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Friday 9th August 2019

Participant No. Name Class Club
1 Mark Wotton MV50 Teignbridge Trotters
2 Ethan Sterry M South West Road Runners
3 Susanna Goffe F Teignbridge Trotters
4 Martin Sterry MV40 Greenbow Running Club
5 Steven Medlock MV50  
6 Claire Cornish F South Devon AC
7 Hayley Ratcliff FV50 Torbay AAC
8 Barry FrostFacebookTwitter MV60 South West Road Runners
9 Matthew Dalton MV40 Riviera Racers
10 Mark Luscombe MV40 Torbay AAC
11 Liz Wilson FV50 Greenbow Running Club
12 Kelly Lawson FV40 Greenbow Running Club
13 Jeffrey Curd MV50 Tiverton Harriers
14 Becky MitchellFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava FV40 3420504
15 Joanne Beeson FV50 (no club)
16 Jackie Northway FV50 (no club)
17 Pete Hayward MV50 Teignbridge Trotters
18 Hannah Jones FV40 Teignbridge Trotters
19 Caroline Clark FV40 Teignbridge Trotters
20 Rod Payne MV60 Haldon Trail Runners
21 Lucy Payne FV60 Teignbridge Trotters
22 Petula Dodd FV50  
23 Amy Jones F South West Road Runners
24 Jacky Theedom FV60 Crediton Running Network
25 Amanda Francis FV40 Torbay tri
26 Darren Francis MV50 Torbay tri
27 Gary Brooking MV40 Teignbridge Trotters
28 Ruth Johnson FV50 Teignbridge Trotters
29 Nicki Ashworth FV50  
30 Bon Rymel M Teignbridge Trotters
31 Helene Bond FV50 Crediton Running Network
32 Scott Knight MV40 Teignbridge Trotters
33 Jay Wyatt MV40 Lonely Goat Running Club
34 John Laidlow MV50  
35 Jacki Woon FV50 Teignbridge Trotters
36 Liz Gee FV40 Plymouth Musketeers Running Club
37 Heather O'Connell FV40 Plymouth Musketeers Running Club
38 Nicholas Einchcomb MV50 South West Road Runners
39 Neil Rutley MV50 Teignbridge Trotters
40 Jan Bunce FV60  
41 Paula Summerfield Walters FV50 Lonely Goat Running Club
42 Ryan Moore M Greenbow Running Club
43 Derek Skinner MV50 Teignbridge Trotters
44 Eamon Crowe MV50 Teignbridge Trotters
45 Samuel Crowe M Teignbridge Trotters
46 Keith Anderson MV60 Teignbridge Trotters
47 Jamie Howard MV40 South West Road Runners
48 Melanie Powell FV40 (no club)
49 Meg Wotton F  
50 Peter Kirby MV70 Teignbridge Trotters
51 Lynda Garcia FV50 South West Road Runners
52 Sue Tremlett FV50 Teignbridge Trotters
53 Ally Lockyer FV50 Runfitrunsrong
54 Phillippa GoodwinFacebookInstagramStravaLinkedIn FV50 Bovey Valley Runners
55 Maria Attwell FV50  
56 Doug Dale MV50  
57 Lawrence Atherton MV50 South West Road Runners
58 Alex Lyons MV40 Teignbridge Trotters
59 Helen Kirby FV40 Tiverton Harriers
60 Rory Carr MV40 Tiverton Harriers
61 Josephine Bindloss Gibb FV60 South Molton Strugglers
62 Graydon Widdicombe MV40 Teignbridge Trotters
63 Derek WeeksFacebook M South Hams Hash House Harriers
64 James Saunders MV50 Teignbridge Trotters
65 Jerry Hocking MV40 Torbay tri
66 Lucy EvansStrava FV40 Teignbridge Trotters
67 Lisa Belsten FV50 Torbay AAC
68 Anita Ley FV50 Torbay AAC
69 Felicity Davies FV50 Torbay AAC
70 Corinne Bright FV40 Teignbridge Trotters
71 Ernestine Heron FV50 south west military fitness
72 Dave Ponting MV60 south west military fitness
73 Cassandra Harrison FV40 Torbay AAC
74 Richard Pitts-Robinson M (no club)
75 Monica Pitts-Robinson F (no club)
76 Christian Robinson MV40 Teignbridge Trotters
77 Tim Gordon M Exeter Triathlon Club
78 Lucille ChapuisFacebookInstagramStravaLinkedIn F (no club)
79 Gemma Radcliffe F Torbay AAC
80 Ian Lynch MV50 Haldon Trail Runners
81 Roger Saunders MV60 Honiton RC
82 Abby Fearon FV40 (no club)
83 Des White MV60 Exmouth Harriers
84 Alison White FV60 Exmouth Harriers
85 Jan Dolezel M Haldon Trail Runners
86 Robert Coombs MV50 Haldon Trail Runners
87 Anthea Board FV50 Haldon Trail Runners
88 Tim Pratt M Teignbridge Trotters
89 Connor Thompson M Riviera Racers
90 Jules Pring FV40 South West Road Runners
91 Amy Billinghurst F  
92 Karen Eyre FV40 Axe Valley Runners
93 Max Conroy M Teignbridge Trotters
94 Sam Summers FV40 Axe Valley Runners
95 Alison Knight-Davies F Heavitree running group
96 Matt Day MV40 Teignbridge Trotters
