M Tideswell Running Club  
Matt Broadhead MV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Caroline Brock F Steel City Striders RC  
James BroomheadStrava MV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Leona Broughton FV40 Reepham Runners  
Helen Cain FV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Chris Casson MV50   Y
Carie Clark FV40 Wirksworth Running Club  
Diane Clewes FV50 Totley AC  
Maddy CollingeFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava FV70 Mansfield Harriers  
Ross Connett M (no club)  
Cheryl Coram FV40 (no club)  
Shaun Coram MV50 Buxton AC  
Branden Davison MV50 Fat Boys RC  
Tony Dent MV60 Tideswell Running Club  
Clive Downing MV50 Steel City Striders RC  
Kevin Dudley MV40 Dark Peak Fell Runners  
Kirsty Duncan FV40    
Dave Edmunds MV50 fat boys  
Harriet Eisner FV50 Totley AC  
Noa Estevez Diaz FV40 Disley Runners  
Adam Fenn M Stamford Striders  
Carolyn Gipson F (no club)  
Pat Goodall FV60 Totley AC  
Louise GoodhillTwitter FV40 Totley AC  
Ruth Gowers FV40 Buxton AC  
Mandy Halsey FV50 Tideswell Running Club  
Stuart Harrod MV50 Sheffield Triathlon Club  
Andy HartleyFacebookTwitterStrava MV60 Fat Boys RC  
Sue Hawkins FV50 Tideswell Running Club  
Robert Haworth MV60 Unattached  
Anne Hegarty FV50 Totley AC  
Carl Hickman MV50 Wakefield Triathlon Club  
Tessa Hickman FV40 Wakefield Triathlon Club  
Susan Hinde FV50 Saddleworth Runners Club  
Colette Holden FV40 Tideswell Running Club  
Tim Holling MV40    
Iain Hooley MV40 Fylde Coast Runners  
Phil Howson MV50 Steel City Striders RC  
Fee Hulley FV40 Smiley Paces  
Philippa Hunstone FV40 Tideswell Running Club  
Hannah Jenneson FV40 Sheffield Hash House Harriers  
Lee KentonFacebookStrava M Steel City Striders RC  
David Knight M Sheffield Hash House Harriers  
Andrew Lambert MV40    
Sarah Lambert F    
Janet Lawn FV50 Smalley Road Runners  
Michaela Lewis FV40 North Derbyshire RC  
Deborah LodgeTwitter FV50 Totley AC  
Ivan Lourie M    
Morven Lowe FV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Claire Maplestone MV40    
Heather Marsden FV50 Tideswell Running Club  
Pierre McCarthy M Steel City Striders RC  
John McMullan MV50 fat boys  
Julie Meredith FV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Stephen Metz MV50 Porter Valley Plodders  
Millie Mockford F    
Chris MoodyFacebookTwitterInstagram MV50 (no club)  
Mary Mooney FV50 Tideswell Running Club  
Anna Mulligan-Freeman FV40 Long Eaton Running Club  
Peter Myers MV50 (no club)  
Binks Neate-Evans FV50 Reepham Runners  
Leigh Nobes MV40 Reepham Runners  
Mike NolanFacebookStrava MV50 Dark Peak Fell Runners  
Sarah Owens FV50 Tideswell Running Club  
James Pace MV40 Tideswell Running Club  
Alan Patterson MV50    
Greg Pearson MV40 Reepham Runners  
Sarah Percival FV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Naomi Rabin F Steel City Striders RC  
Michael Richardson MV50 Handsworth Roadhogs  
Clare Robinson FV40 (no club)  
Stuart Rook MV40 Tideswell Running Club  
Katherine Sambrooks F Steel City Striders RC  
Keith Sambrooks M Totley AC  
Becci Sampson F (no club)  
John Scholey MV50 Totley AC  
Kate Scott FV50 Steel City Striders RC  
Eleanor Smith F (no club)  
Lily Smith F    
Luke Smith M Steel City Striders RC  
Sallyann Smith FV60 Sheffield Triathlon Club  
Emma Staniland FV40 Baslow Nights  
Jason Steele M    
Matt Surgeon MV60 Steel City Striders RC  
Brian Taylor MV60    
Helen Taylor F    
Jacqueline Taylor F    
Andy Telford MV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Steve Terry MV60 Totley AC  
Damian Thacker MV40 FatBoys  
Mari Thorman FV40    
Roger Topham MV50 Tideswell Running Club  
Liam Turner M Steel City Striders RC  
Yvonne TwelvetreeFacebookStravaPower of 10 FV60 Totley AC  
Tracy Walker FV50 (no club) Y
Richard Ward M Sheffield RC  
Andrew Watkins MV50 Tideswell Running Club  
Shaun Webb MV40 Reepham Runners  
Karen WeirFacebookTwitter FV40 Ranelagh Harriers  
Peter Weir MV50 Ranelagh Harriers  
Maria White FV40 Long Eaton Running Club  
Mark Whitfield MV40 Altrincham & District Athletic Club Limited  
Liam Williams MV40    
Jennifer Williamson FV40    
Dean Young MV40 Steel City Striders RC  
Helen Young FV40 Totley AC  

119 Entries

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