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Mojo Racing - Youth Duo Series Round 2 - Monmouth

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Sunday 9th June 2019

Team Members
Tom Becker, Harry Becker
Mark Mahy, Robin Mahy
Gary Vallance, Jacob Vallance
Christopher Kelly, Alistair Kelly
Leon Rosser, Chace Rosser
Neil Tyler, Bobby Tyler
Natalie Jones, Dylan Jones
Rob Francis, Charlie Francis
Simon Leighfield, Mason Leighfield
Ben Horne, Kayla Horne
Gerry Sanders, Harvey Sanders
Jamie Rowland, Joshua Rowland
Simon Ellway, Zac Ellway
Ashley Crispin, Harry Crispin
Aeden O'Neill, Dougal Ogilvy
David Amos, Tom Amos
Howard Daniels, Murphy Daniels
Dan Jones, Edward Jones
Duncan Roberts, Isabelle Roberts
Will BrownInstagram, Sienna Brown
Ross DuffieldFacebook, Jess Duffield
Geraint JonesInstagram, Ellie Jones
Stacey TiplerFacebookInstagram, Charlie Morgan

23 Entries

Team Members
Jo-Anne Windebank, Frankie Windebank
Ian Elsworth, Joshua Elsworth
Ollie Till, Finley Till
Kevin Sparks, Louie Sparks
Ed Bryan, Thomas Francis
Howie Silvester, Charlie Silvester
Nick Mason, Tobias Mason
Alan Farr, Morgan Farr
Philip Clayton, Woody Clayton
Daniel Carter, Rowan Carter
Jason Cassells, Cooper Cassells
Eugene Engelbrecht, Tyler Engelbrecht
Charlie Smith, George Cotsworth-Smith
Andrew Drake, Tom Hulin Drake
Sam Blanshard, Eva Martin
Christopher Probert, Daniel Probert
Calum Ogilvy, Hamish Ogilvy
Tim Williams, Oliver Williams
Cory Lee Burton, Cole Rosser
Nanette HepburnInstagram, Bella Hepburn
Keri LewisFacebook, Ioan Lewis
Ricky RobertsFacebookInstagramStrava, Afie Roberts
Jonathan SlackInstagram, Sebbie Grima

23 Entries

Team Members
Adam Chapman, George Chapman
Emily Cox, Finn Cox Brown
Matt Long, Nathan Long
Warren Tilke, Ioan Tilke
James Attewell, Jack Attewell
Olaf Haitink, Olaf Jan Haitink
Chris Porter, Laurie Mackarel
Simon Hogg, Kyrun Sparks
Robin Lees, Jacob Lees
Tony Macriner, Elijah Macriner
Tom Baker, Tim Baker
Richard Price, Sam Price
Clive Atkins, Luke Reeder
Mathew Bevan, Jacob Bevan
Darin Truluck, Josh Truluck
Ritchie Webb, Jack Webb
Mandy Hobbs, William Hobbs
Jamie Catt, Leon Catt
Chris Pierce, Iolo Pierce
James Richardson, Amelia Richardson
Paul Harvey, Finley Manuel-Harvey
Philip BakerInstagram, Charlie Baker
Mark EversonInstagram, Isaac Everson

23 Entries

Team Members
Ian Long, Tomos Long
Andrew Cross, Alex Cross
Wayne Reeder, Harry Reeder
Andrew Onions, James Onions
Mark Mackarel, Jesse Mackarel
David Johnson, James Johnson
Ryan RowlandInstagram, Jack Rowland
Nigel StevensonInstagram, Daniel Stevenson

8 Entries

Team Members

0 Entries

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