97 Hannah Selley F (no club)
98 Susanne Westgate FV50 Teignbridge Trotters
99 Maria Muzaffer FV60 Riviera Racers
100 Robert Collier MV40 Axe Valley Runners
101 Alison Engledew FV60 Erme Valley Harriers
102 David Engledew MV50 Erme Valley Harriers
103 Rachel Collins FV50 Riviera Racers
104 Ben ReedFacebookInstagramStrava M Riviera Racers
105 Luke Rendle M Riviera Racers
106 Anne Roberts FV40 Riviera Racers
107 Ben Epps MV40 Haldon Trail Runners
108 Amanda Holley FV40 Riviera Racers
109 Irene Hewings FV60 Torbay AAC
110 Nik Whalley MV40 South Molton Strugglers
111 Andy MacMillan MV50 South West Road Runners
112 Rebecca Stanlake FV40 (no club)
113 Alex MunroStrava M Riviera Racers
114 Janine Callard FV50 Torbay AAC
115 Olivia Higginson F Honiton RC
116 Sam Hopton M South West Road Runners
117 Carol McSweeney F  
118 Toria Dennison F Hatch Warren Runners
119 David RosserStrava M Haldon Trail Runners
120 Gill Day FV40 Axe Valley Runners
121 Denise Burgess FV40 Axe Valley Runners
122 Beth Sampson F South West Road Runners
123 Brian Lewis MV40 Torbay AAC
124 Lorna Jarrald F Honiton RC
125 Nichola Strevens FV50 Dartmouth AAC
126 Angela Kerr FV60 Axe Valley Runners
127 Martin Kerr MV60 Axe Valley Runners
128 Louise Bennett F Honiton RC
129 Ceri Jones MV50 Kriton Hash House Harriers
130 Lisa Cruise F South West Road Runners
131 Keith Jeram MV70  
132 Nancy Dowling FV60 Crediton Running Network
133 Ian White MV50 South West Road Runners
134 Teresa Holmes FV60 Teignbridge Trotters
135 Suzie Tosh FV40 South West Road Runners
136 Melanie Perkin FV40 South West Road Runners
137 Caroline Tait FV50 South West Road Runners
138 Mark Tait MV50 South West Road Runners
139 Francis Luscombe MV60  
140 Clare Luscombe FV50  
141 Mellony Kirby FV40 (no club)
142 Benjamin Kirby MV40 (no club)
143 Katy Lancaster FV40 Honiton RC
144 Ollie Thorogood M South West Road Runners
145 Nick Bruce-White MV40 South West Road Runners
146 Janice Hindley FV60 Women on the Run
147 Nathan Sheehy MV40 Exmouth Harriers
148 Jeni Watts FV40 (no club)
149 Laura Burgin F  
150 Yusra-Zara Salman F South West Road Runners
151 Sonia Stevens FV40  
152 Doug Tosh MV40 South West Road Runners
153 Tim Landy M South West Road Runners
154 Richard HillFacebook MV50 Heavitree running group
155 Tim Vialls MV50 South West Road Runners
156 Greg Mimms M Greenbow Running Club
157 Robinson Obando M Riviera Racers
158 Paul Sharples MV60 Teignbridge Trotters
159 Pete Tosh MV40 (no club)
160 Naomi Preston F (no club)
161 Emma Kessie F Heavitree running group
162 Will BrandonStrava MV50 Vegan Runners UK
163 James Woolf MV50 South West Road Runners
164 Chris Randall MV50 Greenbow Running Club
165 Annabel Urquiza FV40 (no club)
166 Russ Penberthy MV40 South West Road Runners
167 Sharon Sharples FV50 Teignbridge Trotters
168 Laura Broughton F Sidmouth Running Club
169 Matt Clayton M (no club)
170 Emma Richardson FV40 Axe Valley Runners
171 Rab Churchill MV40 Greenbow Running Club
172 Becky McDonald F Sidmouth Running Club
173 Kirsty Bowman F Teignbridge Trotters
174 Shaun Vinnicombe MV50 Axe Valley Runners
175 Andy Evans MV50 (no club)
176 Alistair Hayter MV40  
177 Jason Hockridge MV40 South West Road Runners
178 Harry Harding M (no club)
179 Laura White F (no club)
180 Darren Thomas MV40 Greenbow Running Club
181 Ray Brown MV70 Torbay AAC
182 Tessa Hearfield FV60 Torbay AAC
183 Victoria Gammin F (no club)
184 Jodie Churchward F (no club)
185 Emily Kaye FV40 Greenbow Running Club
186 Kate Lenthall F Teignbridge Trotters
187 Jon Tucker Deamer M (no club)
188 Alexis Marsh FV40 (no club)
189 Debra Stevens F South West Road Runners
190 Ross Stevens M South West Road Runners
191 Jamie Bullock MV40 Pure Trail
192 Lucy Aalders F Greenbow Running Club
193 Cara Kaya FV40 Greenbow Running Club
194 Ian Russell MV40 Greenbow Running Club
195 Richard Murrin MV40  
196 Ted Townsend MV70 South Molton Strugglers

196 Entries

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