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Freedom Racing - Polzeath 10k

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Friday 31st May 2019

Name Class Club
Dawn Acaster F Launceston Road Runners
Maria Adams F (no club)
James Allen M  
Amy Anstee F  
Sarah Arthur F JP Fitness Cornwall
Tom Arthur M  
Luke Aspen M (no club)
Tracie Baines F  
Jason Ball M (no club)
Harry Bardsley M (no club)
Ffion Barham F  
Claire Barlow F Bodmin Road Runners
Paul Barnes M Bradworthy Runners
James Barnet M Falmouth RRC
Stephen Bartlett M Pontypridd Roadents AC
Matthew Berry M  
Antony Boardman M (no club)
Jane Borley F  
Christine Borrows F  
Colin Borrows M  
Dani Brace F East Cornwall Harriers
Hazel Bradish F  
Toby BrandStrava M  
Paul Brandwood M (no club)
Steve Bree M (no club)
Nicky Brenton F St Petroc's Dragons Triathlon Club Bodmin
Adrian Brizzolara M  
Clare Brizzolara F  
Cody Brobin M Newquay Road Runners
Adrian Brown M Launceston Road Runners
Matthew Brown M Romsey Road Runners
Jon Brumby M (no club)
Tandy Brumby F Falmouth RRC
Sharon BullFacebook F  
Zoe Buse F Bodmin Road Runners
Andy Cameron M Mesmear Lane Running Club
Aaron Carter M  
Sarah Cave F (no club)
Jake Charles M (no club)
Sarah Choak F Falmouth RRC
Emma Clark F Looe Pioneers Running Club
James Cockley M  
Elizabeth CookInstagram F Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets AC
Gareth Cooke M (no club)
Jacqueline Cooke F (no club)
Fiona Cooper F  
Mike Cooper M (no club)
Jackie Cope F Falmouth RRC
Jane Crowson F Dark Peak Fell Runners
Phil Crowson M Dark Peak Fell Runners
Tom Davey M St Petrocs Dragons Triathlon Club
Rhodri Davies M Bradworthy Runners
Sarah Davies F Newquay Road Runners
Phil Dawber M Bodmin Road Runners
Dino De Zorzi M St Austell Running Club
Carol Deferville F (no club)
Richard Donkin M  
Kathran Dormer F Falmouth RRC
Hannah DutchakInstagramStrava F JP Fitness Cornwall
Melloney Eastburn-Cutts F (no club)
Sarah Eastburn-Cutts F (no club)
Jen Edwards F (no club)
Grant Ellis M  
Sarah Faragher F (no club)
Simon Farr M  
Simon Featherstone M Sale Harriers Manchester
Andrew Ferguson M MudCrew Running
Benjamin Finney M  
Rachel Fleet F (no club)
Jon Fletcher M  
Chris Bradish Fowey M  
Karrie Fox F Falmouth RRC
Penny Francis F (no club)
Clare Fuller F St Petroc's Dragons Triathlon Club Bodmin
Darrell Fuller M St Petroc's Dragons Triathlon Club Bodmin
Lucy Fuller F St Petroc's Dragons Triathlon Club Bodmin
Rob Gair M (no club)
Dave Gale M Tamar Trail Runners
David Gamble M  
Jacob GardnerStrava M  
Andrew Gibbons M Helston Trail Runners
Claire Gibbs F  
Alan GilesTwitterStrava M St Austell Running Club
Nicholas Giles M  
Nick Giles M  
David Gledhill M  
Daniel Goodright M  
Daniel Goodway M Truro Running Club
Emma Gordon F (no club)
Andy Goundry M MudCrew Running
Mark Grassam M Looe Pioneers Running Club
James Gray M  
Andy Green M  
Paul Griffiths M  
Joanna Grimwood-Read F Unattached
Michelle Grimwood-Read F Unattached
Paul Gwynne M MudCrew Running
Stephen Hare M Type One Run - Cornwall
Pez Hargreaves M Falmouth RRC
Tamsyn Harris F  
Amelie Harris-Lovett F  
Nick Harrison M Launceston Road Runners
Victoria Harrison F Launceston Road Runners
Kimberly Harvey F Plymouth Triathlon Club
Vicky Harvey F (no club)
Barn Hatwell M Lonely Goat RC
Claire HatwellInstagramStrava F Lonely Goat RC
Lj Hazzard F  
Hilary Head F Bere Alston Trekkers
Martin HeadFacebookStrava M Bere Alston Trekkers
Lesly Heather F  
Neil Helson M  
Jonathan Hicks M PB running
Colin Hill M  
Victoria Holt F Launceston Road Runners
Gary Hopkins M New Eltham Joggers
Jacob Howard-EndeanInstagram M St Austell Running Club
Jessica Howard-Endean F  
Jenna Hunt F Falmouth RRC
Alistair Iverson M JP Fitness Cornwall
Denise James F Storm Plymouth
Kerry Jenkin F (no club)
Adam Johns M (no club)
Matt Johns M JP Fitness Cornwall
Hayley Jollow F Bradworthy Runners
Jeremy Jollow M Bradworthy Runnners
Nick Joyce M  
Tom KempFacebook M  
Mele Kent F Newquay Road Runners
Robert Kernaghan M Looe Pioneers Running Club
Millie Kerr F Mesmear Lane Running Club
Rachel Kesteven F Crewe and Nantwich AC
Beth Key F Truro Running Club
Stephanie Kruger F (no club)
Helen Lawes F Looe Pioneers Running Club
Ian Leedham M Newquay Road Runners
David Leiper M  
Kathryn Lindo F (no club)
Bianca Lizut F Storm Plymouth
Richard Lloyd M  
Laura Lomas F (no club)
Lorna Lovie F (no club)
Sian Lovie F JP Fitness Cornwall
Andrew Lucas M MudCrew Running
Anna Luff F Tavistock AC
Lesley-Anne Lupton F Storm Plymouth
Charles Mann M -Individual-
Joseph Mason M  
Jo May F  
Simon Mayho M  
Peter Mazurenko M (no club)
Kimberley McCarthy F JP Fitness Cornwall
Paul McDonnellInstagram M (no club)
Rebecca Mcdonnell F (no club)
Ed McEwen M (no club)
Clare Mckee F Bodmin Road Runners
Ian McMahon M Bradworthy Runners
Lucy Medway F (no club)
Adam Meneer M (no club)
Sophie Mewton F (no club)
Becky MitchellFacebookTwitterInstagramStrava F Trail Running Association
Anne-Marie Moore F Truro Running Club
Paul Moore M Elements Tri Club
Thomas MooreFacebook M Truro Running Club
Laura Morgan F  
Amy MorrisInstagramStrava F Canicross cornwall
Jennifer Moye F Vegan Runners UK
Avril Murray F  
Brendan Murray M (no club)
Declan Murray M Clonliffe Harriers
Jeannemarie Murray F Mr.
