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Freedom Racing - Poldhu 10k

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Thursday 11th July 2019

Name Class Club
Lisa Abbott F Sphinx AC
Simon Abbott M (no club)
Maria Adams F (no club)
Susan Adkins F Rochford Running Club
Paul Allan M (no club)
James Allen M  
Sarah Allen F Carn Runners
Coral Andrewartha F  
Paul AngoveFacebook M Mounts Bay Harriers
Amy Anstee F  
Sarah Arthur F JP Fitness Cornwall
Cassie Ashwin F  
Luke Aspen M (no club)
Nicholas Astill M (no club)
Abi Athay F  
Andrew Axe M (no club)
Simon Baker M (no club)
Mike Baldwin M Hayle Runners
Darren Ball M Lonely Goat RC
Joanne Ball F Run Mummy Run
Laurence Ball M Hermitage Harriers
Natalie Bannister F (no club)
James Barnet M Falmouth RRC
Joanne Barry F JP Fitness Cornwall
Sean BeechamFacebookInstagram M  
Gill Benner F Helston Trail Runners
Magalie Bird F  
Andrew Blizzard M Truro Running Club
Julie Bolitho F Mounts Bay Harriers
John Bosustow M JP Fitness Cornwall
Maria Bottrell F  
Rosie Bradbury F Falmouth RRC
Alan Brandwood M (no club)
Paul Brandwood M (no club)
Nicola Bray F JP Fitness Cornwall
Kathryn Breasley F JP Fitness Cornwall
Louise Brown F (no club)
Robert Brown M (no club)
Debbie Bullen F (no club)
Mark Bullen M (no club)
Jared Butler M  
Annie Rose Byass F  
Luke CaddelFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M  
William Callaway M Bodmin Road Runners
David Capps M Falmouth RRC
Anna Carter F Newquay Road Runners
Lee Carter M Newquay Road Runners
Anna Cattermole F (no club)
Sarah Cave F (no club)
Julian Chapman M (no club)
Sarah Choak F Falmouth RRC
Catriona Chodkiewicz F (no club)
Dave Clackworthy M  
Jan Clark M Supernova
Hannah Coad F (no club)
Tess Cobb F (no club)
Rob Cockerill M  
Alex Coker F  
Beth Colgan F  
Andrew Conner M (no club)
Nicola Conner F (no club)
Philip Conroy M (no club)
Jackie Cope F Falmouth RRC
Sarah Davies F Newquay Road Runners
Andrew Dayton M (no club)
Steve De’Ath M Jolly Sailor Crossfit
Matt Denham M  
Linda Derry F Truro Running Club
Nico Descotes M (no club)
Kathran Dormer F Falmouth RRC
Peter Drew M Carn Runners
Hannah DutchakInstagramStrava F JP Fitness Cornwall
Anna Eager F (no club)
Chris Eager M (no club)
Melloney Eastburn-Cutts F (no club)
Sarah Eastburn-Cutts F (no club)
Grant Ellis M  
Sarah Eustice F JP Fitness Cornwall
Dean Evans M (no club)
Andrew Ferguson M Truro Running Club
Rebecca Ferrari F Vegan Runners UK
Benjamin Finney M  
Jenna Folkard F (no club)
James Forbes M TNT Boom
Stuart Fowler M North East Marathon Club
Penny Francis F (no club)
R Friel F Southville Running Club
Dave Gale M Tamar Trail Runners
Alison Galloway F Carn Runners
Jacob GardnerStrava M  
Hayley George F  
Andrew Gibbons M Helston Trail Runners
Alan GilesTwitterStrava M St Austell Running Club
Nick Giles M  
Graham Glew M  
Emma Gordon F (no club)
John Gorton M Mounts Bay Harriers
Marcus GrassoFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M (no club)
Hana Griffiths F JP Fitness Cornwall
Nigel Groom M (no club)
David GuffickFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava M (no club)
Paul Gwynne M MudCrew Running
Hollie Hallibone F JP Fitness Cornwall
Bryony Halliday F Cornwall AC
Tony Halliday M  
Tanya Hancox F  
Tina Handley F  
Stephen Hare M Type One Run - Cornwall
Pez Hargreaves M Falmouth RRC
Kevan Harper M (no club)
Will Harper-Penrose M Vegan Runners UK
Mitchell Harrison M Steel City Striders RC
Vicky Harvey F (no club)
Gordon Hathway M Unattached
Barn Hatwell M Lonely Goat RC
Claire HatwellInstagramStrava F Lonely Goat RC
Kym Haylett F (no club)
Lj Hazzard F (no club)
Hilary Head F Bere Alston Trekkers
Martin HeadFacebookStrava M Bere Alston Trekkers
Steph Hearn F Cornwall AC
Lesly Heather F  
Jonathan Hicks M PB running
Lerryn Hogg F PB Running Club
Jilly HoltFacebook F  
Joanna Horton F  
Victoria Hosken F Carbon Fitness
Jacob Howard-EndeanInstagram M St Austell Running Club
Jessica Howard-Endean F  
Clare Hughes F Hayle Runners
Alistair Iverson M JP Fitness Cornwall
Ben JamesInstagramStrava M (no club)
Declan Jane M  
Louise Jarrett F (no club)
Ellen Jenkins F  
Gemma Jenkins F (no club)
Matt Johns M JP Fitness Cornwall
Philip JohnsFacebookTwitter M Hayle Runners
Peter Jordan M  
