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The Skeleton Run

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Friday 25th October 2019

Name Club / Team Name
Laurie Akroyd Hermitage Harriers
Karen Archer Rebel Runners
Ria Asawla  
Mark Ashmore Stilton Striders
Paul Bakewell  
Dale Barber  
Peter Barzetovic Nuneaton Harriers
Kerry Bate Desborough & Rothwell Running Club
Hannah BigdenInstagram  
Ian Bingley Huncote Harriers
Charmaine Boden Squirrels
David Bottomley Shepshed Running Club
Marcus Botwright Shepshed Running Club
Maria Boyce Poplar Running Club
Mike Brettle Shepshed Running Club
Cheryl Broadway  
Annie Brooks Poplar Running Club
Nick BrooksFacebookTwitter Poplar Running Club
Joy Brown Beaumont RC
Marion Bullivant  
Martin Bullivant  
Claire Burbidge Birstall
Emma Burgin Birstall
Daniel Burns Birstall
Philip Burton Squirrels
Ruth Burton Squirrels
Sonya Campbell  
Vicki Carter-Bland  
Claire Cassell Barrow Runners
Paul Charlesworth Poplar Running Club
Chris Cobley  
Angela Cockram  
Stuart Coe Beaumont RC
Cathy Collings  
Sarah Collins  
Jayne Cooper  
Claire Copley Desford striders
Dominic Cotton Shepshed Running Club
Chris Courtney  
Sarah Courtney  
Simon Cox Birstall
Carla Crane Desford striders
Rob Crane  
Graham Cresswell Shepshed Running Club
Nicola Crick Stoney Stanton Running Club
Steve CrickFacebook Stoney Stanton Running Club
Sarah Curtis  
Sarah Day Beaumont RC
Gemma Daykin Beeston AC
Julia De Bretton-Gordon  
Tony De Marco No
Julie Dean Team Derby Runner
Paul Dean Team Derby Runner
Luisa Maria Diez Lucas  
Hannah Doyle Poplar Running Club
Helen Duffield-Moore  
Steve Dunstan Desborough & Rothwell Running Club
Emma Earp  
Susie Ellison Team MCA
Claire Evans Stoney Stanton Running Club
Becky Fairbairn Wigston Phoenix RC
Jason Farn Squirrels
Kirsten Fasey 4Life
Dean Fenlon  
Emma Finlinson Wigston Phoenix RC
Michelle Fitzpatrick  
Errol Flynn Long Eaton Running Club (LERC)
Yvonne Fox Toonie express
Shari Francis  
Sven Fritz  
Sue Gardner Huncote Harriers
Kate Goacher  
Mark Goodwin  
Katy Grainger Hinckley Running Club
Marie Gratton Gratts
Samantha Green  
Dean Grewcock  
Scott Griesdale  
Jo Griffiths Barrow Runners
Roger Griffiths Barrow Runners
Kelly Grounds Desford striders
Beckie Grove  
Antoinette Hall  
Amrit Hanspal Desford strider
Dean HassallTwitter Wigston Phoenix RC
Arlene Heeley Desford striders
Stewart Heeley Desford striders
Shelley Hemsley  
Suzanne Hemsley  
Sarah-Jayne Hicken  
Alan Hill Stoney Stanton Running Club
Elizabeth Hill Huncote Harriers
Claire Hipkiss  
Eryn Hodson  
Jo Howell Wigston Phoenix RC
Kathryn Hutchinson  
Stephen Hutton Birstall
Nichola Jackson Ribble Valley Harriers
Laura Jarmulewski  
Joanna Jarvis Simon Osborne
Emmalese Johnson Squirrels
Helen JohnsonFacebook Poplar Running Club
Tiffany Johnson Gratts
Angela Johnston  
Jane Johnston  
Sarah Johnston  
Jane Keal  
Elizabeth Keddie-Gray Alex Keddie
Fay Kelham Desford striders
Marie Kelsey Desford striders
Michelle Kershaw Team anstey
Adam Kilsby Gratts
Stephanie King  
Lisa Kirkland  
Amy Knight  
Ian Knight  
Claudia Kuster Beeston AC
James Larkin Desborough & Rothwell Running Club
Dan Leake  
Sarah Lewis  
Donna Lillyman  
Bryn Littlefair  
Jaroslaw Loza  
Marie Luker Desford strider
Naomi Lunn Desford striders
Anne MacDonald  
Jean Maclachlan Toonie express
Nicky Marlow Squirrels
Debbie Marsden  
Giles Mattock  
Kirsty McGuire  
Kelly Mclellan Birstall
Christopher Merrick Squirrels
Damian Miles Desford striders
Audrey Milner Team MCA
Radmehr Monfared  
Emma Montgomery  
Sarah Morley Barrow Runners
Ruth Mulvany  
Lorraine Norton Desford striders
Louise Norton Beaumont RC
Sara Noyland Poplar Running Club
Simon OsborneInstagram Race Hub
Sophie Osborne Simon Osborne
Alun Owen  
Jayne Parker  
Clive Parpworth  
Bev Parry Huncote Harriers
Karen Price  
Sarah Quincey Washlands Women Runners
James Raftery Hermitage Harriers
Julie Raftery Hermitage Harriers
Cathy Ralph Desborough & Rothwell Running Club
Lynn Randall Team anstey
David Raynes Toonie express
Michael Reeves  
Nikki Reeves South Derbyshire Road Runners
Sarah-Jane Reid Overseal Running Club
Martin Renfrey Squirrels
Charlotte Richardson Loughborough Ladies Circle
Colin Rimmer Birstall
Jason Sampson Squirrels
Liz Sampson Squirrels
Jayne SandersonTwitterInstagram No
Luke Saxton  
Michael Scott Poplar Running Club
Dean Scrimshire Squirrels
Teresa Scrimshire Squirrels
Peter Seddon  
Janet Shaw  
Steve Shaw  
Debbie Shipley No
Darrell ShortStrava  
Emma Simmons  
Felicity Simon  
Nathan Simpkin  
Carl Simpson  
Catherine Simpson Toonie express
Karen Simpson  
Melanie Snutch Birstall
Rachel Southern Birstall
Caroline Spencer  
Chloe Spencer  
Mark Stelmach  
Craig Stinchcombe Shepshed Running Club
Helen Stinchcombe Shepshed Running Club
Diane Stokes  
Gary Sturgess  
Victoria Sturgess Huncote Harriers
Spence Suzanne  
Julian Swift Squirrels
Shelley Swift Squirrels
Robyn Taylor  
Donna Tebbutt Wigston Phoenix RC
Sean Tebbutt Wigston Phoenix RC
Scott Thurman Squirrels
Sharon Tipper  
Gill Turton  
Jason Twist  
Paul Vickers Poplar Running Club
Graeme Voller Team MCA
Amber Wakeling No
Nicola WaleFacebookInstagram  
Jessica Walling  
Tom Walters  
Wilf Walters  
Jonathan Wells Team MCA
Elisa Whittlestone Birstall
Sarah Wickerson Barrow Runners
Katrina Wightman Huncote Harriers
Brenda Wileman  
Clare Wileman  
Sean Wileman  
Paul Wilkinson  
Samantha Wilkinson  
Joe Williamson  
Tim Windram Vegan Runners
Chris Withers Vegan Runners
Rosie Wood  
Jonathan Wortley Shepshed Running Club
Martin Yardy  

221 Entries

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