David Nankivell M Unattached
Jo Owen F  
Matt Owen M  
Will Owen M (no club)
Angelina Pagano F St Austell Running Club
Kim ParishStrava F  
Chris Parker M  
Jeff Parker M (no club)
Jess ParsonsFacebookInstagram F -Individual-
Andrew Partington M  
Anna Pascoe F MudCrew Running
Lisa Pask F (no club)
Robert Pask M (no club)
Dan Pedley M (no club)
Steve Phillips M  
Damian Philp M Bodmin Road Runners
David Pimlott M (no club)
Emma Pinnick F  
Mark Pinnick M Falmouth RRC
Garry Player M Newquay Road Runners
Lisa Player F Newquay Road Runners
Daniel Poole M Unattached
Nick Poole M Wymondham AC
Nancy Poulter F (no club)
Geraint Pritchard M Rhayader Running Club
Phil Pritchard M  
Verity Pritchard F  
Sam Purvis M  
Clare Quarton F  
Sarah Rawlinson F (no club)
Simon Rawlinson M (no club)
Gareth Rees M (no club)
Karen Richards F JP Fitness Cornwall
Mark Richardson M Bradworthy Runners
Sarah Richardson F Bromsgrove and Redditch
Sarah Richardson F Bradworthy Runners
Pippa Riches F St Petroc's Dragons Triathlon Club Bodmin
Robin Riches M -Individual-
Chloe RickardTwitterInstagram F  
Adam Roberts M St Petrocs Dragons Triathlon Club
Helen Roberts F (no club)
Mary Roberts F Launceston Road Runners
Joanne Robinson F Looe Pioneers Running Club
Darren Roose M Newquay Road Runners
Andrew RossFacebookStrava M Bodmin Road Runners
Jodie Ross M (no club)
Sharon Rundle F Launceston Road Runners
Wayne Rundle M Launceston Road Runners
Jessica Ryder F  
Garrath SambrookInstagram M Truro Running Club
Paul Samuels M The Jacks
Anya Sandry F None
Kelly Sargent F Launceston Road Runners
Claire Scholes F Truro Running Club
Mark Searle M (no club)
Tim Searle M  
Amy Sergison F  
Steve Short M (no club)
Andrea Simmons F (no club)
James Skeplorn M Truro Running Club
Michael Skivington M Derby Triathlon Club
Ryan Skivington M  
Julian Smith M Riviera Racers
Nathan SmithStrava M  
Stuart Smith M (no club)
Jane Stedman F 100 Marathon Club
John Stedman M (no club)
Miranda Stevens F Hayle Runners
Jon Terry M Sale Harriers Manchester
Wendy Terry F Sale Harriers Manchester
Chloe Thomas F Newquay & Par AC
Christopher Thomas M (no club)
Mary Thomas F (no club)
Victoria Thomas F  
David Thompson M (no club)
Rob Thompson M (no club)
Craig TodhunterStrava M Vale Royal AC
Stacey Towner F (no club)
Sally Turberville F Unattached
George Turner M (no club)
James Turner M Truro Running Club
Jacky Tyler F Bodmin Road Runners
Annabel Vernon F Mesmear Lane Running Club
Nathaniel Vowden M  
Guy Wakeham M  
Karen Walker F Storm Plymouth
Kristy Wallace F (no club)
Danny Warrington M  
Gemma Warrington F (no club)
Adam Welch M Lonely Goat RC
Louisa Westlake F Storm Plymouth
Zeinab Weyers F Cornwall AC
Grace Whetton F Mounts Bay Harriers
Clare White F Storm Plymouth
Tom White M (no club)
David Wilcox M Truro Running Club
Robert Willcocks M Falmouth RRC
Gillian Willgoss F Pretty Damn Fit, Redruth
Sophie Williams F Newquay Road Runners
Stephie Williams F  
Ally Wilson M (no club)
Tim Wilson M JP Fitness Cornwall
Rebecca Wise F Launceston Road Runners
Bill Wood M Falmouth RRC
Jules Wood F Falmouth RRC
Archie Woodward M (no club)
Harry Woodward M (no club)
Jake Woodward M (no club)
Mark Woodward M (no club)
Brendan Woolcock M (no club)
Rebecca Yates F  
Sarah Young F  
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