Rob Jordan M Hayle Runners
Barry Kay M Rochford Running Club
Demelza Keens F JP Fitness Cornwall
Saul Keens M  
Tom KempFacebook M  
Carly Kent F Falmouth RRC
Andy Kerr M  
Beth Key F Truro Running Club
Alice Kirby F JP Fitness Cornwall
Michael Kleinman M  
Penny Koheeallee F Running for Time
Gemma LangfordInstagram F  
Helen Lawes F Looe Pioneers Running Club
Joanna Lawrence F  
Steve Lawrence M Falmouth RRC
William Leversha M St Austell Running Club
Bianca Lizut F (no club)
Anna Logan F Falmouth RRC
Sian Lovie F JP Fitness Cornwall
Toby LoweInstagram M Newquay Road Runners
Andrew Lucas M MudCrew Running
Paul Ludlam M (no club)
Anna Luff F Tavistock AC
Kerry Mapp M Wimborne AC
Hannah Maslen F  
Beth Matthews F  
Gregory May M Carn Runners
Kimberley McCarthy F JP Fitness Cornwall
Karen Mcclay F Mounts Bay Harriers
Martyn Mccraith M Jolly Sailor Crossfit
Glennie McKinley F JP Fitness Cornwall
Adam Meneer M (no club)
Lisa Middleton F Truro Running Club
Paul Middleton M Truro Running Club
Joanne Miners F JP Fitness Cornwall
Becky MitchellFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava F Trail Running Association
Debbie Mitchell F Hayle Runners
Helen Mitchell F Truro Running Club
Louise Mitchell F Cornwall AC
Kerrie Mogridge F  
Tom MoodyStrava M Mile High
Niall MoonStrava M  
Daniel Moore M  
Susan Moore F (no club)
Thomas MooreFacebook M Truro Running Club
Rebecca Morgan F Truro Running Club
Amy MorrisInstagramStrava F  
Sophie NaysmithInstagram F (no club)
Camilla Nicol F Helston Trail Runners
Kelly NorgateInstagram F (no club)
Niamh O'Keeffe F  
Connie O`Brien F  
Paul Oliver M (no club)
Hayley Orchard F  
Natasha Ottley F (no club)
Joanne PageInstagram F Okehampton RC
Michael ParkFacebookInstagram M Jolly Sailor Crossfit
Jeff Parker M (no club)
Jacquie Pascoe F JP Fitness Cornwall
Dan Pedley M (no club)
Verity Perham F  
David Peverelle M  
Steve Phillips M  
David Pimlott M (no club)
Emma Pinnick F  
Mark Pinnick M Falmouth RRC
Judith Piper F (no club)
Ellis Poynter M  
Gareth Price M (no club)
Katie Puremont F Falmouth RRC
Gareth Rees M (no club)
Abigail Reynolds F Mounts Bay Harriers
Paul Reynolds M (no club)
Karen Richards F JP Fitness Cornwall
Paul Riley M Cornwall AC
Helen Roberts F (no club)
Louise Roberts F  
Luke Roberts M  
Alice RobinsonInstagram F Plymouth Harriers
Michael Rooney M Mounts Bay Harriers
Tori Rose F (no club)
Jodie Ross M (no club)
Tim RoyallFacebookStrava M Unattached
Hannah RuberryFacebook F Falmouth RRC
Adam Rush M Truro Running Club
Jonathan Sadler M Mounts Bay Harriers
Laura Sadler F Mounts Bay Harriers
Carolyn Salisbury F  
Garrath SambrookInstagram M Truro Running Club
Rebecca Sampson F  
Paul Samuels M The Jacks
Claire Scholes F Truro Running Club
Emily Shields F (no club)
Steve Short M (no club)
Andrea Simmons F (no club)
Emma Slater F  
Tom SlatteryInstagramStravaPower of 10 M Cornwall AC
Alan Smith M  
Kirsti Smith F  
Nathan SmithStrava M  
Stuart Smith M (no club)
Thomas Sopp M Falmouth RRC
Clive Southern M (no club)
Anna Sowter F (no club)
Julian Spencer M Truro Running Club
Nicola SquiresFacebookTwitterInstagram F Ribble Valley Athletic Club
Elaine Stainsby F JP Fitness Cornwall
Leonora Standing F (no club)
Michele Steabler F JP Fitness Cornwall
Michael Swinchatt M (no club)
Jeremy Tandy M Okehampton RC
Mark Thomas M Plymouth Harriers
David Thompson M (no club)
Rob Thompson M (no club)
Rachel ThomsonFacebook F Mounts Bay Harriers
Steve Thorp M  
Stacey Towner F (no club)
Perran Tremewan M  
Kevin TrewernFacebook M (no club)
Nia TrowerFacebookStrava F (no club)
Robert Vizor M Unattached
Kimberley Wadham-SmithFacebook F Falmouth RRC
Alex Ward M (no club)
Janet Watson F Falmouth RRC
Jenny Watson F (no club)
Terry Wegg M Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC
Emma Westgarth F  
Grace Whetton F Mounts Bay Harriers
Tom White M (no club)
Sam Whittingham M (no club)
David Wilcox M Truro Running Club
Tracy Wilkes F (no club)
Robert Willcocks M Falmouth RRC
Sophie Williams F Newquay Road Runners
Tim Wilson M JP Fitness Cornwall
Bill Wood M Falmouth RRC
Jules Wood F Falmouth RRC
Brendan Woolcock M (no club)
Lizzy Yapp F (no club)
Allister Young M Devoran Climbing Club
Sarah Young F  
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