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Broughton Heights Hill Race (2019 SAL National and East District Championships)

Saturday 24th August 2019

Name Class Club
Scout Adkin F Ambleside AC
Heather Anderson FV40 Fife Athletic Club
Hamish BattleInstagram M Metro Aberdeen Running Club
Dave Begbie M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
William Breckenridge MV50 Shettleston Harriers
Brian Brennan MV60 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Gavin BrysonFacebookTwitterInstagramStravaPower of 10 M Highland Hill Runners
Steve Buchan MV40 Metro Aberdeen Running Club
Catriona Buchanan F Ochil Hill Runners
Alison Caldwell F Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Alasdair Campbell M Cambuslang Harriers
Ian Campbell MV50 Hunters Bog Trotters
Justin Carter MV40 Cambuslang Harriers
Lucas CheskinInstagram M Shettleston Harriers
Donald Christian MV40  
Dale Colley M Central Athletics Club
Andrew CoxInstagram M Moorfoot Runners
Ross Cruickshanks M Shettleston Harriers
Tom Cunningham M Corstorphine AAC
Iain Davidson MV50 Girvan Harriers
Stewart Davidson MV60 Fife Athletic Club
James Dunn M Hunters Bog Trotters
Stephen Feltbower M Ochil Hill Runners
Tom FerringtonTwitter MV40 Corstorphine AAC
Ronald Fraser MV50 Dundee Road Runners
David Fulton M Hunters Bog Trotters
David Gaffney MV40 Moorfoot Runners
Kevin Gill MV50 Greenock Glenpark Harriers
Miranda Grant F Hunters Bog Trotters
Graham Gristwood M Ochil Hill Runners
Alison Harding FV50 Tring RC
Kevin Harding MV50 Tring RC
Mark Harris MV50 Fife Athletic Club
Tom Harris M Fife Athletic Club
Mark HartreeFacebookStravaLinkedIn MV50 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Anthony HemmingsFacebook M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Walter Henderson MV50 Shettleston Harriers
Peter HodkinsonAttackpointPower of 10 M Hunters Bog Trotters
Jessica Husbands F Hunters Bog Trotters
Craig Jardine M Cambuslang Harriers
Simon Johnston MV40 Falkirk Victoria Harriers
Alex Luetchford M Hunters Bog Trotters
Finn Lydon M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Iain MacCorquodaleTwitter M Cambuslang Harriers
Jonathon MarksInstagramStrava M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Lindsay Marks F Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Caroline Marwick F Inverness Harriers
Scott MasonStrava M Bellahouston Harriers
Pauline McAdam FV60 Teviotdale Harriers
Claire McArthur FV40 Hamilton Harriers
Andrew McCallStravaPower of 10 M Greenock Glenpark Harriers
Alasdair McLeod M Shettleston Harriers
Bryony McLeod F Shettleston Harriers
Neil McLure MV50 Carnegie Harriers
Andrew McRonald MV40 Lochtayside
Stephanie MuzzallInstagram F Datchet Dashers
Phyllis O,Brien FV60 Hunters Bog Trotters
David Oliver MV60 Deeside Runners
Jane Oliver FV60 Deeside Runners
James Purves MV60 Gala Harriers
Don Reid MV60 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Kenny RichmondFacebookTwitter MV50 Shettleston Harriers
Susan Ridley FV50 Edinburgh Athletics Club
Hilary Ritchie FV50 Fife Athletic Club
Richard Roberts MV40 Eryri Harriers
Nick Robertson MV50 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Stewart Robertson MV50 Harmeny AC
Alex Rose MV40 Metro Aberdeen Running Club
Dino RoussiasInstagram MV40 Metro Aberdeen Running Club
Jocelyn Scott FV60 Fife Athletic Club
Nigel ShekletonFacebook M Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Peter Simpson MV60 Carnegie Harriers
Robert Simpson M Shettleston Harriers
Janice Smith FV60 Hunters Bog Trotters
Jill Stephen F Hunters Bog Trotters
Ryan StewartFacebookStrava M Shettleston Harriers
Matthew Sutherland M Central Athletics Club
John TullieFacebookAttackpointStrava MV60 Teviotdale Harriers
John Urquhart MV50 Keith & District AAC
James Waldie M Hunters Bog Trotters
Katie Walling F Hunters Bog Trotters
Sam Walsh M Carnethy Hill Running Club
Madeleine WatsonInstagramStravaPower of 10LinkedIn F Strathearn Harriers
Mark Wheeler MV40 Hamilton Harriers
Alison Whyte FV40 Carnegie Harriers
Andrew Wright MV40 PH Racing Club
Megan Wright FV40 Hunters Bog Trotters
John Yells M Lochaber Athletic Club

88 Entries

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