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Striders Trail 5

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Sunday 27th October 2019

Name Class Club
Lastmale 2018 MV45  
Striders Golden Ticket 2019 MV45 St Helens Striders
Carole Abbott FV55 Bandstanders
Mary Abbott FV40  
Louise Adlington F Liverpool Running Club
Monika Aldelime FV45 Southport Waterloo AC
Steven Anders MV40 St Helens Sutton AC
Robert Andrews M Kirkby Milers AC
John Appleton M St Helens Sutton AC
Paul Appleton M (no club)
Katherine AshworthFacebook FV45  
Emma Atherton FV40  
Carol Bairsto FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Rebecca Bancroft FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Will Bardin MV40 St Helens Tri
Julie Barker FV45  
Stephen Barker MV40 Bandstanders
Tania Barker FV40 Bandstanders
Bernadette Barnard FV50 Warrington Running Club
Cara Bartlett FV40 Knowsley Harriers
Nick Bartlett MV45 Knowsley Harriers
James Battersby MV45  
Steph Battersby FV45  
Ed Beattie MV45 GB Ultras Runnin Club
Alexander Bentley MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Anthony Beyga MV60 Kirkby Milers AC
Christine Beyga FV60 Kirkby Milers AC
Chris Birkett MV40 St Helens Sutton AC
Claire Birkett FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Jonathan Birkett MV45  
Lee Birkett MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Lindsey Black FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Wendy Black FV45 AXA UK Running Club
Cath Boland FV65 Time2run
Andrew Boulger MV45 (no club)
Alan Brady MV65 Spectrum Striders
Jennifer Brady FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
David Brown MV55 Warrington Running Club
Catherine Brownlow F  
Angie Byron FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Chris Cain MV45 Warrington Running Club
Elaine Carden FV55 Kirkby Milers AC
Kieron Carr MV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Tracey Carr FV55 Liverpool Running Bugs
Darren Carter M Warrington Running Club
Michelle Cartin FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Martin Christian MV50 Kirkby milers
John Clarke MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
Val Coldock FV65 Liverpool Running Bugs
Barry Conway MV50  
Paul Cook MV40 Liverpool Running Club
Elaine Coulter FV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
Audrey Cowpland FV55 Southport Waterloo AC
Tony Craig MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
Richard Craven MV40  
Matthew CrehanTwitterInstagramStrava M St Helens Sutton AC
Ian Crozier MV60  
Paul Cunningham M Kirkby Milers AC
Laura Davies F Chester Road Runners
Katy Davitt FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Thomas Dempsey M Kirkby Milers AC
Mark Derbyshire MV45 St Helens Tri
Jonathan Dobson M UKRunChat Running Club
Jon-Jo Doherty M St Helens Sutton AC
Stephanie Donald F Kirkby Milers AC
James DoneInstagramStrava M Liverpool Running Bugs
Andy Drillingcourt MV50 Trail n Ale
Joanna Durkin F Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton H AC
Michael Durkin MV40  
Ian Dutton MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
Vicky Dyas FV40 Bandstanders
Christopher Dyson M St Helens Tri
Helen Eaton FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Mim Eaton FV55 Kirkby Milers AC
Kerry Eddleston F Bandstanders
Julie Edge FV45 Run Sandymoor
Amy Edwards F Penny Lane Striders
Susan Edwards FV45  
Spectrum Eight FV45 Spectrum Striders
Mollie Elizabeth FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
James Ellis M Kirkby Milers AC
Jayne Ellis FV50 Knowsley Harriers
Michelle Elston FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Susan Evans FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Dave Farrar MV45  
Kirstin Farrar FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
James Featherstone MV60 Fylde Coast Runners
Rachel Fisher F Kirkby Milers AC
Brian Fitzhenry MV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Adam Fitzsimmons M Kirkby Milers AC
Elizabeth Fitzsimmons F  
Spectrum Five MV45 Spectrum Striders
Michael Forber MV45 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
Brian Ford MV50 Kirkby milers
Elizabeth Formela F Liverpool Running Bugs
Andrew Forrest MV45 Trail n Ale
Karon Foster FV55 Spectrum Striders
David Friend M Liverpool Running Bugs
Owen Gallagher MV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Tony Gartside MV60 Bandstanders
Andrew Gaskell MV50 Spectrum Striders
Lisa Gawthorne F Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton H AC
Jackie GilbertFacebookInstagram F Vegan Runners UK
Andrew Glen MV55 Liverpool Running Bugs
Tracey Goble FV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
Helen Goldsmith FV45 Warrington Running Club
Ian Gore MV40 Invictus Tri (Wigan)
Thomas Griffiths M St Helens Sutton AC
Nick Hall MV55 St Helens Tri
Suzanne Hall F Liverpool Running Bugs
Clinton Halsall MV45 Trail n Ale
Onnor Hampson FV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
Kevin Harrison MV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Rebecca Harrison F Kirkby Milers AC
Sharon Harrison FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Tony Hart MV45 Fylde Coast Runners
Paula Heaton FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Pat Helsby FV60 Kirkby Milers AC
Mike Henderson MV55  
