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Petzl NightRunner Rivington

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Saturday 11th January 2020

Name Class Club
Jon Bond MV50  
Jonathan Boyes MV40  
Elizabeth Breheny FV40  
Stephen Burrows MV40  
Samantha Catarelli F Styal RC
Michael Cheshire MV50  
David Chesney MV50 Invictus Triathlon Club
Nigel Coates MV60  
Tim Corless-Carter M  
Phil Corris MV60 Lancashire Constabulary Ac
David Cowling MV60  
Helen Culshaw F  
Simon DavisInstagram M  
Michaela Dodd FV40  
Sharon Duthie FV50  
Sarah Edwards FV40  
Robert Fry MV60  
Guy GreatorexInstagramStrava M  
Philip Haddock MV40  
Andrew HarrisonTwitterStrava MV50 Rufford Sharks
Ben HarrisonTwitter M  
George Houghton M  
Lynette Houghton FV50  
Becky Howell FV50  
Marcus Howell MV40  
Kate James FV40 Blackpool Freedom Runners
Jonathan Johnston-Smith M Tower Touchers
Jack KirkmanStrava M Bingley Harriers
Carla LangleyInstagram F Liverpool Running Bugs
Al Lawrence MV40  
Ian Miller MV50 Fylde coast runners
Jonathan MorganFacebookStrava M  
Sarah Nutt F  
Jamie O'Dwyer M  
Alan Oliver MV40  
Stephen Ormson MV40 Tri Preston
Neil PeckInstagramStrava MV50  
Michael Pritchard M Tower Touchers
Martin Shaw MV50  
Steven SreevesTwitterInstagram M Red Rose Road Runners
Graham StevensonStrava MV60 Fylde coast runners
Hannah Stevenson F  
Veronika Stolárikova F  
Charlotte Stoneley F  
Anna Taylor FV40  
Robert Turnock MV40 Rufford Sharks
Gareth WallisTwitterStravaLinkedIn MV40  
Anne-Marie Woodcock FV40 Fylde coast runners
Chad Wright MV40 Mersey Tri
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