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Oxenhope Straw Race

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Sunday 7th July 2019

Paul Owens, Emily Morgan
Heather Clapham, Helen Myers
Aimee Storey, Adam Hinchliffe
John Hinchcliffe, Catherine Hinchcliffe
Sophy Hinchcliffe, Jimmy Moorehouse
Alex Johnson, Alexandra Foster
Emma Geary, Matthew Powell
Sharon Scarborough, Jonny Scarborough
Tracey Hodgson, Mark Holmes
Richard Murray, Katie Robinson
John Merritt, Sammy Graveson
David Burlison, Kerry Simpson
Chasheeka Mariathas, Jonathan Douglass
Chris Walsh, Kathryn Simpson
Joe Holmes, Emma Kettlewell
Audrey Butler, Bob Butler
Trudy Tetley, Tommy Tetley
Holly Burke, Edward Burke
Lisa Ickringill, Simon Holmes
Eleanor Robinson, Richard Robinson
Sam Collett, Nikki Fry
Peter Walker, Siobhan Murphy
Jordan Potter, Rebecca Barber
Sarah Darnbrook, Kieran Pritchard
Kiara Grove, Jacob Collins
Helen Starford, Chris Upton
Vicky Haycock, Tony Carter
Jeff Ingham, Fiona Raby
Oliver Dyson, Nicole Ackroyd
Stuart Thornton, Rachel Thornton
Nigel Emsley, Lynette Emsley
Richard Preece, Anna Preece
Liz Squires, Nicholas Squires
James Andrews, Ayca Andrews
Mark Anslow, Lisa Firth
Hollie Batters, Jodie Batters
Lidia Baxter, Simon Baxter
Lesley Heathcote, George Powell
Gemma Bingham, Lewis Hill
Tom Finch, Sherry Harris
Alastair Mcdowell, Ella Mcdowell
Holly Heathcote, Jas Manak
Sophie Powell, Matty Taylor
Joe Heathcote, Harvey Manak
Tom Powell, Lizzie Crickmore
Helen Smith, Joanne Sheffield
Tim AtkinsonFacebook, Joe Holliday
Ben ClareFacebookTwitterStrava, Nicola Clare
Ian MaherInstagram, Zoe Smith
Richard Mapstone, Michelle MapstoneFacebookInstagram
Marc SennettStrava, Sophie Hupfield

51 Entries

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