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Red Moss Kips Hill Race

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Wednesday 5th June 2019

Name Class Club
Lyle AllanFacebook M60 Falkland Trail Runners
Ross AndersonStrava MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
James Ashworth M45 Ochil Hill Runners
Elspeth Bleakley WSEN Hunters Bog Trotters
Raphael Bleakley MSEN  
Stuart Brodie MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
Ewan Brown MSEN Corstorphine AAC
Erica Burberry WSEN Haddington Running Club
Christopher Busby MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Justin Carter M45 Cambuslang Harriers
Lee Cessford M40 Falkland Trail Runners
Marc Codera Campos MSEN -Individual-
Richard Conolly M45 Carnethy Hill Running Club
Sinclair Cooper MSEN -Individual-
Rickie CotterInstagram WSEN -Individual-
Shaun Coyle M55 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Jonathan CrickmoreAttackpointStravaPower of 10 MSEN Hunters Bog Trotters
Richard Delf MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Lindsay Doig WSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Christopher Downie M55 Penicuik Harriers
Paul Dudchenko M50 Linlithgow Athletic Club
Gordon Eadie M60 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Holly Eadsforth WSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Colin Edwards M45 Ochil Hill Runners
Tom ElliotteStrava MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Laura Finlay WSEN Linlithgow Athletic Club
Andrew Fullwood M50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Chris Furse M50 Westerlands Cross Country Club
Trevor Galloway M50 Linlithgow Athletic Club
Sam Gillies MSEN -Individual-
Adam Gray MSEN Penicuik Harriers
David Greenald MSEN Hunters Bog Trotters
Graham Gristwood MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
David Harrington M45 Carnethy Hill Running Club
James Haynes MSEN Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
Anthony HemmingsFacebook MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Kyle Heron MSEN Stag Orienteers
Rosalind Heron WSEN Stag Orienteers
Sadie KempFacebookTwitterInstagramAttackpointStravaPower of 10LinkedIn W40 Penicuik Harriers
Brian Kennedy M40 Carnethy Hill Running Club
David LawsonStrava M40 -Individual-
Jonathon MarksInstagramStrava MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
David Mason M50 Linlithgow Athletic Club
Timothy May M55 ESOC
Kay McGreevyFacebook W55  
Neil McLure M50 Carnegie Harriers
Stuart McMillan M40 Carnethy Hill Running
Frank Mcpartland M60 Haddington Running Club
Hugh McPherson M70 Tinto Hill Runners
Rory Mitchell M40 Harmeny AC
Pascaline Mollard WSEN Ferranti AAC
Sandy Morrison MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
William Moss MSEN Hunters Bog Trotters
Andy NicollInstagram MSEN -Individual-
David Oliver M60 Deeside Runners
Jane Oliver W60 Deeside Runners
Archibald ParkFacebook M60 Hartfell HRC
Tracy Philp W45 Penicuik Harriers
Oliver Pound MSEN Portobello Running Club
Roderick Pugh M60 Kilmarnock Harrier & Athletic Club
James Purves M60 Gala Harriers
Katie Rademaker WSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Alison Ridyard W50 Hunters Bog Trotters
Liam Riggans MSEN Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Ben Rushton MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Finian Scott MSEN -Individual-
Vivian Scott MSEN  
Scott SeefeldtFacebookInstagramStrava MSEN Carnethy Hill Running
Iain Simpson M45 Falkland Trail Runners
Bruce SmithTwitterStrava M50 Carnethy Hill Racing Club
Sheila Strain W70 Hunters Bog Trotters
Harrison Stubbs MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Lawrence Sword M50 -Individual-
Gordie Taylor M55 Highland Hill Runners
Lewis TaylorTwitter MSEN Ochil Hill Runners
James ThompsonTwitterStrava MSEN Shettleston Harriers
Iain Thomson MSEN Lomond Hill Runners & AAC
Matt Thomson M40 -Individual-
James Waldie MSEN Hunters Bog Trotters
Matthew Wardner M50 Carnethy Hill Running Club
Julian Warman M50 Hunters Bog Trotters
Paul Williams MSEN Westerlands Cross Country Club
Samuel Williams-Duncan MSEN Dark Peak Fell Runners
Richard Wilson MSEN Carnethy Hill Running Club
Martyn Wright MSEN  

85 Entries

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