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Strathpuffer 24 MTB

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Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th January 2020

Team/Club Name Riders Class
#winging it again Duncan Shearer, Andrew Pitchforth M
100 Arty Chips Donald Mackenzie, Alistair Reid-Thomas M
4 The Banter AGAIN Gary Wood, John Carswell M
A Nice Juicy Pair David Stones, Lindsay Wood M
AC BQ Dave Park, Mark Douglas M
AC WC Drew Cassels, Rod Harrison M
AC WI Dave Graham, Andy Martin M
Achilty Nessie Monsters Ewan Murray, Sam Johnston M
All to scale Robert Henthorn, Darren Aiken M
Ants In Your Pants Andrew Hulse, Nigel Shaddick M
Are we there yet? Mark Taylor, Alaster Reid M
Arthurletes Dermid Arthur, Coralie Arthur MIX
B.A.S.E. (Beans And Sausage Expedition) Doug Smart, Peter HalleyInstagramStrava M
bennachie bike bothy Erin WoodInstagramStrava, Anne Murray F
Big Boiler Men Alistair Hanna, Patrick Hanna M
Big Shoe Findley Forrest, Jamie Maclean M
Bike Craft Cartel Andy ThomsonFacebookStrava, Harry BarnardFacebook M
BishBashBosh Mike Harris, Charlie Davies M
BlaneRiders Jennifer Edwards, Sinead Selmes F
Bloomin 'eck its cold/wet/snowing/sunny/... Christian Wood, James Weir M
Bridge of don Bikers David Gordon, Liam Robertson M
broken biscuits Denis O Hara, Mark O Hara M
Camel Bones Garry Raisbeck, Christopher Anderson M
Chimp chacers Sean Murphy, Matthew Reid M
Curtins Andy Roberts, Simon Smith M
Dirt monkeys Martin Miller, Ross Clougherty M
Dizgustang Lewis Clark, Simon Waddel MIX
Double Trouble Nessa Findlay, Katy Boocock F
Fair 2 Middling Keven Jeffery, Nins Jeffery MIX
Fair 2 middling mixed Nicola Jeffery, Chris ChapmanFacebookTwitterInstagramStravaFlickrLinkedIn MIX
Fair to middling Jevon Jennings, Tom Perrott M
Fair To Middling Richard Wortham, Nick Gunn M
Fat Alcoholics Anonymous Simon Cook, Nick Hartwell M
Froghall Mongrels Paul Booth, Mark Kerr M
Fuss and Faff Katie Jones, Marc Di Rollo MIX
GeoSyclists Callum Whitelaw, David Dennis M
GMBC / Sprockets / Milngavie Cycle Works Barry Mears, Graeme Crichton M
GMW Racing David MacLennan, Ruairidh MacLennan M
Grafters Katie Connor, Richard Croasdale MIX
Granny ring ninjas Paul Coward, Adam Olive M
Gruffalos Neil Beattie, Andrew Skinner M
Haggis hunters Iain Macgregor, Terry Gallacher M
Heaven Bikes Gillian Swanson, Chris Bowden MIX
Hectors Hector MacKay, Tony Duffy M
Highland Cookhouse Adrian Ivory, Quintin Stevens M
Highland Farm Cafe Kenneth McKenzie, Murray McKenzie M
Highland Vikings Glen Howatson, Thom Solberg M
Hughan Hugh Macgregor, Euan Richardson M
iBro Racing Ben CulverhouseInstagram, Ian Pibworth M
ISLAGIATT Dave McMullen, Claire McMullen MIX
Jist Gonnae No Bill Turner, Craig Turner M
Just trundling Greg Drew, William Lawrie M
Keswick Girlie Bikers Liz Waterhouse, Sue Walker F
Lairds and ladies Matt Simpson, Andy Laird M
Luck, guts and pies 1 Chris Clark, Rider Two M
Luck, guts and pies 2 Phil Allan, James Hall M
Luck, guts and pies 3 Ben Moffat, Mark Goalen M
Mad Dogs 2020 Chris McCormick, Peter Ralph M
Mccmason Peter Mason, Stewart Mcconnell M
Meat & Veg Mark Watson, Mark Hearmon M
