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The Cyril Bean 23rd “A Coventry Way Challenge”

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Sunday 5th April 2020

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Solo   Relay
Name Club/Group
Cameron Adams Clapham Pioneers
Rachel Aldred Greatest Hiits
John Allen Northbrook ac
Tracy Avill LDWA
Colin Bailey Kenilworth Runner
Gina Bailey Stilton Striders
Richard Baker LDWA
Georgina Barber Unattached
Davina Barnes John Green’s 90th Birthday Crew
Richard BarnesFacebookTwitter WarkSAR
Ian Baynes Kenilworth Runners
Richard Beattie Kenilworth Runners
Ian Bishop Vegan Runners UK
Stephen Blizard  
Sarah BookerTwitterPower of 10 Northbrook ac
Simon Booker  
Tony Bowe Northbrook ac
Russell Boyatt  
Lisa BraggFacebook Northbrook ac
Jim Braithwaite Kenilworth Runners
Elisse Breugelmans Kenilworth Runner
Rachel Brock Massey Ferguson RC
Jo Brown Northbrook ac
Steve Brown WarkSAR
Martyn Brunt Coventry Godiva
Jenny Buck  
Martin Buck  
Martin Canning LDWA
Jenny Carrington Greatest Hiits
Nikki Carter Massey Ferguson RC
Sarah Carter Coventry Triathletes
Stephen Chalkley Kenilworth Runner
Greg Charles  
Darren CheckleyFacebookTwitterInstagram Team Achieve
Jude Clarke  
Rich Clarke  
Richard Clarke Kenilworth Runner
Andy Clay  
Matt Clayton  
Sharon Clayton  
Steve Colbourne Sphinx AC
Hayley ColesFacebookInstagram  
Steve Cooke  
Becki Coombe Unattached
Robert Court LDWA
Yvonne Court LDWA
Lesley Culpan  
Rachael Daniels  
Katy Davies Northbrook ac
Anna Dawe Badgers
Kate Dawe Unattached
Robert Dawe Badgers
Sam Dawe Unattached
Damien Dear Northbrook ac
Elizabeth Dobson Massey Ferguson RC
Anne Donegan  
Tracey Donoghue  
Jason Douglas Massey Ferguson RC
Phyll Douglas Massey Ferguson RC
Tony Duckett Octavian Droobers
Anthony Dunn  
David EarpFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava Badgers
Peter Eccleston Coventry Godiva
Malcolm Emmerson  
Neil Emmison  
Shelly Estabrooks  
Adrian Evans  
Sabrina Evans Unattached
Steve Evans Unattached
Dave Fawkner Massey Ferguson RC
Cath FennTwitter Northbrook ac
Milly Flanagan  
Nick Flanagan  
Eddie Fletcher Lutterworth Hash
Tanya Folliot Kenilworth Runners
Christopher Foxall Massey Ferguson RC
Andrea Freeman  
Steven Geary  
Lauren Gibbons Unattached
Polly Gilkes LDWA
Raymond Gillett  
Lottie Graham Northbrook ac
David Grant Badgers running club
Evan Grant Cameron Grant Memorial Trust
James Grant Unattached
Brian Grealy  
Andrew Green LDWA
Steve Green John Green’s 90th Birthday Crew
Pamela Grimwade Kenilworth Runners
Paul GrosvenorFacebook WarkSAR
Steve Handy Northbrook ac
Michael Hardy Tri Coaching Finland
Jacqueline Harley  
Andrew Harwood LDWA
Carl Hawkins Rugby tri
Tiffnie Hawkins  
Gemma Hawthorne  
Neil Hawthorne  
Phillip Hayes. Massey Ferguson RC
Ashley Hayward  
Lee Heath  
Tony HemsleyTwitter  
Richard Hicks Unattached
Sally Hicks Kenilworth Runners
Emily Hoffmann Massey Ferguson RC
Dawn Holliday  
Stephen Howes  
Anne Hughes  
Anthony Hughes  
Tim Hughes Northbrook ac
Steve Humphreys LDWA
Vanessa Humphreys Unattached
Shenade Humphries  
Wendy Hunter  
Craig Irwin  
Stephen Ismay  
Ken Jones  
Mary Jones  
Paul Jones  
Sebastian Jones-Brain Northbrook ac
Barrie Kelly  
Peter Kelsey John Green’s 90th Birthday Crew
