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Strathpuffer 24 MTB

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Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th January 2020

Name Class Single Speed
Martin Aawalker M  
Norman Agnew M  
Rod Aitchison M  
Stuart Allan M Y
Gary Allen M  
Dawn Anderson F  
Stuart Anderson M  
Tom Archer M  
Justin AtkinsonInstagram M  
Victor Atkinson M  
Stephen Baird M Y
Tim Baxter M  
Jason Beard M  
Colin Bell M  
Gavin Belton M  
Graham Bichan M  
Karl BoothFacebookTwitterStrava M  
Singleton Boothby M Y
Kenneth Buchanan M  
Graeme Burnett M  
Michael BurnipInstagram M  
Fiona Calder F  
Claire CampbellFacebook F  
David Chiffers M  
Alex Clements M  
Pat Clements M  
Mark Conlan M  
Katie Connor F  
Conor Cormack M  
Nick D M  
Campbell Davidson M  
Mike Dennison M  
Barry DowningFacebook M  
Stuart Dun M  
Jamie Dyer M Y
Paul Elliott M  
Kate Entwistle F  
Garry Erskine M  
Mike Ewart M  
Simon Fagg M Y
John Fidler M  
Fiona FinnieInstagram F  
Alan Flinter M  
Keith Forsyth M  
Kenny Fowler M  
Stephen Fraser M  
Naomi Freireich F  
Paul Gould M  
Emily Greaves F  
John GreenFacebookStrava M  
Rachael HalifaxTwitterInstagram F  
Michael Hart M  
Paddy Hartell M  
Anthony Hay M  
Richard Hay M  
Michael Henderson M  
Cat Hirst F  
Adrian Hodges M  
David Holgate M  
Joss Holland-Forrester M  
Tom HoweFacebookTwitterInstagram M  
Andrew Hutcheson M Y
Alan Irvine M  
Mick Iveson M  
Si JacksonInstagram M  
Iain KayeFacebook M  
Damien Keane M  
Steve KyteFacebook M  
Jonathon Leigh M  
Tom Lindley M  
Anne Lloyd-Evans F  
Fiona Mackay F  
Brian MacLeod M Y
Norman Macleod M  
Zara Mair F  
Katie MarlowFacebookTwitterInstagram F  
Robert Marshall M  
Finn Mason M  
Mike Mason M  
Dougal Masterson M  
Rowan Masterson F  
Murdo Matheson M  
Jordan Matthews M  
Peter May M  
John McAughtrie M  
Calum Mcbain M  
Fiona McBain F  
Bert McCaig M  
Calum McIntyre M  
Thomas McLaren M  
Chris Mcnaughton M  
Colin McphailInstagram M  
Matt McWhirrInstagram M  
Robbie Mitchell M  
Stuart Mitchell M  
Gil Montague M  
Fraser Moore M  
Philip Morrison M  
Liam Mowat M  
Natalie Munro F  
Jason Murphy M  
David Murray M  
Jonathan Nicholson M  
Fraser NicolStrava M  
David NicollFacebookStrava M  
James Nixon M Y
David Ogilvie M  
Innes Ogilvie M  
Huw OliverInstagram M  
Nicholas Pacewicz M  
John Pagan M Y
Jo Page F  
Steven Palmer M  
Ross Pearson M  
Nigel Pennington M  
Chris Pitblado M  
Christopher Power M  
Mark PrinceFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M  
Joe Purkis M  
Wilson Renwick M  
Simon RobertsonFacebookTwitterStrava M  
Simon Rowe M  
Steven Ruffell M  
Hannah Scott F  
Michael Scott M  
Tom SearbyInstagram M  
Freddy Sellwood M  
Tom Simpson M  
Mark Snowden M  
Russell Snowden M  
Caroline SouterInstagram F  
Matthew Speke M  
Steve Stanford M  
Iain StephensonFacebook M  
Joe Stevenson M  
Dave Suddes M  
Scott Taylor M  
Finlay Thom M  
Colin Thompson M  
Rab Thomson M  
Alexander Tindall M  
Katherine Tindall F  
Peter Tracey M  
Angus Turner M  
Ian Waters M  
John Watson M Y
Lawrence WebsterTwitter M  
Roddy Weir M  
Dan Whitehead M  
David Young M  
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