Colette Heron FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Ian Hewitt MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Vicky Hewitt FV55 Bandstanders
Steven Higham MV50 Liverpool Running Club
Kim Hopkins FV45 Chester Road Runners
Emma Hopwood F Southport Waterloo AC
Stephen Houghton MV50 (no club)
Vicky Howarth FV45 Chester Road Runners
Ashley Hughes M Liverpool Running Bugs
Cathy Hughes FV60 Kirkby Milers AC
Derek Hughes MV65 Liverpool Running Bugs
Elaine Hughes FV50 Kirkby Milers AC
Philip Hughes MV40 St Helens Tri
Laura Hukin FV45 Chester Road Runners
Andrew Hurst M (no club)
Daniel Issawi M Knowsley Harriers
Elaine Johnson FV50 Warrington Running Club
Stuart Johnson M Spectrum Striders
Rachel Johnston FV50 Ainsdale Stormers
Elaine Jones FV40 Liverpool Running Club
Gary Jones MV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Kate JonesInstagram F  
Kathryn Jones FV45 Knowsley Harriers
Keeley Jones F  
Linda Jones FV50 Warrington Running Club
Steven Jones MV50 Fetch Everyone
Vicki Jones FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Helen Kelsall F Kirkby Milers AC
Julie Kenny FV50  
Gary Kilshaw MV45  
Sandra King-Wilson FV55 Bandstanders
Carla LangleyInstagram F Liverpool Running Bugs
Laurakingston20@Hotmail.Com Laurakingston20@Hotmail.Com F Liverpool Running Bugs
John Lawless M Kirkby Milers AC
Barbara Leather FV60 Park run
Amanda Lee FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Kellie Lowery FV40 Madrunners
Alan Lowry MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
Michael LucasInstagram M St Helens Tri
Nicola Maddock FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Stephen Maddock MV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
Sharon Martin FV40 Knowsley Harriers
Sharon Mason FV60 Isabella Rose Foundation - Team Isabella RC
Kevin McCooey M Bandstanders
Danielle McEwanInstagram F Liverpool Running Bugs
Andrew Mcgaskill M Moorside Park Run Club
Andew McGlone M Kirkby Milers AC
Ange McGowan FV40 Liverpool Running Bugs
Alan Mckeegan M St Helens Tri
Claudia Mclean FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Rachel McMillan F (no club)
Alison Medlicott FV50 Warrington Running Club
David Mellor M St Helens Tri
Annmaria Miller FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Michael Miller MV50 Kirkby Milers AC
Bhav Mistry FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Alex MitchellInstagramStrava M Liverpool Running Bugs
Jonathan Molyneux MV40  
Jo Moody F Liverpool Running Club
Philip Moody MV40 Liverpool Running Club
Lee Moore M Kirkby Milers AC
Nick Morton M Kirkby Milers AC
Janet Mullin FV55 Kirkby Milers AC
Tim Murphy MV55 (no club)
Rachel Murray FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
James Nairn M St Helens Tri
David Navis M Liverpool Running Bugs
Paula Need FV50 Liverpool Running Bugs
Amanda Newall FV45 Chester Road Runners
Pete Newall MV40  
Caroline Newton F Warrington Running Club
Louise Nicholls F Moorside Park Run Club
Spectrum Nine FV45 Spectrum Striders
Daniel O'Brien MV40  
Andrew O'Connor MV55 St Helens Sutton AC
Rosie O’Hagan FV60 Liverpool Running Bugs
Colette O’Halleron FV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Mick Obrien MV50 Knowsley Harriers
Laura Owen F Warrington Running Club
Andy Owens M (no club)
Craig Pearce MV45  
Carol Platt FV60 Kirkby Milers AC
Lisa Platt FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
John Preece MV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Alexandra Price F Liverpool Running Bugs
Nathalie Rees FV45 Chester Road Runners
Elaine Riley FV50 Run Sandymoor
Leanne Rimmer F Kirkby Milers AC
Eleanor RobertsTwitter FV50 Spectrum Striders
Phil RobinsonFacebook MV50 Knowsley Harriers
Steve Roden MV45 Penny Lane Striders
Jayne Russell FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Cheryl Ryan F  
Steven Sarbutts MV50 Lonely Goat RC
Shinobu Seddon FV50  
Spectrum Seven FV45 Spectrum Striders
Ian Sinnott MV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Spectrum Six FV45 Spectrum Striders
Charlotte Smith F Kirkby Milers AC
John Smith MV45 Bandstanders
Lesley Smith FV50 Time2Run Events
Nicola Smith F Kirkby Milers AC
Alan Spencer MV55 Knowsley Harriers
Stephanie Stankiewicz F  
Christopher SullivanTwitterStrava MV45 Kirkby Milers AC
Gill Swadkins FV55 Liverpool Running Bugs
Graham Swadkins MV55 Liverpool Running Bugs
Lesley Syms FV55 Southport Waterloo AC
Stuart TaggFacebook MV40  
Jade Teeder F Liverpool Running Bugs
Craig TessymanFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M Liverpool Running Bugs
Dean Thackray M Liverpool Running Bugs
Kay Thompson FV40 Warrington Running Club
Phil Thorp MV60 Liverpool Running Bugs
Caroline Thorpe FV50  
Sarah Treble F Kirkby Milers AC
Sean Triggs M Kirkby Milers AC
Lee Turner M Kirkby Milers AC
David Twigg M St Helens Sutton AC
Richard Underhill MV40  
Sarah Underhill F  
Kate Walton F Lonely Goat RC
James WarburtonFacebookTwitterInstagram M Kirkby Milers AC
Liz Whitfield FV40 Spectrum Striders
Sian Wilkins FV40 Kirkby Milers AC
Emma Williams F Kirkby Milers AC
Dean Wilson MV40 Liverpool Running Club
Sean Wilton M Kirkby Milers AC
Emma Wright FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Sarah Wright FV45 Liverpool Running Bugs
Stuart Wright MV40 Liverpool Running Bugs

250 Entries

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