Joanne Knight  
Tara Lambert Stratford ac
John Lander  
Marcus Lander  
David Leadley Kenilworth Runners
Amy Leonard  
Simon Levermore  
Elliott Line Unattached
Peter Little LDWA
Robert Locock LDWA
Jim MacDonald  
Ruth Mahon Massey Ferguson RC
Ian MalinsFacebookTwitter WarkSAR
Jo Martin Unattached
Emma Masser Badgers running club
Kim Mattock Barylo  
Glen McCann  
Philip McCarron Massey Ferguson RC
Kathleen McColm  
Sonja McCoy WarkSAR
Dave Mellor Unattached
Paul Middleton WarkSAR
Andy Miller  
Brian Miller Leamington CAC
Tracy Miller  
Hardeep Minhas Leicester Walking Club
Ian MintyFacebook  
Julia Minty Massey Ferguson RC
Stephen Morris  
Aimee Morse  
Laura Mould LDWA
Terry Muckell LDWA
Elizabeth MullengerStrava Greatest Hiits
Ian OdonnellFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava Massey Ferguson RC
Jennie Oneill  
Robert Orton WarkSAR
Laurence Owen Unattached
Michelle Oxtoby Kenilworth Runners
James Padvis Massey Ferguson RC
Mark Parker Northbrook ac
Craig Parkes Unattached
Caroline Parkinson Northbrook ac
Brett Parton  
Jason Parton  
Ivan Pawluk  
Michael Pearson  
Dave Pellow  
Richard Perry Octavian Droobers
Ruth Phillips  
Sara Phipps LDWA
Sara Pick  
Glenys Plant Unattached
Tony PleasanceStrava  
Jennifer Pointon  
Adrian Powell Northbrook ac
David Powell LDWA
Clive ReadTwitter  
Jain Reid BAAC
Mike Reid  
Kari Rice  
David Ronan-Hill  
Penny Rusbridge Kenilworth Runners
Meghan Ryan WarkSAR
Philip Sellars Massey Ferguson RC
Alysha Sharma Greatest HITTs
Catherine Shepherd Northbrook ac
John Sherry Kenilworth Runners
Richard Simpson  
Craig Slyde Northbrook ac
Adrian Smith WarkSAR
Allison Smith Northbrook ac
Ben Smith Northbrook ac
Dean Smith  
Emma Smith  
George Smolinski Leicester Walking Club
Andy Snow Kenilworth Runners
Christopher Spencer Kenilworth Runner
Emma Spencer Kenilworth Runner
Joanne Stacey Massey Ferguson RC
Peter Stafford  
Shannon Stannett WarkSAR
Nigel Statham WarkSAR
Graham Stephens Unattached
Philip Stevens LDWA
Gyles SurmanStrava Bad Boy Running Club
Barry Swain  
Charlie Swift Asgardians of the galaxy
Mark Swift  
Trevor Symonds  
Helen Taylor John Green’s 90th Birthday Crew
Jacqueline Taylor John Green’s 90th Birthday Crew
Nicholas Thorpe  
Mark Timms  
Chris Tock Kenilworth Runners
Martin Townend  
Eleanor Townsend Northbrook ac
Philip TownsendStrava Massey Ferguson RC
Mark Ursell Massey Ferguson RC
Emma VardyInstagramStrava Badgers
Jonathan Vardy  
Jenny Vaughan Kenilworth Runners
Jack Veasey  
Kevin Veasey  
Colin Vesty Leicester Walking Club
Kim Wakefield Unattached
Rene WheelerTwitterInstagram  
Richard Whitaker  
Andrew White  
Marian White LDWA
Jeanette Whitham  
Phil Whitham  
Tim Wilkes Unattached
Andy Wilkinson Sphinx AC
Ian Wilkinson Coventry Godiva
David Willacy  
Gary Wills  
Laura Wills Greatest Hiits
Jacky Wood  
Martin Yardley  

241 Entries

If you want to let your fellow competitors know a little bit more about who you are and what you do you can enter details of any social media accounts you have via the Update My Details page. We'll then put a link to your accounts on this Entry List and also on any results produced by SPORTident. FacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10FlickrLinkedInPinterest