Mikels senders Ross White, Mike Winder M
Mikes Bikes Aviemore Callum MorrisonInstagramStrava, Jamie RossInstagramStrava M
Mistakes have been made... Richard Wood, Robert Farrell M
Monarchs of the Glen Mark ThomsonInstagramStrava, Simon Nicoll M
More than Four! Peter Walker, Phillip Coe M
Morenutzthanboltz Andrew Richard, Yvonne Richard MIX
No Turning Back Thomas Emmerson, Josh Caldwell M
Outliers Rob McAuliffe, Colm Tobin M
oyabassa Peter Dorrington, Stephen Hill M
Pain in the leg Chris Bufton, Alastair Cook M
Pentland Trail Rides Ernie Tindall, Anthony Moretti M
Pony club factory racing/Bark + Ride Debbie SpencerInstagram, Emily Murphy F
Puffers and Wheezers John Clyde, Jamie Gartside M
Ride Guide Cymru Trystan Rowlands, Stuart Chetwynd M
Road kill Peter Boyd, Douglas Campbell M
Robot Gorilla Paul Barber, Jamie Barber M
Roger & Liz Roger Howison, Liz Gilmour MIX
RT23 Amanda Tweedie, Kyle Cartmell MIX
S205 Chris Millar, Jack Cook M
Shadmin on Tour Niall Pairman, Robert Gifford M
sixty eight eighty six Mark Clinton, Donald Macdonald M
Sonder Bikes Richard SeippFacebookTwitterInstagram, Tom Seipp M
SR Albannach Chris BarrInstagram, Ewan Mathieson M
St Albans Cycles Colin Donaghy, Graham Collier M
Stingy willies William SutherlandInstagram, Stuart Mack M
Summer Riders Robert Gillanders, Paul PatersonStrava M
T42 Ian Goode, Sam Lebbern M
Team ayrshire Ian Mcalindon, Ravinder Sangha M
Team Dynamo David Walls, Ryan Bunyan M
Team Fyzical Rex John Bennie, Tony Evans M
Team hair loss David GobbyFacebook, Barry Kemp M
Team Hinitt Davis Chris Hinitt, Matt Davis M
Team Jorts Jack Yates, Douglas Finch M
Team M-Fab Fraser Gentles, Michael Mclaughlan M
Team McMinion John Wallace, Stephen Sanderson M
TEAM MISERY William Hoynes, Gordon Stuart M
team oink Chris Campbell, Colin Fisher M
Team SBF Carl Egdell, Joseph Hudson M
TeamPCM Matthew GrahamFacebook, Scott MckinlayInstagram M
The Barn Kirkby Lonsdale Ian Turner, Steven Turner M
The Broons Neil Brown, Kath Brown MIX
The Choppers Garry Pumfrey, Andrew Jones M
The Flying Foxleys Beth Foxley, Paul Foxley MIX
The garage crew Robin Craig, Pamela Craig MIX
The IG Crowd George Phillips, Iain Thompson M
The Real Squeal Roy Milne, Mark Simpson M
The S-O-A-Pers Andrea PogsonFacebookTwitter, Graham Pogson MIX
The Taffy Apples Liam CollinsInstagram, Justin Phillips M
The Twa Dugs Gordon Mercer, Patrick McGhee M
The Wallopers Bob Allan, Scott Napier M
Too Fat To Finish Barry Hughes, Colin Marshall M
Trade car keys Lee HoltInstagram, Kenzie Tracey M
Twin factory racing . Ruth Mcdougall, Neil Mcdougall MIX
Two Fifers Oliver Lever, Desmond Haman M
Two Game Gals Polly Talbot, Sarah Gray F
Two Yorkshire T’s Trevor Walsh, Tristan Underwood M
Tyred Knobbles 2 Ross Longridge, Peter Couttie M
We Mark Chambers, Andrew Phillips M
Wedded Wagons Anita Pearce, Keith Pearce MIX
What a Stupid Idea Darren Dean, Allan Breathet M
Wheelie Terrible Idea John LangInstagram, James Leonard M
Wheely spectacular Anja Powell, Callum Gordon MIX
Where there’s a Will Gavin Hazlett, Sam Taylor M
Williams Rowan Williams, Molly Williams MIX
Young & Old Ian Wilson, Kevin Harper M
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