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Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon 2020

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Saturday 4th July 2020

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Entry List
Team Name Team Members Class Distance
50 shades of tay 2 Ken Mackenzie, Peter Johnston M Gold
Aberlady Ben Walker, Clare Downes MIX Silver
All about the Meall Rory Gibson, Rhu Wishart M Gold
Any Given TubTay Sunday Paul TaylorDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Andy Cook M Gold
Assenheims FC Harry Smith, Ed Jeffery M Gold
Back at the Brink Andy Nelson, Nick Hill M Gold
Berliners 1 John Houston, Jim Towie M Gold
Better at running up a tab Sophie Duckworth, Rebecca Wallace F Gold
Burning Our Soles Archie Smyth-Osbourne, Ned Goedhuis M Gold
Cairbry Jaimie Cairbry Hill, Jaimie Brooks M Gold
Chafing the dream Harry Kershaw, Rhys Williams M Gold
Chippy chasers Joanne BlackDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Susan Harper F Gold
Cocorico 2 Louise Wright, Judy Anderson F Gold
Cocrico’s Tom Gossage, Percy Bodington M Gold
Corre corre que te pillo Diego PreciadoInstagramStrava, Lucía Acal MIX Gold
Craig Lodge Bros George MoreheadDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Michael Harding M Gold
Eaton Mess Jane Eaton, Jon Cowell MIX Gold
Eddie Valérie Lambrechts, Al Bell F Gold
Fifty Shades of Tay Jonny KinrossTwitterInstagram, Jack Kinross M Gold
Friends Reunited Romy BeardDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Iona Robertson F Gold
Gal pals 2.0 Katie Norman, Lauren Stevenson F Gold
Get Tay Hamish Dalgarno, Tom Gray M Gold
Going for Bronze Marisa CharoskyDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Alewyn RensFacebookTwitterInstagramStravaDonate via Virgin Money Giving MIX Bronze
Grizzly Starrs Robin Brown, Matthew Starrs M Gold
Groundhog Tay Jack Masters, Loren Kock M Gold
Heading Eastward Fraser Easton, Rob Hayward M Gold
Hypnotised Nicolas Indekeu, Adrien Corthouts M Silver
If found please return to England Scott Henley, Craig Fraser M Gold
JESS-K Sarah-Kate McIntyre, Jessica Brooke F Silver
Jolly Wine Rachel Stanley-Evans, Charlie Stanley-Evans MIX Gold
Jumeirah Janes Angus Rule, Chris Lowe M Gold
Kilted Frogs Matthew Greer Clayton, Stephen Kazerani M Gold
Ladablancs Sarah Pendergast, Brian Pendergast MIX Silver
LakeFil James Filsell, Will Lake M Gold
Loch Stock and Two Soaking Mamils Richard Willing, Alistair Grant M Gold
Los Kudos Ross Davies, Robbie Swift M Gold
McMaVi Emmanuel Van Canneyt, Vincent Lefevre M Gold
McPOllies Paul MertensDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Olivier SteenhautDonate via Virgin Money Giving M Gold
MHM Jack Dingwall, Frederick Fuller M Gold
Mountain Muppets Henry Fyson, Andrew Galbraith M Gold
Munrochit Graham Wilson, Nicholas Hurn M Gold
Not fast, but kinda furious Garry ForfarDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Brad HolleronInstagram M Gold
Oh my Quad! Sheena Kelman, Anna Jackson F Gold
Quad of War Matthew KingDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Judith Telford MIX Gold
RetailRoadDogs Wayne Brown, Adam Tomlinson M Gold
Rolling Stones Idsard van den BergFacebookStravaLinkedInDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Roel SpitsFacebookStravaDonate via Virgin Money Giving M Gold
Rolling Stones II Ruud SjollemaDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Anthony Roumen M Gold
Running’s Easy, Swimming’s ‘Ard’ Andy Robertson, Tracey Cashman MIX Gold
Seventh Heaven Jamie Lindsay, Nicole Pretorius MIX Gold
Sisters with blisters Cari Wilson, Kim Wilson F Gold
Slower But More Furious Isabella Crowther, Mairi Forfar F Gold
Splash Bros Joe Canlan-ShawInstagram, Michael Jamieson M Gold
Started from the bottom now we're here Alasdair MaclaurinInstagram, Stephanie Livingston MIX Gold
Steel Ridge Phil SteelDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Ian Aldridge M Gold
Sturgey Tom Sturgeon, Jessica SturgeonDonate via Virgin Money Giving MIX Silver
Tamar Performance Centre Matt Luxton, Derek Pitcher M Gold
Team Cromwell Lloyd Cromwell Griffiths, Flo Cromwell Griffiths MIX Bronze
Team Dream Jeff Manson, Sean Paterson M Gold
Team Ellen Thomas Meyer, Chandra Ganguly MIX Gold
Team V Richard VardyInstagram, Leszek Stelmachowski M Silver
Technically Challenged Stuart Glasgow, Richard Byford M Gold
The AA-Team Alexander Ratcliffe, Alasdair Johnson M Gold
The Flying Quadsman William GieslerDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Tom Hicks M Gold
The Foreign Office Ed SaxbyDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Giles Kernick M Gold
The Seaotters Sem BergkampDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Boris Polderman M Gold
The Walking and Trotting Society 1 Daniel LukeDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Tom Hastings M Gold
The Walking and Trotting Society 2 James Knight, Gareth Richards M Gold
This is Gonna Hurt Francis Ellington, Martin Love M Gold
Those thighs are 50! Adam Fletcher, James Fenner MIX Gold
Together Again Andrew RogersonDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Nicky Macleod M Gold
Two Blondes One Kayak Sophie McMenemy, Daria BinertDonate via Virgin Money Giving F Gold
Unhealthy eating specialists James Watson, Robert Borrill M Gold
UNOBS Smash n Grab Tom Crossley, Matt Hebden M Gold
What were we thinking? Euan CarmichaelFacebook, Paul Rudman M Gold
Wilson Sisters Henrietta Wilson, Isobek Wilson F Bronze
Wobbly Old Women Clem Davies, Jules Lowe F Gold
Yorkistan Nigel DixonFacebookInstagramDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Lyailya Madiyarova MIX Gold
Young, Dumb and Running 4 Fun Catriona LaingDonate via Virgin Money Giving, Amber Hilmi F Gold
If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest