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The Poacher Run

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Saturday 7th September 2019

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Participant No. Name Club
1 David Abbott Chirnside Chasers
2 Fiona Ainslie runthings
3 Lynda Allan Lonely goats running club
4 Jake Archer Jesmond Joggers
5 Gary Blanks North East Veterans AC
6 Lee Bowmaker AK Fitness
7 Gav Brown Gala Harriers
8 Kelly Burton-Smyth Jedburgh Joggers
9 Anders Cameron (no club)
10 Gordon Campbell Penicuik Harriers
11 Fiona Caple  
12 Sarah Carr (no club)
13 Christina Chesser Jed Joggers
14 Derek Clyne Teviotdale Harriers
15 Christine CraigStrava Penicuik Harriers
16 John Cruickshanks (no club)
17 Lynne Cruickshanks  
18 Duncan Davidson  
21 David Fleetwood  
22 Carol Foreman Jed Joggers
23 Melanie Glasgow  
24 Paul Haddon (no club)
25 Melanie Hermiston (no club)
26 Andrew Hope (no club)
27 Sarah HopeInstagram  
28 Keith Jackson North East Marathon Club
29 Lisa Johnson Norham Running Club
30 Claire Jones  
31 Julia Keddie Tweed Striders
32 Louise Keir  
33 Liam Kelly  
34 Vicky Kippen Cairngorm Runners
35 David Laidlaw Freestyle Fitness
36 Denise Laidlaw  
37 Mark Landles (no club)
38 Mark Latham Northumberland Fell Runners
39 Zoe LeitchStrava Redpath Running
40 Yvette Lewis  
41 Lisa MacDonald  
42 Kate Maré Galavanters
43 Eileen Maxwell Gala Harriers
44 Michael Mcvie  
45 Hannah Medley  
46 Ann Miller  
47 Colin Nichol Teviotdale Harriers
48 Mark Nichol  
49 Clare Noble Jog Peebles
50 Geoffrey Ogden (no club)
51 Hedwich Oosterhof  
52 Jane Potts RBR
53 Anne Purves Gala Harriers
54 Neil Purves  
55 Susan Rae  
56 Doug Riddell N/A
57 Mark Rutherford Norham Running Club
58 Graeme Sandie Galavanters
59 John Shuttleworth  
60 Gail Simpson  
61 Sue Simpson  
62 Susan Skirrow Alnwick Harriers
63 Paul Smith (no club)
64 Rory Smith (no club)
65 Karin Steward  
66 Iain Stewart Westerlands Cross Country Club
67 Sarah Sutherland  
68 Juliet Szymoszowskyj  
69 Jennifer Thin  
70 Colin Thompson Tweed Striders
71 Diane Thompson  
72 Laura Thomson Run Duns
73 Pamela Toward Tweed Striders
74 Richard Toward Tweed Striders
75 Michael Trainer Portobello Running Club
76 Neil Turnbull Norham Running Club
77 Shona Turnbull Norham Running Club
78 Helen Tweedie  
79 Brian Tyndall Penicuik Harriers
80 Chris Waters Doncaster Athletic Club
81 Sharon Waters Doncaster Athletic Club
82 Diana Weightman Alnwick Harriers
83 Julie Young Penicuik Harriers
84 Lyn Young Penicuik Harriers
95 Chirstie Marshall (no club)
96 Kate Hazlehurst (no club)
97 Damon Rodwell Borders SAR
100 Claire McEwan-Muir Penicuik Harriers
101 Laura Jeffrey Tweed Striders
102 Michael Jones Norham Running Club
103 Hannah Humphreys Norham Running Club
104 John Gibbs Penicuik Harriers
105 Carrie Gibbs  
106 Sean Wood Norham Running Club
107 Alan Daye (no club)
108 Mary Shannon Lauderdale Limpers Running Club
109 Sophie Annalisa Anderson (no club)
110 Alexander Johnson Norham Running Club
111 Kirsty Purves Jed Joggers
112 Liz Gray Derwent Valley Trail Runners
113 Marion Nairn Jed Joggers
114 John Nairn  
115 Joanne Sutherland (no club)
116 Nevenka Vesligaj  
117 Rebecca Davidson (no club)
118 Sonya Macdonald (no club)
120 Sarah Russell  
121 George Mcmullan Norham Running Club
122 Sean Pringle  
124 Alistair Wylie (no club)
125 Anna Wylie (no club)
127 Stephen BallFacebookTwitterInstagram Tweed Striders
129 Douglas Small Tweed Striders
130 Ian Stewart Kelso NHOB Club
131 Kirsty Fawcett  
132 Leanne Inglis Freestyle Fitness
133 Jill McDonnell  

116 Entries

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