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Spring in Lakeland 50

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Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th April 2020

18 miles (loop 1) - Adult
Name Class LDWA Local Group
David Adams M  
Pam Adams F  
Angela C Bamford F  
Laura Bennett F  
Andrew Beswick M Lakeland
Tony Blatchford M Lakeland
Albert Bowes M Cleveland
Eva Bowes F Cleveland
Louise Bowness F Cumbria
Helen BradleyTwitter F  
Joshua Braznell M  
Kathryn Brinkley F  
Anne Budenberg F West Yorkshire
Ian Budenberg M West Yorkshire
Tony BurtonFacebook M  
Chris Clay M  
Penny Clay F  
Helen Cleasby F  
Joanne Day F  
Helen Deason F  
Alison Dixon F  
Samuel Dredge M  
Paul Dye M  
Jason Fabien M London
Kathryn Finn F  
Lyndsey Foster F Northumbria
Stephen Foster M Northumbria
Linda Gant F  
Karen Gates F  
Jennifer Goddard F Lakeland
Jessica Goodfellow F  
David Green M Cumbria
Sandy Grimes F  
Abbi Harris F  
Clare Hill F  
Robin HillTwitter M  
Jack Hoddle M  
Susan Hodgson F  
Emily Johnson F  
Merrian Lancaster F Beds, Bucks & Northants
Shiela Larking F  
Karen Lawrence Hill F  
Alan LuckerFacebookTwitterStrava M  
Heather Milligan F Lakeland
Simon Milligan M Lakeland
Lesley Morris F  
Neil MorrisTwitter M  
Nick Munford M  
Kari Myerscough F Lakeland
Craig Noble M  
Doreen Noel F  
Julie Pearcy F  
Michael Pearcy M  
Patricia Read F  
Sean Read M  
Jane Reason F Norfolk & Suffolk
Wanda Rossiter F  
Peta RowandTwitter F  
Heather Smith F  
Michael Smith M  
Eva Taylor F  
Tracey Thornley F  
David Tucker M South Manchester
Howard Wadsworth M  
Tracy Wadsworth F  
David Wakeford M  
David Walker M  
Phil Walker M  
Susan Williamson F  
Cath Woods F  
Stuart Woods M  

71 Entries

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